"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" Review: The Horn of Charge

Callofduty horn

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Before Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward's Medal of Honor is just an excellent World War II theme FPS. However, the birth of "Call of Duty 4" has elevated the historical position of "Call of Duty" to the level of "cultural phenomenon" that is not comparable to many brands in the entire game industry.

Infinity Ward has experienced nearly ten years of internal turmoil and staff turnover, and has almost fallen to the final stage of the Call of Duty production group within Activision, seeing Treyarch and being lighter. The Sledgehammer continues to achieve greater success. In this context, how does the return of some of the key members of the IW to revitalize the "Modern War", a sub-series of the legendary "Call of Duty" legend?

Deja vu come back

IW chose to reinterpret the story of origin that they have spoken about. The new plot of Modern Warfare is based on a new modern worldview, and the story takes place in 2019, far behind the original (2011). There will be many characters familiar to the old players in the story, even the motives and backgrounds are the same, and the fictitious Middle Eastern country Uznstan is the core of this conflict. The Russian, American and British special air missions are It was involved in a geopolitical dispute that began with a terrorist attack on London.

London with a terrorist attack

"Modern War" was released during the new controversy in the Middle East in the real world, which made some of the events designed in this work seem particularly ironic in the reality, which is probably the sequel to the future of Modern Warfare. Still need to face the contradiction. Regardless of the original intention, the story of Modern Warfare wants to rediscover the magic of the fascinating story of Call of Duty 4, which is not a simple matter.

The story, characters, and details of the original and Modern Warfare 2 are still relished by players in the past ten years, not because of its conflict across the globe, but Under the veil of the political power of the great powers, it is essentially a very personal story that several soldiers have experienced. The efforts of this modern war in this respect cannot be said to be insufficient in sincerity, but some places seem too deliberate. Two new characters, the personal story of CIA agent Alex and the Middle East Resistance Army leader Farah, the former fell into the "white savior" cliché that is now no longer fragrant, while the latter relies on strong morality in the way of transmitting personal scars. The impact and the extreme face of the Russian generals of the villains.

The intentions of terrorist leaders are also very routines

But at a critical moment, Captain Price is always the man who can solve all the story problems. The uncle who changed the actor for Barry Sloan (Revenge "Los Angeles") still has the iconic charisma and leadership style, the new role with him, SAS Soldier / London Metropolitan Police Detective Kyle is a good fit for the role of "SAS Mengxin". The two people's many discussions on the rules of engagement and the duties of soldiers in the new war form can better reflect the theme that Modern Warfare wants to express in the new era.

New dubbing and moving actor Barry Sloan Price's reinterpretation is very successful

Kyle also It will be one of the protagonists of the future "Modern Warfare"

All the playability of the "Call of Duty" plot is almost built on the "small toys" between different levels, that is, every level Has its own unique gameplay features. The Battle of Modern Warfare is no shortage in this respect, from the classic black-and-white thermal imager to the ground attack, to the small drones with remotely bound bombs to attack the enemy fortress.

An interesting puzzle game to guide NPCs through the camera < /p>

The SAS task is the highlight of the level, which expands the design idea of ​​the night vision sneak into the task in the original, and in the framework of Call of Duty, the scene of the real SAS execution building task is reproduced. In the first game of high difficulty, the unknown behind each door makes the player must be careful. In the later levels, the player can even choose to sneak into the order of cleaning, cut off the power by turning off the main gate to let the enemy fall into the dark, and use the advantages of night vision and laser sights to kill the enemy. The wonderful scripts and well-designed combat rhythms of this level still reflect Infinity Ward's powerful ability to mobilize players' emotions.

SAS night vision attack level is at first sight People's palms sweating

The familiarities in the plot level make the Battle of Modern Warfare an illusion of "Call of Duty 4" "luxury reproduction". In which you can find a lot of original "levels of sight", careful players can also find some small eggs from the details of the mirror and lines. The fly in the ointment is that the campaign cancelled the traditional collection of intelligence notebook features, slightly weakening the repetitive playability that was not very strong. The newly added "collateral damage" evaluation requires players to carefully select fire targets in their actions to minimize unnecessary damage to civilians.

"Check those corners!"

< After the absence of "Black Action 4" in the plot battle, Infinity Ward's re-emergence seems to quell some of the players' concerns about the future of the single-player story in Call of Duty. Excellent level quality and performance quality, coupled with the bold sequel to the game's finale, should give players a high expectation of the sequel after two or three years, but IW will need to challenge the president of the series. The work of the mountain "Modern Warfare 2".

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One size fits all black

Continues the mission Summoning back to "down-to-earth" The multiplayer mode of "Modern War" in battle may be more likely to bring about a polarized player evaluation. This multiplayer mode growth system has once again strode back to its roots, greatly reducing the heroic elements. The weapons, killing bonuses and stunts are all very "traditional", and the "Pick 10" settings are cancelled. Players only need to pass Upgrade the level to get these elements and match them with the field fixtures. The only reserved hero shooting game element is the new "Battlefield Upgrade" system, which is similar in nature to special skills or big tricks. It can be recharged at a fixed time and can provide time-limited reinforcements such as reconnaissance drones and active defense systems, or Supplement ammunition and grenades.

Simple and straightforward weapon customization system

< p>

Reconnaissance drone is a good choice for new players

But this "conservative" seems to have also spread to the game's combat design itself. In the current version of the balance and UI design, the small map can not provide any enemy information to the player without the individual radar or reconnaissance drone mark (the original small map is planned to cancel directly, after the beta test player's The protests are restored to the official game. The player's footsteps are deafening, and the speed of the move is not enough for the player to quickly pass through the open area without cover.

The design decision of this series directly leads to the fact that the current "modern warfare" has almost only the conservative practice of squatting and guarding the point. The strength of sniper rifles, sharpshooter rifles and assault rifles plus the original The short kill time (TTK) completely obliterates the possibility of submachine guns and shotgun lightweight parkour play, which is most evident in the team's death that lacks the direction of the clear engagement area. Or the gun suppressing window is almost the only way for ordinary players to succeed.

Who controls the bridge, who controls the future < /p>

The map design of the game has intensified the proliferation of this trend. The "one-ribbed" map of the Euphrates Bridge, the Palace of Arnia and Piccadilly, which have no sawing space at all, has contributed to the crater flow. The game is rampant, and a qualified squatter can even make a room or window a nightmare for all assaulters through ammunition supplements and double-sword mines. It is not that the assault style is completely infeasible in this work. Every "Call of Duty" will also have a strong mainstream play, but different combat styles satisfy the different players' play personality, which is itself the "Call of Duty" multiplayer mode. The so-called "Meta" that has been popular for ten years, and the so-called "Meta" brought about by the huge advantage of "Modern Warfare" is not healthy for the long-term evolution of the game.

The new "Comprehensive Warfare" mode has been well received in the Beta test. It is a large-scale game mode with a "field" style. The maximum number of players has reached the Conquest mode of "Battlefield". The same 32 v 32. But in the official version of the game, the all-out war is inevitably a paradise for squatting. The strength of vehicles and long-range weapons in this model makes it difficult to form a truly meaningful propulsion and counter-propulsion. It has the appearance and style of Battlefield, but marks, resurrection, interaction elements between different arms, etc. The lack of elements makes it difficult to become a "conquest with the characteristics of "Call of Duty" for the time being, but more like a product of four, not least until this squatting atmosphere changes.

Complete "Battlefield" Rebirth Choice


The new 2v2 "gun battle" mode, on the other hand, is a good example of the true charm of this multiplayer mode. The four players are divided into two groups. On the specially designed small map, the same weapon configuration is used to match the two pairs. Each round will randomly switch the weapon configuration of the two sides. This is the player's control, movement and map for different kinds of weapons. Both consciousness and shooting have raised very high demands. The excellent weapon shooting experience and sound design of "Modern Warfare" is reflected in this model of individual ability, which can be regarded as the biggest highlight of the current multiplayer mode.

Every game requires players to adapt to the new weapon combination

The multi-person cooperation model "Special Action" that has returned from the "Modern Warfare" series is generally disappointing. Of the five levels in the current special action model, four are original large-scale operations, setting a continuation of the single-player scenario. Unlike the multiplayer mode, the special action has more heroic elements, and players can choose different professional stunts and initial equipment. In the first four larger missions, the player has to complete a series of mission objectives in a large map, and finally complete the specified task of the entire map to pass the customs, the only "classic special action" that uses the complex story level. Similar to the design of the first two works, Modern Warfare, defending the enemy's offense in the plot map of the "Death Highway".

But the overall difficulty of the special action mode is obviously high, and a lot of "sinister tricks" such as infinite brush soldiers and invisible position brush soldiers are used to block players. If there is no communication team, the matching team of 4 people will not be better. High-level initial equipment and weapons are difficult to make great progress. The original map lacks the characteristic level design, and the fun and excitement of the first two works "Modern Warfare" repeatedly challenge the difficult story level to reproduce the task is not the same.

Infinity Ward's charge horn

It can be said that after the struggle and exploration of "Ghost" and "Infinite War", Infinity Ward finally passed the new "Modern War" has truly completed its own next generation transformation. In the context of the uncertainties of Treyarch and Sledgehammer's future, Infinity Ward's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare demonstrates its brightest prospects in the three studios.

And "Modern Warfare" is also the next generation of technical reserves for IW, and they are ready to re-launch the "Call of Duty" banner: the new IW engine brings a huge rendering The technical improvement, excellent material quality, animation precision and visual effect make it the most excellent "Call of Duty" in history. It is also the first group in the target 60-frame shooting game, and it has the industry's top HDR. Performance ability.

Excellent character face rendering effect

< p>

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