Husband: Police, I didn't steal anything! Wife: It’s you, you wear this dress in the morning.

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Recently, the Lianyungang police in Jiangsu arrested

Theft suspect Liu De (a pseudonym)

Liu De denied the criminal facts of stealing other people’s property

But after Liu De’s wife finished watching the live video of the crime, he said:

" It’s you, the dress you wear when you go out to exercise in the morning.< Strong>"

In the end, Andy acknowledged the criminal facts of the theft

and the reason for his theft makes people laugh and cry--

The usual pocket money his wife gave him is not enough

On October 22nd, at 1 o'clock in the afternoon, the Pudong police station received a report from the people in the area that the car door parked on the side of the road was opened and placed in the wallet of the co-pilot storage box. Less than 2,000 yuan in cash. After receiving the alarm, the police on duty at the police station quickly arrived at the scene. "I was at about 1 am this morning. I parked this here. When I used the car this afternoon, I found that the door was not locked. I didn't know if I was locked or opened." The policeman Xiao Wang told the police. "But when I took my wallet, I found that more than 2,000 yuan in my wallet was stolen."

Figure theft and left the scene.

After understanding the incident, the police returned to the police station’s comprehensive command room and reviewed the video surveillance on the spot. The clue was found that afternoon. The monitoring showed that at 6 o'clock in the morning, a man wearing a hat and a mask entered the scene and walked on the side of the road. While pulling the cab door of the roadside car, he pulled more than a dozen doors and did not pull it open until the door was opened. Open the car door of Xiao Wang, quickly observe the surrounding people, enter the car to carry out the theft, and quickly leave the scene after succeeding.

Figure Liu De accepts the inquiry.

The police then continued to carry out case investigation work. Through the work, the identity of the man was finally confirmed as Liu De, a native, 62 years old, living in a neighborhood near Wanrun Street. On the morning of October 23, the police came to Liu De's home and found that Liu De was not at home. He then informed Liu De's wife about the situation and told him to return home to the police station for investigation. On the afternoon of the same day, Liu De went to the police station accompanied by his wife.

" Police comrades, I have absolutely no stealing things." When Liu Deyi went to the police station, he explained to the police. "Look at this video, isn't you?" The police gave Liu De a video of the crime scene. " No, absolutely not." Liu De said. "Why not, it is you, you go out to exercise in the morning to wear this dress." Liu De's wife heard the dialogue between the police and Liu De, and went to the video and said.

After the police interrogation, Liu De explained the crime of theft. " I also have a retirement salary. I really shouldn't do this shameful thing. It's really a fascination." Liu De said shyly. It turns out that Liu Deping often likes to play a little mahjong with his friends, but his heart is not good. His wife is afraid that he will be excited by playing mahjong, and his body will be out of order, and he will control his pocket money. In the early morning of the 22nd, Liu De’s morning meditation on the way to the morning exercise, wanting to get some pocket money, he pulled the roadside car door all the way, pulled a dozen or so and finally opened a car. The car, then entered the car to flip the implementation of theft. After succeeding, Liu De deposited the stolen 2,000 yuan in cash into his bank card on the same day, so that he could use mahjong in the future. Who knows that the money that has been deposited has not yet been taken to play mahjong, and it is taken out and returned to the victim.

The figure lost the flag to the police station.

On the afternoon of November 1, the victim Xiao Wang came to the Pudong police station and took back his stolen cash. At present, Liu De has been released from the Haizhou police for suspicion of theft.

Source: Yangtze Evening News

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