Distressed! The mother and the child died indoors, and the husband fell to the floor and died! What happened to this family of three?

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ZAKERxiaoxiang· 2019-11-07 12:40:26

On the evening of November 5th, around 6pm, a tragedy occurred in Xiaoli Xinyu, Dongshan Street, Jiangning District, Nanjing. The family of three died unfortunately. The wife and son died indoors while the husband fell to the ground.

The picture shows the scene of the man falling from the building.

After the incident, in front of the door of the 9th building of Xiaoli New Apartment, witnesses said that the police who had previously sent police came to handle it, but after the man fell, many local police officers also quickly Arrived and pulled up the cordon. On the ground floor of the first floor of the building, a motorcycle fell to the ground, and a man was lying in a pool of blood. It may be that the man collapsed when he fell, and several police officers were investigating and collecting evidence.

A resident of the community said that in the home of the 9th floor of the 24th floor, I heard that a mother and a child were dead at home. According to the preliminary understanding, the three people who died may be a family of three. The young boy who died is only 12 years old. One man and one woman are husband and wife, and they are about 40 years old. After about 2 hours, the police transferred the vehicle to remove the body.

An insider of the community introduced that the male owner called his sister and said that he would commit suicide. The man and sister rushed to the police and rushed to the incident area. But when the police arrived and knocked on the door, the man fell from the window on the 24th floor and died on the spot.

The police then entered the room and found two more dead. Some people familiar with the matter said that this tragedy was caused by family conflicts. The police are still investigating further.

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