While wearing two pairs of headphones? This "black technology" can also "Customize" the unique sound of the ear.


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due to the relatively low threshold of earphone of R & D, user groups widely and other reasons, in the KickStarter and indiegogo this congregation raised platform, we often will see some let fresh products, for example, can through the shell deformation to better adapt to the structure of the ear Decibullz, built-in music player, support motion detection of Bragi dash. < br style = "box-sizing: border box; />

and today we will introduce the headset, not only has a unique design, also has a project called" black technology "function.

wearing headphones in the "set" in ear headphones

Nura the shape look up to some "wonderful", its shell is a common head and wearing headphones, but "plug" a ear headphones headphones on the inside. According to the description of the design team, Nura is "long" and there are two reasons for this.

the A is for insulation < / strong >, worn on Nura, quite wears a ear headphones and a head wearing earphone, the theory can bring better noise reduction effect. Nura's design team even said, in most of the sound frequency band, Nura noise reduction effect is sufficient to match even more than QC25 Bose and other headphones with active noise reduction. "

second is for sound quality < / strong > and Nura main phonation unit actually are mainly located in the internal volume smaller in ear headphones module, wearing headphones sound unit is increase at low frequency. Nura said through unique will be two vocal superposition unit design, Nura headphones can "have clear vocals and powerful low frequency at the same time, not like on the market a lot of headphones that once a large amount of low frequency, voice becomes very cloudy.

for each user "tailored" sound

the users tend to have different sound preference, like heavy taste of low frequency, there are people like light voice.

not past deeper look at, to the sound of the preference in fact, and the user's own sensitivity to different sound frequencies related, for example, if your ears to high frequency is not sensitive, you may feel part of the high amount of sense of greater headphone sounds more comfortable, Nura design philosophy is based on this. (the following is an excerpt from the & nbsp; Nura KickStarter page)

"when an acoustic wave enters the ear canal after the vibration of the tympanic membrane and subsequent vibration by auditory ossicles will spread to the cochlea and cochlea will put these vibrations into electrical signal. After the brain will put these signals" translation "into sound. At the same time, these signals will be sent back to the ear, and a faint sound. Nura headphones with a microphone, you can monitor the sound emitted by the headset and the sound from the ear back. Through the information collected by the microphone, Nura can determine your ear to the various bands of sound sensitivity, and create the most suitable for your ear sound style. "

Nura is automatically add music a EQ (equalizer), but the EQ is not preset good, but based on the user's ear intelligent generated.

Nura said, the user when using for the first time, with the mobile app, Nura in 30 seconds can create a corresponding sound file for the user. In addition, Nura can record multiple user data at the same time, if Nura had retained the user's data, after wearing headphones Nura can identify the user in 2 seconds.

Nura exclusive experience: the quality is indeed a surprise

Nura is hardware incubator HAX  one of the eighth stage of the project, which will be in June launched Chinese accelerator project & nbsp; hax China. In this month hax held in Shenzhen demo day activities, I have the honor in the Nura all the chips on the line project before early experience, the prototype of Nura, following a brief talk about my experience.

this time Nura app will suggesting a different style of music demo playback, playback process can be compared to no correction of the voice and the optimized according to my ears the sound between difference. Contrast process, you can really feel the sound for my ears optimized to sound more full.

playback process, Nura app will appear a whether to start the enhancement of the low option, after opening, Nura outer head wearing earphone built-in sound unit sends a relatively heavy taste of low frequency, near my ear skin can even feel to low frequency vibration. And as Nura said, after opening the low frequency, the voice will not become turbid.

because I personally don't like heavy taste of low frequency, after listening for a few minutes, I still turn off the the low frequency enhanced features. But even turn off this feature, Nura itself, the sound quality is also quite good, contrast I carry the & nbsp; Bose qc25, Nura voice quality significantly to higher length, density and sound resolution to better.


it is important to note, in my experience of the prototype, "Nura headset is bound at an external sound card (green on the circuit board in the picture above) external sound card through the Lightning interface with iPod Touch connected, iPod Touch only complex output digital audio signal, similar to before we choose geeks introduced OPPO HA-2 USB sound card. Since the Nura headset and external sound card is directly bound together, can not be used to test the headset alone, so I personally do not determine how much of the Nura good sound quality from the addition of this external sound card.

in addition, according to the Nura provides product renderings, Nura headset is directly inserted in the lightning or micro USB interface, < span style = "text-decoration: underline; color RGB (0, 0, 0);" > without the use of traditional 3.5mm headphone jack (link) . Therefore, in order to work properly, the final version of the Nura headset should be integrated with DAC and internal chip.

if the official shipping version of the Nura can maintain a version of the prototype I hear the sound, only considering quality, I think Nura still has certain value of the purchase.

price & amp;

Nura are KickStarter to raise the public. The price is $199 ($1297 yuan) to buy and send to China requires an additional 30 dollars ($196 yuan) freight, is expected to delivery time for next year in April.

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