The first look at the value of the education industry, HUAWEI's education board of the New York Times! Do you read it?

HUAWEI industry value New York Times

huaweiminjiewangluo· 2016-05-18 23:19:36

2016 in May, the famous American media "New York Times" (Th New York Times E) published in the education industry, HUAWEI's value proposition.

"New York Times" (the New York Times) is sometimes referred to as the "times" the times is a daily newspaper published in New York, issued in the world, have considerable influence, senior U. S. newspapers, serious publications on behalf of, for a long time have good credibility and authority.

the United States as the education informatization level of leading the country. In June 2013 put forward ConnectedED. < span style = "16px font size:; color RGB (255, 104, 39);" > to 2018 99% students in the United States are located in classroom and library are equipped with the next generation broadband connection, the promotion of primary and secondary education level of information, so as to improve students' competitiveness.

future education to learners as the center. With the rapid development of mobile Internet and the obtained through mobile terminal services and applications is increasing, the rapid development of mobile Internet and mobile terminals effectively promoted the pan in education, namely ubiquitous education development.

is widely used in education can meet people in the classroom learning, debris and chemical personality habit of learning needs, and distance education, network education and interactive education education demand. in the future, safe, convenient and practical wireless network construction will be promoting the pan in the key of education, move of the promote makes the traditional teaching mode has changed, from passive accept education into active learning.          


how to provide students with the opportunity to learn anytime, anywhere?

HUAWEI agile campus network solutions:


by using high density coverage, intelligent control and application of depth wired and wireless integration technology to help school building a full Wi-Fi scene, the coverage of the network, to meet the demand in places such as high-density access hall;



HUAWEI, as the world's leading information and communications solutions provider, relying on the development in the field of professional accumulation and professional solutions, global coverage the procurement and service system, the service is now in more than and 70 countries in the world's more than and 600 well-known universities:


in North Africa, the universities for the Top1 Jianquan connected campus network.

in the future, Huawei will also strive to move forward, make better ICT for education services, open, sharing, collaborative interaction and full connection education. />

HUAWEI agile network (gh_ffdee3ab5f7b)

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