Shenzhen was all up and down all over the big kill

Shenzhen whole body upper and lower destroyer

tiexuejunshiwang· 2016-05-19 00:54:01

Online pictures display Shenzhen ship the former warship radar and ship weapons were removed at the end of the

051B type and the type 051 destroyers little contact, dynamical system and hull and built before the type 052 destroyer nor too much the relationship of inheritance and development. The reason why use 051 model because of the eighties of the 20th century when the project comes at a time when Chinese troops continue to disarmament, and shortage of funds, was as the type 051 retrofit project to declare the, so does not give new model development. The purpose is to verify the design of larger ships larger than type 052, after which the Chinese navy destroyer began large-scale development.

051B type expulsion of ship power plant with steam turbine, is the main reason, at that time in order to Dalian Shipyard for steam turbine power production line to maintain production can maintain the industrial base and technological experience, also with the China R & D in the ship gas turbine delay could not break through bottleneck technique about.

, the type 051B expelled ship ship body with reduced the design of radar echo, ship and superstructure slightly inward tilt, significantly reduced the mast of the electronic sensor array, radar reflection area than the type 051 and 052 destroyer decreased, the chimney of the ship also through a specially designed to reduce the infrared signature. Most of the weapons systems, electronic equipment and a number of early construction of the 052 type destroyers similar, only limited improvement. There is still a lack of Fleet area air defense missile systems.

weapons of anti-ship missile: the first four quadruple installed "Eagle" -8A YJ-8A anti-ship missile emission device (after the facelift "Eagle" - 83 (yj-83 anti-ship missile)

high gun: four 76a type double 37 mm closed automatic naval gun converted to 1130 recent anti gun. Torpedo: two triple 324 mm caliber fish -7 anti submarine torpedo tube. Aircraft: 2 straight -9C anti submarine helicopters (Z-9C).

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