God of domestic shot! Nexus5X successful operation Win10


iTouchchukong· 2016-05-19 01:54:18

Google cited that proud of Nexus Series in the folk has "kiss the son" the laudatory name, in addition to the first time get push Andrioid the latest version, the brush body is quite good.

in addition to walk between the various Android ROM, a god of domestic drying out of the video, he managed to Windows 10 Mobile transplantation to the Nexus 5X, and running in good condition. Display Windows 10 mobile build 10568

version. This is last year 10 months of exposure in a version, relatively old, but maybe it's because the version exists some available vulnerability was breakthrough success.

this short presentation, the app store, telephone, multi task management, account synchronization are working properly.

considering millet 4 and so on equipment has been the official support Windows 10 upgrade, so other Android phones can be successful is not no trace can be found. />

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