SE released E3 new cloud plan exhibition

Plan new work exhibition twitch

wangyiyouxi· 2016-05-19 04:20:54

< p > square Enix recently in the official blog released them about this year's E3's first plan, contains many se company will be released at the show all the information. First in the exhibition period, SE company will be held in Twitch and YouTube on the official broadcast activities, for all kinds of games, news, interviews and Demo and other news broadcast the latest release of all kinds of games. SE also advance notice we will have a mysterious guest to participate in activities. < p > in the exposition site, SE will carry out its several new high for the demo activity, the following works will provide a demo demo of the game, "deus ex: human split", the player will again play Adam Jensen, but this time he has become an experienced agent will uncover a conspiracy involving global. And two game DLC content: SE will be released "killer 6" new DLC content, players will experience the bald 47 new job in Paris and La Sapienza, is the justifiable defense 3 "new DLC" land armor (land mech assault ", following the upper" Flying Fortress "let Rico cattle on the day, the new DLC is let the bombers back to the ground operation some destructive weapons of mass destruction.

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