Samsung memory production equipment pollution occurred in the Xingxing factory Expert: Loss far exceeds 1 billion won

Samsung expert

qudongzhijia· 2019-11-11 19:38:27

More details about the pollution of Samsung's memory factory equipment surfaced.

There are two arguments for the time node. Last week and a few weeks ago, the location was disclosed at the Giheung factory in South Korea. The reason was that the 8-inch wafer production equipment was contaminated.

The Samsung spokesperson has confirmed the rumors to be true, but stressed that the current production situation is normal, and the accident loss is expected to be around 1 billion won (about 6.01 million yuan).

However, some experts say that Samsung’s actual losses are far greater than this figure, and the official has not counted it.

In fact, at the beginning of this year, Samsung’s first-generation 1x nm memory was also found to have quality problems at the factory stage.

The outside world is worried about the Samsung semiconductor business, and guess whether the accident will interfere with the price trend of the memory.

Additional information: The Device Factory is Samsung's DRAM DRAM factory. The 256Kb DRAM designed by the Samsung Santa Clara team in reverse engineering (refer to Micron) was put into production here, using the 2 micron process to lay the intergenerational The keynote of the breakthrough made Samsung the world's largest memory chip maker in 1993.

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