Hearthstone live barrage explosion of racial discrimination

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wangyiyouxi· 2016-05-19 04:22:08

later today Blizzard president Mike Morhaime issued a statement that called on the hearthstone play home and professionals to set an example to do not have racial discrimination, and in the name of the blizzard vowed to take the necessary action to combat the hearthstone events of all forms of racial discrimination. < p > his statement pointed out that one of Blizzard's core value is to "to play the exciting, play fair, play nice; play fair"; they will, and the event host and twitch work together to change the present situation. Twitch has begun testing monitoring barrage program in a showdown such things happen, the user of intemperate remarks take stop closure treatment.

Mike also called on all vendors and platforms have taken positive action to prevent such things happen. Zero tolerance for human rights abuses.

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