Can the sword spirit of the once smash hit be re-invaded by Unreal 4?

Swordspirit counterattack

shouyouwang· 2019-11-12 20:02:39

Hello everyone, I am Dr. X.

Sword Spirit has also been on the national service for six years. When the first test was activated, the activation code was smashed to 3000 pieces. After going online, it was in the Internet cafe and LOL. The previous grand occasion was still vivid.

After six years, this game is not as hot as it used to be, but it still has a certain degree of attention in the player community.

After a few trips, NCSoft finally announced that the Sword Spirit Unreal 4 re-launch will go live in December and give a brand new name - Sword Spirit Complete (Complete Edition).

There will be a greasy sister after the high-definition re-enactment, will this revolution revert to the public's vision?

Key focus 1: The new Unreal 4 engine is equipped with high-end effects, and the game experience is said to be comparable to the host

When the sword spirit is on the line, many students are sworded. Attracted by the exquisite picture and refreshing fighting.

This re-production shows that NC has spent a lot of effort. After all, this is the first end-game Unreal 4-MMORPG in Korea; not only has the game screen improved several levels, Character models such as hair are no longer a "snap" by the player.

The combat effect is also significantly improved compared to the old version, the action feedback is more detailed:

and Dr. X also learned that the remastered version will enhance the game experience, terrain and weather effects in all directions. It will be more realistic:

NC and even the physics and combat effects of the remastered version will allow players to experience the thrill of playing Sword Spirit on the mainframe.

It’s not impossible to log in to Steam and Epic in the future. Dr. X can’t help but think of the Sword Spirit host version of Heaven.

There is currently a hanbok open to complete the appointment, the update will be divided into front-end service and formal service.

Although the official has not yet been announced, Dr. X suspects that this front-end service is likely to be a nostalgic version of Unreal 4.

Key focus 2: Image quality is not enough, content and experience changes are essential

Although the engine upgrade can enhance vision The sensory experience, but the change in content is the key to re-engineering.

X Dr. recalled that many of the PVPVE content of the past, such as Feng Duolong and Dumao Island, were very popular at the time of launch, but in the end they all closed with the version change. .

In addition to the imperfections in settings such as rewards, it is limited by the low-core performance of the Unreal 3 engine. Even the lowest quality and character masks still have a large number of players who cannot participate in these content.

In the December version of the release, with the revival of the Unreal 4 engine, players will see more large multiplayer content.

In addition, the qigong master is about to usher in the awakening of the third faction [Yin and Yang]. From the perspective of the three major awakenings of the past professions, this is most likely an OP faction.

The new engine combines multi-person PVPVE content, can the sword spirit return to the grand occasion of the grassland white group battle?

Quality and content are guaranteed, and the rest is operational.

The operation of Jianling National Costume has always been the player's slot. This year's 712" Planned Face to Face" screen is full of screens.

After NC announced the Sword Spirit Complete, the most discussed by the national service players is still the concern about planning.

If the operation of the national costume illusion 4 version can give enough sincerity, it may be another explosion of the sword spirit national service.

Finally, Dr. X revealed that the new profession is already under development and will be a remote profession.

After class:

Sword Spirit Complete version is obviously coming to the forefront. What do you think of this remake? Will you go to the hanbok experience at the forefront of the upcoming line in December?

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