Open the star and the agent's office romance

Agent office romance

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fierce fierce I always respect the teacher today also is super star probe exposure of the affair, he and his agent together! Style=

How can this be? The teacher in my heart was a love of "Jin Ping Mei" and "Decameron" young ah! Really have the feeling of love!

but think also in reason, after all, teacher's ex girlfriend is end of makeup like Maggie Cheung unloaded the makeup as Jiang Kun woman

his spouse is Xiang that soft almost strong maternal women and

his agent very accord with standard.

that fans see the video have turned up their noses.


as a matter of fact about the star also is a person, ordinary people are easily come up with some office romance, star and assistant manager in a hate not together 360 days, the development of a profound revolution friendship too normal and teacher is not the first envy nor the last envy. Today we will follow the footsteps of the great teacher, to explore the deeds of the great teachers predecessors.

Chang Chen and Kang Wenru

big guy Chang Chen and his wife Wenru Kang is a perfect match,"

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this fierce fierce also said admire heart of the happy girl!

Yang Zi and Huang Shengyi

Yang Zi as a Jiekesu as man in the beginning is similar to the title of the post to him do side description < span style = "" > foil his cattle X,
Post said < span style = "" > he is executive director of the China Juli group, has the only Asian Long Humvees, 22 million dollars worth of Vertu phone, it is said that 4.6 billion years before the one piece of emerald ring. Style= >46 "" then is the role of the screen to give him a positive description.

and his positive play on opening the, although he said he was an agent and Huang bosses, but Huang is his third smell is becoming more and more serious, and even came Huang to he gave birth to a son of the idea that the rumors. Absolutely did not think of the entertainment circle lifetime and let them catch up with the, 2015 Huang pimadaixiao appeared in the Yangzi's father's funeral and followed him a little boy.

soon after the variety show, Yangzi also personally admit the. What good is the manager and the boss?

fierce fierce my impression of Leo a stay in the "romance in the rain", until the listening to the singing, and he found that he turned out to be such a he Shu Huan! < span style = "background-color: RGB (255, 251, 0);" > he with his wife's story is simply a super marathon and other couples to the seven year itch. They both survived three itch.

from Leo debut began, Leo was the only new singer. And now the old lady Chen Yingxue, was responsible for Ku Kui Kei's propaganda. In the cause of the development and protection of love and many other reasons, two people hide the audience ten years before the public, the versatile Ku Kui Kei not only for their own wedding cakes, "

also drew the wedding scene background plate.

said the so many, in the final analysis of artists with staff airness nevertheless almost a factor of two, < span style = "background-color: RGB (255, 251, 0);" > is proximity, the second is rijiushengqing, said here fierce fierce could no longer sit not to live, I want to ask Zhiling sister still need not to need the job, the mouth special slip kind of University. />

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Open the star and the agent's office romance

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