Apple's share price diving, do want to call iPhone 7 rescue field in advance?

Apple iPhone diving

xinlangkeji· 2016-04-17 22:16:19

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Apple shares on Friday afternoon trading significantly diving, reason is supply chain reported that, in the second quarter iPhone production still will maintain downward trend.

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1.6;" line-height: 1.75em; ">" "the Nikkei Asian review (Nikkei Asian Review) on Friday reported earlier:" Apple Corp launched last fall's flagship intelligent mobile phone iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S; Plu S sales slow, forcing the company to adjust the inventory, the first quarter output down about style= line-height: "1.75em 30% the current quarter still will maintain the reduced yield level. is the "

Apple earlier this year released performance said the outlook is expected in the current quarter iPhone sales growth will slow down the speed, and cited a number of reasons. And this latest supply chain reports are highlighted iPhone production is still further decline, which means that the Apple Corp, the second quarter sales performance may still be relatively weak.

opened Friday when Apple shares reported 112.11 dollars, then in afternoon trading in diving, fell to $110.03, as of the close to fall further to $109.85, decline to 2.25%. CNBC pointed out that apple is not the only one affected stock and its suppliers think datacom, qorvo and Broadcom stock prices are in the above report released after falling.

the Nikkei Asia comment "quoted speech parts supplier, said these suppliers said the from Apple received lower update scheme for the iPhone production in the second quarter. The report also stressed that the Apple Corp will not produce enough SE iPhone smart phones to offset the impact of 6S iPhone and 6S Plus iPhone sales decline, but the specific needs of the situation depends on the demand. Also < span style = "color RGB (255, 104, 39);" > it also means the possibility of apple in the market expected before September released next generation flagship iPhone sales are down to solve the problems, but at present there is no relevant evidence surfaced in the surface .

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