Former Baidu Apollo product manager joins the free CTO of the Smart Home Division

Smarthome Baidu

PingWestpinwan· 2019-11-16 04:04:11

PingWest Play on November 15th, according to Sina Technology, former Baidu Apollo product leader David Zhou (Zhou Dawen) announced that he has officially joined the domestic long-term rental brand and is the CTO of the Smart Home Division. , is fully responsible for the overall technical strategic planning of smart home.

David Zhou has worked for companies such as Baidu and Microsoft. During his tenure at Baidu, he was the head of Apollo products, leading the team from 0 to 1, to create the world's largest open driverless ecosystem, rich in Internet and AI hardware and software product technology management and practical experience.

Freely speaking, David Zhou joined the free smart home system, and the strength of the intelligent technology will continue to grow steadily.

Before, it was just announced that the former Huawei Noah recommended search laboratory director Zhang Universe officially joined the chief scientist, responsible for the free data center and algorithmic capacity building.

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