Dirty storage of young people: thousand dwelling Village

Monthly income dwelling in the village young people.

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22 at the age of Ke children 6 years ago began to tattoo, 3 years ago like dreadlocks, hair now Africa pigtails is more suitable for themselves in a year ago. She often transform a variety of braids, "I love", many of my friends think my hair is very beautiful. "She had a table tennis teaching assistant in Beijing, returned to Guangzhou after playing table tennis is still the usual pastime. (from: Tencent pictures)

Ke children their own work is henna painting division, a monthly income of 6000, the good times to over a million. She said, "the artist Hannah occupation for me is very special, not around in this line of people, now have market". (from: Tencent pictures)

she likes House Live, rock and surf. Her prominent shape often let her go home at night on the road was stopped and asked to produce identity documents, often encounter this situation, I feel particularly annoying". (from: Tencent pictures)

26 at the age of northeast guy home Wei is a professional background animation, graduated 4 years in battles between the north and south. Jia Wei came to Guangzhou in February 2015, a game company in Hong Kong to find the role of Information Designer work. Others say Guangzhou, fast-paced, but let his impression deep is leisurely old Guangzhou, he has a sense of dependence on the city, soon decided to stay in Guangzhou development. (from: Tencent pictures)

home Wei in Heguang Road Town Village, a monthly income of over 10000 but humble abode villages, work on a skateboard to ride instead of walk, go out every day will through a hollow in the lane. Under the influence of Xia culture, home Wei think his bones is very traditional, like listening to Chinese culture, and love to wear traditional costume, although he is in love with rock. For their own hair, parents did not interfere. In his view the incarnation of dreadlocks is the freedom of God, represents a kind of attitude towards life. Wearing a costume with dreadlocks, also feel very in tune, all free, spontaneous. (from: Tencent pictures) class= img_box "

"content_img_p" Bao strain this year just 19 years old. "African braid like the original simple just think get yourself will look good, tried different braids, braid to furrow braid before I get is twist stroke braid. Parents do not object to my hair style, big people agree with my aesthetic. "Read the high school when the strain began to read the international language school. "Most people are learning the course of primary and secondary schools, but I am not, I am biased, the language has a special liking for a foreign language, so specialized in English and spanish. "(from: Tencent pictures)

treasure strains now a make-up artist, her clients in the work never give yourself any obstruction. "Dress up yourself, and then go to others, others will be more confidence in their own, and now the customer more attention to the avant-garde visual innovation, fashion film to shoot a fan. Regardless of appearance is the second, I do not care about what other people think, the key is that they can recognize my ability to make up. "Fat cat" cousin "is a treasure line friends two years ago to give her a gift, Po it like a plus. The subtle Mint smell in the air, spitting smoke ring strain on the electronic cigarette love treasure. (from: Tencent pictures)

24 years o the original is a dreadlocked division. "Dirty family in my opinion is divided into two kinds, one is the love of Jamaica culture, the other is the pursuit of individuality trendsetter. "Ah, the original division has 1 years to become dirty, a few months earlier in Beijing. His master practitioners ten years, a deep understanding of the infection, the original dirty braid. So, business culture promotion company decided to go back to Guangzhou, began to promote the dirty culture. (from: Tencent pictures)

19 year old fruit is a college student, like Africa pigtails. After his parents divorced, was in Malaysia to interrupt their education, to come back in 2015, came to the city of Guangzhou where his father. The University was built Linjiang, her love to walk in the evening at the school on the edge, but also to see the campus football match. "After returning to China, I was particularly unsuitable, and I often miss the days when I was studying in a foreign country. The fruit in the Guangzhou school friends are extremely rare, many students because of her appearance and her estranged. "My hair is too common in foreign countries, then the mother of the students always make up for her hair. "(from: 12 pictures Tencent)

fruit on the opposite side of the school found a small house live, classes during the day at night in the Qing Dynasty, part-time, the weekend will be to find father eat and chat. I have a particularly good relationship with my father, he lived in the country, the idea of a more traditional, have opposed my dress, do not allow me in front of my grandfather was too strange to wear. "In hair spend thousands of dollars for adult just near the fruit it is large sum of money, she had secretly take tuition to get favorite hairstyle. "It's not like that anymore. I'm a part time job. I don't want my dad to be upset. "Now, read the fruit in the clothing design, she hoped that after a few years can have their own clothing brand. (from: Tencent pictures)

23 at the age of ating is an independent music, she tie is furrow braid. "My heart is very impetuous, appearance is very wild. My outlook is the reflection of my heart. "Free personal independence of conduct ating appearance, do not love is not love Subway bus, hate anyone with a lens at her in the street. Handsome, tall and cold in 2015, made a braid, "I don't care, but don't say I imitate which star, as long as the hair for me will try to. "(from: 14 pictures Tencent)

listen to black metal and death metal grows up ating bones is very rebellious," I am a very dry, what will play a little. On weekdays, write words, do music, to participate in the party, to play the scooter also play locomotive, I was a dedication to the edge of the art of the arts. "No matter how impetuous the Arab culture, the real two words she has been pursued," my personality is so, do not have to oppose, my braid is not to give them to see. "(from: 15 pictures Tencent)

32 years Ayong is a native of Guangzhou, storage dreadlocks have 7 years. He is a hair stylist, in Haizhu District, a very popular place with own brand hair salon, has a lot of customers, often working late into the night, many customers hope he personally penned and wait an hour. A-yong, I hope my friends mentioned his name, will first ask is not keep dirty hair stylist a-yong. (from: Tencent pictures)

2009, Ayong take the hairstyle contest runner up. From then on, a-yong begins to consider myself a hairstyle symbol, he finally chose the dirty braid. For the past few years in the street and photographed his accustomed to pedestrians, a-yong. Ayong wore a head of dreadlocks attracted lover and home to marry her, "had chased his wife, father-in-law to feel I was a bit strange, and later habits is good. "(from: 17 pictures Tencent)

33 year old Lin Lin is a storage dreadlocks 6 years of international fashion buyers, each year to Paris 6 times. Lin Lin met Na Ying in Paris encounter star, because of that dread, she will admit to bishop Na Ying. (from: Tencent pictures)

Lin Lin's words: This is too weird so not live too rare so I cannot die. As her love for the dirty. Lin Lin's father was a Christian, and she was influenced by her childhood. "I believe that hair is jingqishen, pruning is a kind of belief. "(from: 20 pictures Tencent)

26 year old Siling is a DJ, on the stage, he is not high nor cold cool, lovely big boy love with your career. "Casual will be pulled the hair, they asked me if my hair is real or fake. "Siling dreadlocks has cut a lot, but there are still people with sharp eyes staring at him or pulling his hair. As the occupation DJ, Siling global jiehuo. In 2015 he met many local dreadlocks DJ in the UK, this year Siling also stay up dirty. Is not a simple imitation, I just feel more of a feeling, playing music is particularly interesting, dreadlocks with my music pretty well matched. "(from: 21 pictures Tencent)

play music worth mentioning, storage dreadlocks worth mentioning, seems to Siling favorite and not recognized by the elders. "My brother hit me a couple of years ago, and my mother was very upset about my haircut. "Has been used to the mother's nagging now the mind is ill bedridden father, which makes Siling is guilty of the." I tried to let the family for my career and appearance of a new change, but there is no chance, perennial rushing around, rare home also do not want to have too much arguing. "WeChat searches the public for a Chinese day or chinaoneday, joining the micro community, sharing your story, and you will have the opportunity to become a Chinese hero. (from: Tencent pictures)

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