Messi returns to revenge Brazil! This time he doesn't have to cook for Argentina.

Messi Brazil

xinlangtiyu· 2019-11-16 10:09:16

Messi wins the ball

" West came back, Argentina lost, "This worrying scene did not happen. Five months later, Messi scored again for the Argentine team. In the friendly match against Brazil, the Argentine captain helped the team to lead in the 14th minute of the match and eventually helped the team win 1-0.

On Friday, Spain’s “Daily Sports Daily” put Messi on the cover and hit the headline “Messi: Return”, saying that this is the first time that the Barcelona superstar has represented Argentina in 4 months. . He was suspended for three months because of the bombardment of the South American Football Association after the final game of the America's Cup.

"Daily Sports Daily" said that the Argentine team will usher in a new stage, Messi regains the role of captain, but his first game is against Brazil, for Messi, the situation Not optimistic. In the recent missed match of Messi, the Argentine team played well and remained unbeaten in 4 games, 0-0 in Chile, 4 to 0 in Mexico, 2 to 2 in Germany and 6 to 1 in Ecuador. If Messi can lead the team to defeat Brazil, it will be considered a continuation of the team's recent good state, and once Argentina loses to the opponent, Messi may be a black pot and become the object of criticism. Messi's previous performance against Brazil was not very good. He played against Samba in 13 times and only won 6 wins, 1 draw and 6 losses. The most recent match was in the America's Cup semi-final this year, Argentina lost 0-2.

But the process and results of the final game were satisfactory. In the 14th minute, Messi was defeated by Juventus defender Alex Sandro in the game. The referee awarded the penalty. The ball, Messi left the left foot to be shot by Alysson, but then followed the left foot to push the goal, Argentina 1-0 lead, this is his 7th goal against Brazil.

This is the first time Messi scored for Argentina after June 20. His last goal for Argentina was in the match against Paraguay, which was an America's Cup group match. Messi scored a penalty to help the team draw a 1 to 1 draw with the opponent.

This time the match against Brazil took place in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. The game attracted 40,000 fans, and after breaking the ball, Messi scored in the 137 matches of the Argentine national team. With 69 goals, he is the top scorer in the history of the Argentine national team, overwhelming the superstars such as Batistuta.

For Messi, unfortunately, he also missed a good scoring opportunity. At the time, Artur’s direct pass was blocked by Pezela, and Messi took the ball away from Million. The edge of the penalty area was shot by Alysson.

After the game, Argentina’s “Ole newspaper” also gave the Messi team a maximum of 8 points. The comment pointed out: “He is very intelligent. After taking the ball outside the penalty area, he thought about letting Alex. · Sandro makes a penalty. The most threatening offense of the Argentine team comes from his feet."

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