Japanese games / hardware week sales of 2016 5.9~5.15

Japan sales hardware

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2016-05-19 09:31:45

last week (May 9th ~ May 15) Japanese game sales rankings released in May 10th on the release of the mystery of the sea 4, topped the list, the first week sales of 128724 units. In addition to the mystery of the sea 4, when there is no other new work to enter the top 20 sales. The top ten games are as follows:

uncharted . Three power Pro power Pro power Pro
"col" > when the weekly sales of "col" "col" >
4 model 128724 128724 PS4
Kirby mechanical planet 24298 248951 3DS
10696 509579 3DS
2016 9510 119310PSV
2016 8473 134391 PS4
2016 5928 76440 PS3
Dragon Quest Monster Joker 3 5767 592321 3DS
my world: PSV version of the td > 5693 768532 PSV
color injection group (Edition Bundle) td > 5237 1362230 WiiU
super Ma Rio manufacturing td > 4030 874405 WiiU

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