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In 2001, "Blasting Bay" made a big hit "Pearl Harbor", Touchstone reluctantly smashed $240 million. Although the movie was fired but the box office lost doubts about life, fortunately there was Disney's towering tree behind it. 18 years later, Bona Film gave the main melody master Roland Emmerich 80 million US dollars to reproduce the most exciting Battle of Midway in the history of World War II. The money is not too much. The cautiousness of safe landing has also replaced the ambition of the explosion. For the first time, the budget-conscious CG replaced the beautiful model, the Chinese entertainment capital did the right thing, and did not fall into the rotten stalks of people.

For Roland Emmerich, he finally made a war film that respects history, refined, detailed, and scientific. He has no dog blood triangle love, and he is relieved. At the end of the day, today's directors rarely have such an opportunity, although the "Decisive Battle Midway" still inevitably inspires the enthusiasm of the old army fans.

The most successful movie is not to waste time for big people, both sides are treated the same way.

The Japanese side does not have to say that Yamamoto 56 has dig a plan with a very low fault tolerance rate, and naturally suffers from the loss. Yoshida Mizuo said that his entire campaign is like a bystander who does nothing; p>

"Anti-Japanese Chivalry" Nan Yunzhong knows that he is step by step and has no ability to adapt;

The mountain pass is more than enough to be brave enough, and it will be slightly insufficient, so there is a dragon riding face, no brain pig.

For the American three, Emmerich did not have much ink.

Nimitz’s general performance was coming, and Spruance’s image was vague, and Fletcher didn’t show his face at all.

The reason why Roche's main melody is not offensive is that there is room for it, not a panoramic PPT.

The 136-minute masterpiece has neither politicians to issue wise instructions, and few seniors will lead the way, and Emmerich’s perspective is always down, because the honors belong to ordinary soldiers.

Intelligence officers Leiden and Rochefort helped Nimitz to crack the code, and he also learned about the movement of Nanyun Zhongyi than Yamamoto.

The number of PBY reconnaissance aircraft in the United States is insufficient, and the crew only have 3 hours of nap time per day. However, their work efficiency has left the Japanese counterparts with no slag, and 7 Japanese reconnaissances on Midway Island. The only one that flew in the opposite direction, the five reports that were sent out in succession, from the position to the heading to the ship's all errors, simply run the train.

If you compare the pilots of both sides, Japan’s first and second air battles are long-lived old birds. The US military is just a chicken, but there are several top technical big cows, Wade of the "Enterprise". · McLakey, Wilhelm Gallaher, Richard Best, Clarence Dickinson, Maxwell Leslie, "John York", John Saatchi, Paul Huo Mbberg, DeWitt Shamway, plus Marine Flemin, a pilot from Midway Island.

The nine elites joined forces to bury the ambitions of the Japanese Empire.

Richard and Richard are both movies and history De Best

In the fuel warning, Kraski insisted on tracking the Japanese destroyer """, which Niemz called the most important decision in this battle;

< p> Gallaher’s 500-pound bomb aimed at the 15-meter-long sun flag on the deck of the Kaga. The explosion killed 280 mechanics under the deck, 220 damaged tubes, and knocked the death knell of the giant ship;

Dickinson’s bomb sent 10 senior officers, including the captain, gunner, voyage chief, and communications chief of the "Kaga", to the Yasukuni Shrine at one time;

Best found the black "Chicheng" under the lamp, and launched the most cost-effective dive in the history of war with two fighters, and nailed the coffin board of Nanyun;

Lesley is skilled. His fleet departed 1 night later than McLaski. At the same time, he attacked the "Canglong" almost at the same time. His Holmberg penetrated the board with a 500-pound bomb, completely determining the direction of the battle;

The day of the day, instead of the injury McLaski, Gallaher once again led the team, and together with Shamway and Best, he blew the "Flying Dragon" into a burning ruin;

Saatchi invented what is called "Sa "Singular cut" double-fork curve tactics, he led six of the only poorly performing F4F Wildcat fighters to defeat 16 zero-type fighters, successfully covering Leslie, Gallaher's penetration, "Flying Dragon" Japan Ace friend Yongzhang City last attacked "York City" and died in Saatchi;

Fleming drove the old SB2U bomber directly into the rear turret of the Japanese heavy cruiser "Sancha" The 12,000-ton ship and 900 crew members were sent to the seabed and were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor after their death;

This battle to determine the fate of the Japanese joint fleet (the aircraft carrier) 6:3, battleship 11:0, cruiser 23:8, destroyer 65:11) and 100,000 armed to the teeth 9 US soldiers were eventually defeated aircraft member, which is typical of personal heroism victory.

More powerfully, Emmerich’s performance technique, when his subordinates questioned McLaski’s risky decision, he just laughed at himself “I don’t want to eat potatoes in prison”, but did not leave. Behind the scenes of the motherland, in fact, on such a chaotic battlefield, who can blame a pilot who has exhausted fuel and returned?

There seems to be no revolutionary friendship between heroes. These people, such as McLakey, Best, and Lindsay, can’t get together, and no leader has intervened, and no one has patience and ideological education. Everyone has the same goal and is doing it.

The burial and playfulness of this US version of the anti-Japanese drama also respects history as much as possible.

A lot of people think that the SBD in the movie is stubborn, and there are signs of tearing the devil.

Objectively, there are 246 aircraft in the Nanyun 4 aircraft carrier, 233 aircraft carriers in the United States, and 127 aircraft on the island. It is indeed a more aircraft, but the Army aircraft is not a good thing, and the TBD is Garbage, the decision to win or lose is the "enterprise" and "York City" 54 SBD, and the "Bumblebee" 35 are lost.

"Bumblebee" TBD Squadron 30 people only draw The Major of Guys survived in the circle

SBD is also the aircraft with the lowest damage rate of the US military throughout World War II. It is 20 kilometers faster than the 99 ship in Japan. There are still self-styled armored tanks, designer Northro The perforated air flaps open the brain.

So few aircraft have become such a big thing, and blowing is no problem.

As for the rear seat machine gun, it looks incredible, but it is also true.

In the history, McLaskey was chased by two zeros when he returned, that is, his rear seat gunman shot down one, only to escape from birth, and SBD was used as a fighter when the war was tight. In the Battle of the Coral Sea, Stahi Vitasa led eight SBDs against 12 zeros. He shot down two and knocked out the other. SBD's rear seat double-mounted machine guns were definitely not standard battles. Law, but it does have this ability.

SBD for subduction bombing

Yimei is not obscenity, the battle of Guandu, Guo Jia said that Cao has ten wins, Shao has ten defeats, and is moderately exaggerated. Hu Yizhou wrote Helian Libo to write "Tong Wan Cheng Ming", which is called 舔腚, completely different.

The main theme of success is usually accompanied by a question, and there are two "Decisive Battle Midway".

1, why a group of techniques are not refined, and they are arrogant. It seems that there is nothing in the spirit of the American young masters who defeated the Japanese warrior trained in the "Moon Moon Firewood Gold".

2, the Japanese Navy has adhered to the policy of elite soldiers since the "Washington Naval Treaty", and Dongxiang Hiragoro said that "one cannons outperformed the cannons of 100 hundred and one hundred", why did you decide whether to win or lose? Is it an elite pilot in the United States?

Purely from courage and due diligence, both sides of the battle deserve respect, and Roland Emmerich gave a visual interpretation of both questions.

Japanese pilots have thousands of choices, high morale, well-trained, well-armed weapons, and the hammock system has broken the mountainism, but it has been a long time and has many drawbacks.

The main reason is that only the authority, the midway island before the war sand table exercise, the chief of staff Yu Yu twisted and changed the war, Yuan Tian Mei Jinxiong later swearing, but at the time did not say a word, another staff source source blame Nanyun is still old-fashioned, and he is afraid to put it on the table. The Tokuoka Dingjun of the Military Command feels that the Midway Project is too risky, but he does not dare to oppose the chief's face. Everyone is collectively and muddy.

Americans are another situation. Nimitz said, "Washington disagrees", Leiden swears, "Washington is wrong", Rochefort is not trimming and no one cares.

People like Best, who have a bad relationship with the direct leader McLakey, often sprinkle spam with teammate Lindsay, and can’t live in the Japanese army for a day, but really The savvy superior knows how to use him, and this has the promotion of Halsey's fire line. In the "garland under the mountain", it has been unsuccessful to apply for the deputy company commander. The self-defense counterattack war was quickly approved, which is about a reason. .

If an army is a clear-minded person of "Yu Tianmei, Yuan Tianshi, and Fugang Dingjun" who know the general body and the overall situation, they are all leaders of Nanyun Zhongyi who have no courage and determination. The defeat of this army is not far off.

Being rigorous work also requires creativity.

Nanyun Zhongyi is a concrete and microscopic episode. It is a mediocre general of the Japanese organization system. It is invincible when the system is stable, and once it is decided, it will be revealed immediately.

Yamamoto is not very smart.

The Americans only repaired the "York City" in 3 days, and also the Japanese five-fight battle that was created in the Coral Sea. The "Ruihe" was basically intact, the flight team was reimbursed, and the "Xianghe" was injured. Heavy, the flight team is in good condition, why not let the "Ruihe" carry the "Xianghe" fleet to participate in the war? The results may be different.

The Midway Island also revealed that the rewards and punishments of Japanese-style management are unclear and cannot be repeated.

This kind of battle from planning to execution is full of loopholes. Although everyone shouted "cannot explain to the emperor", no one came out to take responsibility, and no one was dismissed or resigned. No one has a laparotomy.

The war situation shows that the US military has mastered sufficient intelligence, but the Japanese did not make any reinstatement until the end of Yamamoto's fifty-six self-sacrifice.

The Americans have a self-knowledge, the 1976 version of "The Battle of Midway", Henry Fonda’s Nimitz’s end is still out, "Is it better than the Japanese, or better than them?" Lucky?"

A person who dares to be black is usually not too bad luck.

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