The female doctor paid the hospitalization fee of 500 yuan. After the patient died 4 years later, the family returned to the house to pay back the money.

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beiqingwang· 2019-11-21 23:19:08

Every time the orange harvest season, doctor Xiali will pass WeChat, help 62 The old villager Shu Changzi sold oranges and sold a few kilograms in 2019. Shu Changzi’s family relies mainly on these things to maintain family life.

In 2003, the wife of Shu Changzi came to the hospital. At that time, his wife had a big tumor on her stomach. After the knife was opened, it was a malignant tumor.

Dr. Xia said that ovarian cancer was detected at the time, and It is late, and chemotherapy is needed after the knife is opened. The hospital will definitely ask the patient's family to pay the fee.

At that time, the Shu Changzi family said that there was really no money. Even the money for the knife is borrowed. Dr. Xia thought that since he had already opened the knife, without chemotherapy, the money equivalent to the knife was spent. Therefore, Xiali spent directly at the place where the fee was paid to help Chang Changzi pay the fee.

Shu Changzi said that Dr. Xia was a good person and later Because the family really has no money, so the wife refused to come to chemotherapy again. One year after the operation, Shu’s wife died.

Xialihua said that he was a surgeon at the time, Shu The eldest son owed a debt of 200,000 for his wife's treatment, and now he will take the initiative to add some interest.

"In 2008, I suddenly received a call. (Shu Changzi) They are coming to my house and will pay me back." Xialihua said, "I said that I didn't have to pay it back. He said that he remembered, he must come back! I was very touched when they came. I also brought a little dried bamboo shoots in the mountains."

After that, Xialihua treated Shu Changzi as a relative and tried his best to help him.

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