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Google new features useful something

jikegongyuan· 2016-05-19 16:29:45

< p > the author: Turtle way slowly < in today Sundar Pichai and his colleagues about two hours of the keynote speech, after an hour and forty minutes, from Google Android team of female employees Ellie powers on the stage used about 10 minutes of time for us introduces perhaps two hours "most useful" of a new feature - Android instant apps. Verge The simply call it Google in today's launch of the most fascinating thing. In fact, if this technology is really good to achieve, then we have a lot of experience in the use of the Android system will be a lot better.

is not installed in the case of App

using App first, what is the Instant Apps Android? It is actually very simple, that is, when you click on a URL link in a App system in a Android, if you do not install the App, you can quickly open the App's "concise version". This means that we are like using this App without installing the App.

sound is a bit do not understand, to look at a few examples of Google are:

" in these examples, Android Instant Apps looks a bit like we open an external App in the WeChat case, but it is superior to many, because it does not use the web browsing through the Android form, Instant Apps, you actually opened the App, so that the use of user experience will not suffer any loss; at the same time, after some media test, Android Instant Apps, the loading speed is also faster than the same conditions "form. So, if this feature is really like Google said in the second half of this year to promote, it will be a very useful new features.

according to Google in its own developer blog, the operating principle of the function is: you will own app module, Google play will only download the required part of the function after you click the link, so you in a concise pattern using the app. And, when you use it, if you feel that you have a strong need for this App, you can download it completely. At the same time, for developers. They do not have specially to develop an independent app, use it or the same Android API and the same source code, developers only need to on the basis of the original app for the update and access to the Android instant apps can be, for some developers, the process may not for one day. < p > to the app of the attempts have been made to mainstream < p > in fact, if you've been talking about Google's dynamic in this regard, that you may remember it launched last year in several speed up Internet experience measures, such as speeding up page loading speed accelerated's mobile pages (AMP) technology. This technology in tomorrow will also appear on the agenda of the I / O of the General Assembly this year; and app streaming - it is also allows users to use the function of the app in the app is not installed, the technique were introduced at the end of last year, also is open a web version of the app "era. But Android instant apps is clearly more to walk one step, because it essentially is will the application download down, allowing users to use more natural and smooth, but the speed did not fall ahull.

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