GoogleI/O behind the man - to see the GoogleCEO split firewood is how to board the pinnacle of life?

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< p > in the just concluded Google I / O 2016 developer conference, CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai (Chinese netizens nickname as "firewood elder brother") for the first time to < span style = "color RGB (0, 128 and 255);" the identity of >Google CEO on stage with you to share the latest research results of Google.

in many famous bigwigs such as Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, different, chopping firewood elder brother did not have a wealthy family environment, he leaned on the their own efforts, from a poor boy even bag can not afford to buy, a step by step climb to the position of CEO of Google, as billions of dollars annual salary of big spender. The little league today will take you about this secret very inspirational brother firewood.

. Poor child was born, once he even bag can not afford to buy

1972. Wood was born in India's fourth largest city, Chennai. My father is an electrical engineer, and my mother is a

. The family did not drop, from firewood and his brother grew up only slept in the living room can be inferred. Home without a car, go out most of the time is crowded bus. Small partners can automatically fill the brain, the screen should be like this, India compatriots have an overload of talent, ah, you know.

for a family of four squeeze on a motor scooter, dad drove a car, firewood and mother sat in the back. "The little brother firewood" sit in front of the tank. Then brain mend and should be such a picture:

life in the wood that is slightly poor family, you know his memory is amazing?? < br />

12, chopping wood home installed a telephone, that is the kind of old-fashioned dial dial, he can accurately remember every number dialed. All the people in the family are using him as a telephone book! Live! />

memory so good firewood, is certainly a Curve Wrecker! Wood of the university is legend in the rich it, engineering Daniel, than that of Beijing University, Tsinghua also difficult to test n times, to the God to "proud and cruel" and said the same school, Indian Institute of technology.

India Science Institute of how arrogant? So with you to explain it: in India spread such a saying: top students in India's science and technology, second rate to go abroad to read American schools.

from the Indian science and engineering graduate student, has been" in the history of India's most popular export products "," best Asian Institute of technology "name it already do not care, because in the recently released the 2015 world most difficult test university rankings, Indian Institute of Institute of technology has been out of Asia, and won the first of the crown.

initially, chopping in Indian science and Institute of professional metallurgical, learn, he suddenly found himself especially interested in electronic engineering, and lead metallurgy major GPA of at the same time, he began again to study electronic engineering crazily. Sure enough, learning tyrants who never just practice a brush......

1993, firewood from the Indian Science Institute of Technology graduate, because of academic excellence and was awarded the Institute silver medal, so he took this money went to Stanford to read the master. />

, it is said that the just to Stamford, firewood to give oneself buy a new schoolbag. A look at the price, shocked! Incredibly want $60, can't afford to buy a swollen! Poor firewood had to find a second-hand online.

words back, go to Stanford, chopping and changing professional, read the materials science and semiconductor physics master, don't understand it doesn't matter, worship the.

1997, firewood and parents taken in the United States

, of course, in addition to no tyrant Raj family, chopping wood in many ways are to better than him. The most intuitive: big legs obama!

athlete firewood, high school is had lead the school cricket team won the champion of their state, to know their state's population but more than 70 million! The 43 year old Obama firewood, still maintained a good figure! Look at this big legs playfully! Firewood

2. In Google boarded the pinnacle of life

< span style =" color RGB (0, 128 and 255); ">2004 in do one of his life's most important decision: to join Google. "firewood" is to accept the Google interview on April 1, 2004 day. On this day, Google launched Gmail, but the funny thing is, "firewood" at that time I thought it was an April Fool's joke.

chopping wood in Google promotion straight. < span style = "color RGB (0, 128 and 255);" > first to thanks to his first-class product research and development capabilities . Google Chrome and Chrome OS operating system is in his own handwriting; Google maps, Gmail, Google search, Android and advertising products, by his hand responsible. "wood" has become the technology industry's most influential one of the executives.

is not only superior technical capabilities and firewood elder brother's soft power is also very strong. Diplomatic this word, in the new CEO of all kinds of different opinions on the highest frequency, the most consistent evaluation. both for the team, with the opponent, to the outside, the firewood brother can successfully captured the hearts of the people. What is more, there all at the same time, chopping wood brother can always make the bold decision, and get the maximum benefit of the success.

let us start from chopping firewood elder brother and his boss page relationship. The Google was promoted to replace the seat before the second eldest brother, firewood has been right Page brother's right.

Page once in the blog commented wood: "he always say what I want to say (and sometimes speak better!) I enjoy working with him very much." The facts of the

in Google, page is to brain hole (too) large and famous, meeting a lot of people are get to his point. And then, the split firewood elder brother you know advantage is revealed, he can always put the page is translated into common language to listen to, and thus prepare a clear deployment. So, this also explains the reason why Page would praise him for better.

in addition, split firewood elder brother make full use of his diplomacy in some big plays a key role. for old people, a lot of heart. He helped Page successfully lobbying Tony company's Fadell Nest and Google merger, has also persuaded WhatsApp's founder, Koum Jan do not sell WhatsApp face book. Because of this, be too numerous to enumerate.

reason a meteoric rise, is he can Ann quietly and smoothly to solve all problems, but low-key style, don't rob others "Spotlight".

firewood elder brother amiable low-key style, including, but not limited to treat the upper figure. Treat subordinates, chopping wood brother leadership talent more let people sit up and take notice.

chopping firewood elder brother of a former colleague commented: < span style = "color RGB (0, 128 and 255);" > "he has a lot of ideas, for the product itself and theme have clear understanding and planning. But he must not make his point of view above others, he will let others say first, and then slowly out of his mind."

assuming discuss the stalled, chopping also doesn't arbitrarily think his is right. So you can often see the wood from a which would suddenly stepped out of the conference room and half an hour later with very clear and compelling solution back.

kindling very profess a called cockroach theory (the cockroach theory for self development) the self development point of view. In simple terms is a cockroach fly into the restaurant, in a woman's shoulder perched down, lady frighteneds, dancing to expel the cockroach, so cockroaches flew away, flew to the another woman's shoulder, Ms. B repeated Ms. a violent reaction, and let everyone in the restaurant are in a panic. At this time, the cockroach flew to a waiter's shoulder.

the different to all the people, the waiter calm composure stares at a wayward cockroaches, aimed at the opportunity, to seize, then put it thrown out of the restaurant. This small story wood even at Google IO conference also said, < span style = "line-height: 1.6; color RGB (0 and 128 and 255);" > firewood draw the conclusion is: does not blame the cockroaches to provoke these ladies, on the contrary, ladies themselves powerless to deal with "problem" caused problems continue, that white spot themselves to blame. Thus, brother chopping wood for their own requirements is very high, but seldom blame itself strict with oneself, and others.

< span style =" color RGB (0, 128 and 255); "> split firewood elder brother good quality natural in between colleagues widely circulated. Caesar Sengupta (Caesar sengupta), a once and chopping wood brother work 8 years of vice president said: "I think in Google won't anyone say they don't like chopping, and said he was an asshole..." However, please note that this is not a good person, but a good leadership, a friendly diplomatic. He and ordinary people the impression for the technical expert is always boasting low EQ big images of children be quite different.

for firewood elder brother "such Bi quotient super high, perfect to can not find any shortcomings of leader class figures, former Google CEO Larry Page made this assessment:

< span style =" font size: 16px; color RGB (0, 128 and 255); ">Pichai have a wealth of technical experience and keen product vision and high entrepreneurial talent. Hardly anyone can set these three qualities in a body, Pichai also therefore called a great leader

minor league said

always don't blame his condition is not good. Few people can become Wang Sicong, but the success of the There are plenty of people who are. Success often depends on the efforts of the day after tomorrow, the strict requirements of their own, and never lose confidence. Never lose your dreams and your beliefs. Success may be in the distance.

quietly tell you a number of

general people I do not say

Silicon Valley said" max-width: 100%; color: RGB (0, 128, 255); box-sizing: important; word-wrap: border-box! Break-word! Important; ">

Silicon Valley, Silicon Valley said" br style= "max-width: 100%; box-sizing: border-box important; word-wrap:! Break-word! Important" /><; /span>

add the two-dimensional code scanning!

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