Japanese gangster was shot dead on the street, gunman was armed with automatic rifle when arrested

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Police Investigation Site (NHK)

Overseas Network, November 28th In the evening of the 27th local time, a shooting occurred in Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. A local gang "Kobe Yamaguchi" high-level officer was shot dead on the street, and the gunman was They fled the scene but were arrested in Kyoto one hour later, and their automatic rifles and pistols were seized.

According to a number of Japanese media reports, at 17: 8 pm local time on the 27th, the 59-year-old Keiichi Furukawa of Japan was shot dead in the streets of Amagasaki. The gunman fled the scene and drove in Beijing about an hour later. Arrested in the city, his automatic rifle and pistol were held.

It is reported that Furukawa is a senior member of the designated Kobe Yamaguchi group and its subordinate group "Sandaime Furukawa", and the 52-year-old gunman may be a member of the rival gang "Yamaguchi".

The gunman or using an automatic rifle fired about 10 shots.

It is reported that the gunman used a suspected automatic rifle to flee the scene after about 10 rounds. Furukawa was confirmed dead after being taken to the hospital.

Witnesses at the scene said, "After the banging sound, the car suddenly started, and then a tattooed man fell to the ground, bleeding a lot of blood."

The scene where the gunman was arrested (NHK)

Police said, "Furukawa hit about 10 shots and died on the spot." About 1 hour after the incident, the Kyoto Prefecture Police found a suspicious vehicle near the Kyoto South overpass. During cross-examination of the people in the vehicle, the man in the car pulled out a pistol to point the muzzle at the police, while the other hand held one. Automatic rifle.

The man confronted the police for some time and was arrested on the spot after being persuaded by the police. Police said that the arrested man, a 52-year-old man, Asahina Gide, was a member of the designated violent group "Yamaguchi", and the police seized a pistol and an automatic rifle he held, a rifle model or an M4 assault rifle.

It is reported that in March 2018 and July this year, Furukawa was attacked and injured by members of the "Yamaguchi Formation" with a baseball bat twice.

There is also a Japanese media report that, before the incident, North Korea and Furukawa were eating at the izakaya operated by Furukawa's son nearby.

Background: Japan's largest gangster-the division of "Yamaguchi Group"

According to Japanese media earlier reports, "Kobe Yamaguchi Group" was 4 years ago Split from the Yamaguchi Formation. Later, some members left the "Kobe Yamaguchi Formation" and formed the "Renxia Yamaguchi Formation." As a result, local gangsters in Kobe have fallen into a situation of "three-legged standing", and often have conflicts with each other.

The report also stated that last year (2018), members of the "Kobe Yamaguchi Group" beat members of the "Renxia Yamaguchi Group" in February and drove into the "Renxia Yamaguchi Group" office in a truck the following day. Then, in June, he drove a truck into the home of the "Kuramoto Group" subordinate group of the "Yamaguchi Group".

In April of this year, the leader of the "Kobe Yamaguchi Group" was stabbed by a member of the "Yamaguchi Group", and in August, a member of the "Hongdakai" was beaten by a member of the "Kobe Yamaguchi Group" in his own site. He was shot badly. The shooting on the 10th may be the revenge launched by the "Hongdakai" to the "Kobe Yamaguchi Formation".

" Yamaguchi Group "68-year-old gunman was arrested on the spot ( (ABC Television)

A 68-year-old member of the Yamaguchi Group shot and killed two members of another designated violent group, the Kobe Yamaguchi Group, on the afternoon of October 10 this year.

In addition to the frequent gangster incidents that occurred frequently earlier, the Hyogo Prefecture police urgently ordered the evening of October 11 to restrict the use of 11 facilities on both sides of the "Yamaguchi Group" and "Kobe Yamaguchi Group" and dispatched them. 180 police forces surround the headquarters of both parties.

Person No. 2 of "Yamaguchi Group" is released from prison or exacerbates gangs

On October 18th, the No. 2 leader of Yamaguchi Group, Japan ’s largest triad violent group Takayama Takaji ended his sentence and was released from Fuchu Prison in Tokyo, Japan. Immediately after he was released from prison, he took the Shinkansen to Nagoya and met with the "top leader" of the Yamaguchi formation. Takayama Takayama is 72 years old and was sentenced to 6 years in prison in 2013 for charging huge protection fees and intimidation.

October 18 Kyodo News Agency)

According to the Japan Current Affairs Agency, Takayama Takayama was released from prison at about 5.50 am local time on the 18th, and arrived at Shinagawa Station at 7 o'clock. He was wearing an almost all-black suit, a hat and a lowered brim, a neck brace around his neck, and a walking stick. After getting on the Shinkansen, he has been talking to a male member of another group.

Takayama Takayama got off at Nagoya Station at about 9 o'clock and got up to pick him up. He will meet with the "top leader" of the Yamaguchi group and the sixth-generation team leader Shinoda Kenichi.

Takayama Takayama is the No. 2 person in Yamaguchi Group, the most influential triad organization in Japan. He was arrested by his police at home on the morning of November 18, 2010. Takayama Takayama is the sixth-generation leader of the Yamaguchi group, and the 77-year-old Shinoda Kenshi has chosen this "heir". Not long after Shinoda Jianshi became the leader of the Yamaguchi team in 2005, he was sentenced to six years in prison for illegally buying and selling firearms and was released from prison in 2011. Therefore, Takayama Takaji was the leader of the Yamaguchi formation before that.

The sixth generation leader of the Yamaguchi group, Shinoda Kenichi ( (Left) and Kobe Yamaguchi, leader of the Kobe Yamaguchi Formation (Sankei Shimbun)

After Takayama Kiyoshi was sent to prison in June 2014, the Yamaguchi Formation was split into "Yamaguchi Formation", "Kobe Yamaguchi Formation" and "Ren Xia" "The Yamaguchi Formation" is one of three organizations, and confrontation between them is fierce.

The Japanese police believe that Takayama's release from prison may intensify the confrontation between the major gangs and has been continuously strengthening vigilance.

The police believe that the shooting on the 27th was also related to gang clashes between "Yamaguchi" and "Kobe Yamaguchi", and a detailed investigation is ongoing. (Overseas Wang Xiluo)

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