Domineering! Japan claims 052D leads Chinese navy's four warships across the Dalai Strait out of the island chain

Nanjing Chaohu

ZAKERjilin· 2019-11-28 19:56:23

After a lapse of 3 months, the Chinese Navy's 155 "Nanjing Ship", 578 "Yangzhou" Ship, 601 "Nantong" Ship, and 890 "Chaohu" Ship again entered the Western Pacific through the Dalai Strait.

The Ministry of Defense ’s Ministry of Defense ’s Unified Staff Supervision Department issued a bulletin on November 28, and at about 8.30 am on Wednesday, November 27, the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force ’s 1st Aviation Group Kanoya Base belongs to The "P-3C" maritime patrol aircraft found the Chinese navy sailing eastward about 100 kilometers west of Kojima Ryobu Island (Kagoshima Prefecture).

The announcement of the Ministry of Integration and Staff Supervision stated that there were 4 ships in the fleet crossing the strait eastward: 052D missile destroyer 155 "Nanjing" ship, 054A missile frigate 578 "Yangzhou" ship , 601 "Nantong" ship and 903A large-scale comprehensive supply ship 890 "Chaohu" ship. After the four warships crossed the Dalai Strait, they entered the Pacific Ocean.

The warships crossing the Dalai Strait to the Western Pacific are all from the naval forces in the eastern theater. The 155 "Nanjing" ship is our ninth 052D destroyer. It was listed in a destroyer detachment of the Navy of the Eastern Theater in April last year. This is the first time the "Nanjing" ship has gone to the Western Pacific to participate in open sea training since it entered service.

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