FPS complex of dust in memory

FPS complex dust memory

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like net million royalties activities, no author, please do not reprint without authorization! < p > as a main branch of the game industry, the first person shooting game FPS (First-person shooting game) to the it pays homage to the battlefield of many companies scrambling to find inspiration. With a tense rhythm, intense confrontation, especially in recent years, the quality of the upgrade is to bring people immersive stimulation, becoming a player of the game type. The author, as a hardcore fans of FPS games for fourteen years, in this is not only the most beautiful time, but also reflects the way of life of the generation of the game. < p > If I say play FPS games the most classic and spread most widely when the half life series. It seems to have become the synonymous with FPS games in the minds of people. And the piece of information "anti-terrorism elite" (CS) fire times when the great river north and south, also is the FPS gameplay around the world. The nature is a member of the army, B46, b43, B51, all kinds of firearms purchases code even memorized, an AK47 played to hack.

subsequent jump suit, zombie clothing, etc. also gave the game has injected a new vitality. Even let the author once seven days and seven nights to soak in the cafe to cousin and together to play in the league and was later lost children find Internet cafes to as a policeman, and then sent to the home by their parents beat a cool.

then under the chance came into contact with the Wolfenstein ", this game can also be said to lead a trend, everybody also a taste of the first the war atmosphere, to stimulate even at night dream of the scene in the game. When it comes to "call of duty" series (in fact, I believe that readers in a series of special purchases for the Spring Festival) is definitely a diehard powder. A masterpiece of its "call of Duty 4" also gave the author a very big shock, its position can be said without a doubt. And as the most controversial plot in the series, 6 on behalf of the airport massacre plot but let many people for a long time can not be out of the psychological shadow, it also allows the author intuitively know what is terrorism.

"delta force" < time to 2005, the year EA released the famous battlefield 2, and I was almost fanatical a FPS games. Junior high school to escape classes to beat two "Wake Island", that kind of land, sea and air three-dimensional large-scale fighting, almost like during the Gulf War, the U. s.military let Liberation Army uncle dumbfounded scene. Even after the author in the school every person will sell this game, until someone told the teacher said there is a mental.

the battlefield 2 "< p > but this love is not is indelible,, no one to accompany play on their own in a single map abuse AI, fathom all playability, Yin is bad Yang wrong trained a body good ability. Then can be found online piracy, so it's like in the mountains high school into downhill, listened to the egg broken voice "flower now enemy Junzhuang harvest cut", in the map of the 64 people their as God as open aircraft single TV all abuse, that across all chasing fight satisfaction than even the drug but also enjoyable. < later EA also launched the "companies" series of treason, "battlefield" series 3 and 4, screen effect is getting better and better and failure scenarios is more and more great, but the only constant is that people passionate melody, the rhythm of the music is heard that could instantly let all battlefield powder and find a home to return to. Even if is "battlefield 3" fart "sound", also in F18 fighter took off from the deck of the moment lit player infinite passion and mission sense. And this is also a gift for a military fan. (you unlock the tripod knife?)

Crysis < a let I have been silly points is not clear, Ubisoft issued the Crysis series and also distinctive, especially 4 in the Himalayas riding elephants fight scenes, Shimei to heartbreak and scene construction if been Tibetan I also can not help but sigh the good intentions of the creator. If you play this game, the author suggests must slow down, and to appreciate the surrounding the snow background wind wind powder, water gurgling of the magnificent scenery. Although has been accompanied by the release of player a is the island "img" content "" ""

cry 4

game children age all, of course, also including the violent motorcycle", "Grand Theft Auto car", "legend" and "Paopao karting", "dance mission" and so on, although they are away from us gradually disappearing, but they carry our youth but fixed in a sound of laughter, like old-fashioned projector in the pan yellow image shot all players face, games for the us to now, once partner away, but the common memories but not disappear.

the metro: the last dawn "< today so I most look forward to the battlefield series, the latest" battlefield "also will be released in October. It revealed a thick Anti Japanese style of the cover, the raid like all players to bring back to the battlefield of the war. As the author of the "battlefield" series of 10 years of diehard powder, feel no fluctuation, even laugh. But anyway, so many years of love will not change for will only increasingly thick, into a bowl of mellow wine, let oneself to savor.

"Medal of honor" < p > we just simply remember in the smoky small cafes, this generation of games will vent the excess of his own passions which, whether happy or sad, have too much of the story worth telling, the confusion between the staged scenes of the game world arena vendetta. Very grateful to FPS games bring me all this, let me no longer alone in the cold bleak, the crazy shot moments that take is of my infinite love. One last word, why not mention CF, it is I have no money to buy phoenix.

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