The recipe, metrosexual man teach you to do high protein nutritious meals: homemade chicken breast

Nutritional meal

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rainy night after the sunshine in the morning wake up in the body of a lazy, to fill the heart restless sudden and efficient work, enjoy sports, high protein supplement essential. Love fitness love food Mr. ice (I see Mr. ice transformation story) this week for you to bring a high protein nutritious meals -- secret of chicken breast, work together to study and practice.

specific steps are as follows. quickly used up!

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1.6; chicken breast, cooking wine, pepper, oil, salt, garlic, honey, sesame, seaweed smash.

1. [clean cut the chicken breast Img1]

2. will cut the chicken breast into cooking wine, salt, pepper, pickled with preservative film "white-space: normal style=

fire oil saute garlic;

join chicken breast, line height, chicken breast meat color and add the honey

5. Sheng out according to its taste sprinkle sesame seeds, seaweed smash, you are finished!

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next week still have ice Mr. health delicacy to give you

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