6 year old girl wins beauty pageant! Netizens saw the comparison photos, they exploded!

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yingguonaxieshier· 2019-12-01 18:28:16

Freya, a 6-year-old girl, has recently attracted the attention of many netizens because she won the children's championship in a beauty contest in early November.

Freya came from Thailand, and Miss Thailand beauty pageant that day On the stage of the competition children group, she wore a feather sequin dress skirt, stepped on silver high heels, combed her long curly hair, and wore glittering earrings.

Although she was young, she raised the trophy With a calm smile, wearing a pair of high-heeled shoes, she still stood firmly, just like her exquisite and mature makeup. She was very professional and surprising.

After this group of photos was issued, many netizens have Start paying attention to this little girl.

From the photos publicly shared by Freya ’s parents, Freya, although young, is already a beauty pageant.

Previously, parents took Freya to participate in a lot Similar competitions, and relying on innate advantages and acquired training, Freya is not the first time to win the championship.

For how to show a perfect smile in front of the camera, Freya is already well-versed.

But many people think that Freya is naturally more lovely in life than Freya with exquisite heavy makeup.

She likes watching Frozen.

I love ice cream.

People can't help but question it

Freya is excellent.

But is it appropriate to have a 6-year-old girl

dress up as an adult

Excessive makeup, overly high heels, too Mature, even with a hint of sexy clothing, seems to run counter to the child's natural qualities of innocence, liveliness, and innocence.

In China, there have been many "Children's Secret Show".

In these "Children's Victoria's Secret Shows", many little girls are still drumming round belly.

They have swaggering feather wings on their shoulders and exposed sexy underwear on their bodies. Everyone is stepping on awkward high-heeled shoes and posing various "mature" under the guidance of adults. Pose.

Parents may be for vanity, for fame and fortune, or because of being compelled to be there, and have to spend a lot of time, energy and money to "dress up" their children and help The child wins the beauty contest.

And the children are also in this game With the impetus, learn to look mature and please visitors in accordance with adult's aesthetic.

This not only delays the time that should have been used for studying and playing, but also may bring potential danger for yourself.

So in recent years, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia Other countries are very strong against children ’s beauty contests, and large-scale children ’s beauty contests are rare.

I hope that this discussion about Little Freya will bring some inspiration to parents at home and abroad: children are children. As parents, the most important thing to do is to protect them from being short and precious. Innocent childhood. Rather than a tool used by adults for entertainment and consumption.

Netizen comment

@ 红茶 玛奇 朵: Wouldn't it be nice to make her a cute little girl? Stubbornly obliterated the innocence and beauty that is unique to this age.

@Chloe Chen: Children are children. Don't distort their nature and mind.

@If you can: The child's feet are not well developed. Wearing shoes with a high heel will deform the feet in the future.

@ 竹子 青青: It's really cute when you don't wear makeup.

@ 索菲亚: No objection to the children's draft, but wearing adult clothes and high-heeled shoes with adult makeup, judging from an adult's perspective, this is not good.

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