TV show hilarious, Siri suddenly voices refutes expert conclusions

siri weatherforecast

qudongzhijia· 2019-12-03 04:20:13

Recently, Apple voice assistant Siri made a splash on a BBC weather forecast show. It suddenly made a sound and disproved the meteorologist's conclusion.

It is reported that at the time, the meteorologist Tomasz Schafernaker was wearing an Apple Watch to analyze the snowstorm weather in Minneapolis, United States. The Siri on the phone suddenly made a sound, and said "The weather forecast is not snowy", making the guests laugh at the scene.

Considering that Tomasz did not directly say Siri's wake-up words in the show, What should be added to Siri's play is raising his wrist to wake up Siri (raise to Siri) function.

Wrist lift to wake up Siri is one of the main functions of watchOS 5. It was officially launched in July 2018. Users can directly lift their wrists without shouting "Hey Siri" or pressing a button. Just say the command.

From the live video, Tomasz triggered Siri when he raised his finger to the big screen. I believe this lesson also reminded the host to mute their Apple Watch before taking the stage.

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