Xiaomi entered Japan early, but the business here is not so good

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36ke· 2019-12-03 04:20:32

On December 2, Xiaomi Japan ’s official Twitter announced that it would enter the Japanese market on December 9 and hold its first press conference. It is unknown at this time what product Xiaomi will release.

Previously, according to Nikkei news reports, Xiaomi entered Japan The time for the mobile phone market is 2020. On November 4, Zang Zhiyuan, director of Xiaomi ’s mobile phone product marketing, also confirmed this on Weibo. Now, Xiaomi's entry into Japan is a little earlier, and it seems very urgent.

Japan is not an ideal market. Its volume is small, and like China, it has become saturated, and shipments have shown a downward trend. According to IDC data, the total shipments of Japanese mobile phones in the second quarter of 2019 were 6.933 million units, about one-tenth that of China, a decrease of 1.8% year-on-year.

What's more difficult is that Japan is a very closed market. Until 2016, many people were still using clamshell machines. So far, of the non-Japanese domestic brands, only Apple has performed well, eating 37.8% of the status in Japan, defeating local Sony and Sharp. Even so, local Sharp, Kyocera, and Fuji still accounted for a third of the market share, leaving domestic manufacturers with less than a third of the space left.

Even Huawei, which has a lot of money, can only be said to be tepid in Japan. According to the second quarter of 2019 of Strategy Analytics, Huawei's share is only 3.3%. You know, Japan is also a market controlled by operators. Huawei is already familiar with how to deal with operators, but it is also expanding slowly. For Xiaomi, which has no accumulated operator relationships, it will be very difficult to open up territories in Japan. .

Of course, Xiaomi has an IoT business in addition to mobile phones. However, in Japan, where local products are well-made and the price is not expensive, Xiaomi IoT has to be questioned.

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