The life snatched by Xu Jiao, she won by changing her face

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There is a movie recently released by star girl Xu Jiao. I wonder if everyone pays attention? The movie is a remake of the hit IP "I Have You in My Life" and the director is the original author of the song, Lu Gengyi.

The theme is obviously a familiar youth movie. Xu Jiao played Fang Yao, a college student in the foreign language department, and had a relationship with Ou Yang, a male student of the architecture department at the same school.

The plot sheep will not say much! Just looking at Xu Jiao's face value, do you think it deserves the title of "school flower"?

Recent photo style

Dynamic video screenshot

A more realistic vlog screenshot.

Frankly speaking, just watching the video without repair, The problems of large faces and long chins are still obvious. But compared to the tomboy in "Yangtze River No. 7" when he debuted, Xu Jiao's transformation is also amazing now.

However, compared to Xu Jiao, sheep have recently seen In the same year, the transformation of another child in the "Yangtze River No. 7" also instantly surprised his eyes!

Remember Chen Junsheng, the bully in the movie?

Xiaoba Wang is a rich second-generation, with meticulous care Egg tart head. They often come to school with all kinds of strange toys and then show off to their classmates.

Always love to bully weak students, including Xu Jiao Little Di played as his main bully target.

The little guy's acting skills are also quite outstanding. The sunglasses can't cover the tricky eyes ~

to you I asked if you were afraid?

This cute kid is named Huang Lei. Yes, like Xu Jiao, she is also a girl! The movie that participated in the back-cross series that year.

Huang Lei and Xu Jiao are the same age, you can see Zhou Xingchi was very fond of both children.

Huang Lei, a young girl, has learned to dance since she was a child. He has won many professional dance awards.

Because I wanted to make this movie, I cut it out Long hair of the year.

It is said that Huang Lei was originally selected Come to play the first protagonist Zhou Xiaodi, but because the baby's fat on the face can not be reduced, does not look like a child of a poor person, does not meet the requirements of others, so let her play the little bully.

The exchange of roles has also made her and Xu ever since Jiao embarked on a completely different life.

I mean, Huang Lei is 22 this year! Earlier, the sheep said that her changes have also been very great. How amazing? Put the comparison chart first and let us feel it ~

Ask you Can't believe it's the same person? !!

Zundi is transformed!

After Huang Lei finished filming, except for dubbing the anime version of "The Yangtze River No. 7 Love Earth" at the invitation of Zhou Xingchi in 2010, basically I haven't participated in other plays again, so I went back to study with peace of mind, and then I was admitted to Chengdu University of Technology to study photography. It ’s still like this when I was in high school

What happened? Make her look so great today? Except for the excessive modification of the beauty camera and the improvement in dressing, it is clear that this face should also have a component of "acquired development"!

Hairline is still dripping as usual, but through hairstyle The changes have saved a lot of visuals, but now they are not so abrupt.

Deep eye sockets and double eyelids were obvious when I was young. When I was in middle school, it seemed that there was a little bit of naked eye blistering, so it is likely that after the development, the eye fat increased, causing the double eyelids to be less obvious.

If you look closely at the current double eyelids, there is no eye socket The deepness brought by the depression is purely "wide". So Yang suspected that she would have double eyelid deepening surgery later (you can compare the difference between childhood and current double eyelid shape)

Sometimes it seems that the lines of the eyelids are not particularly smooth.

In addition to the eyes, the biggest change is the nose . It has completely changed from a wide nose with a wide nose and a large nose to a small, straight Korean nose that is now exquisite and straight. This is of course a sophisticated comprehensive nose surgery.

I do n’t know if it is the cause of excessive beauty, The nose still looks noticeably unnatural.

The first reason seems to be a bit too high. The nasal column is strongly supported, causing a tight feeling throughout the nose.

In addition, the prosthesis on the back of the nose seems a bit too thin Already.

The nose is also too narrow, resulting in a kind of overall nose Choking feeling out of breath.

As there is no early contrast, the sheep also I'm not sure if it was over. But it looks like the drop of hyaluronic acid ~

In short, the face is now as delicate as a doll, but because it was successfully applied The popular "Internet red three-piece suit" in the past two years has indeed no obvious personal characteristics.

But my sister is still pretty happy now . Beautifully dressed, go on a trip and follow the stars ~

Recent Still preparing her own photography studio.

It looks handsome to hand in a male ticket ~

It looks pretty happy. Then follow her. After all, living the life you like is the most important thing.

Right! What Yang wants to say is that in addition to Xu Jiao and Huang Lei, two young actors and actresses dressed in men's clothing in the movie "Yangtze River No. 7", one of the children of the year also starred in the opposite direction ~ < p> Everyone may not think of it, it is the "Tyrannosaurus Rex" who is also a school bully. Because of gluttony and obedience to Xiaoba Wang, the two cooperated to bully other classmates. The acting is also very good ~

The name of the actor who plays Tyrannosaurus Called Yao Wenxue. She is also a cute girl in reality. At the time, he was 22 years old when he played the role of Tyrannosaurus, but there was no sense of disobedience in cross-talking and elementary school.

After the Yangtze River No.7, Yao Wenxue ’s drama development Not so good, under the leadership of Zhou Xingchi, he continued to play several supporting roles, but there were no splashes.

Finally, it will be played in" Man on the Road " After Wang Baoqiang's girlfriend, due to the limitation of the length of the film, the film was cut out, and lost another chance to be known by everyone.

She is now 35 years old, although she is still fat Fat and obscure, but the precipitation of years can be clearly seen from the face, the calmness and softness of mind.

It is also worth mentioning that "This movie is actually the first film work of star girl Zhang Yuqi.

Zhang Yuqi, who was only 20 years old, had not yet come The character of "Geng Zhiyu Sister" is pure and beautiful, and is decorated as a young and beautiful teacher Yuan.

and the star master in the movie made a leap Class love.

She who just entered the industry at that time, maybe also Have a pure movie dream.

Now, the classic film of Xingye It has been over ten years. When writing a sheep, not only recalled the good memories brought by the movie itself, but also remembered the purest joy and the most worry-free childhood when watching movies with parents at the time ~

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For a childhood that we ca n’t go back to, but always yearn for, please click [ Looking ]!

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