Amazing princess who loves to talk about Huang Duanzi: Forgive her all wrongs for this face


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Recent turmoil in the British royal family has not been small recently.

Even the queen who has been waiting for a long time has also heard the news that she may retire in the next year.

Well, it is estimated that it was also caused by the recent royal crisis.

The origins of this royal crisis are long storytelling. Do you still remember the loli flights and scum riches written in 1988? (Reviewed here)

This story makes many people feel too magical, but the ending is more magical. When everyone revisited the incident in 1988, the scum rich was just arrested. A month later, he hung up in the jail.

The official conclusion is that suicide, but it is inevitable that two words will pop up in the minds of the people: extinction.

Though things are too suspicious to prove. Anyway, this rich man who knows too many secrets closed his mouth forever and knowingly. How many political figures are relieved.

Whether it is the suspected Clinton faction or the Trump faction, they quickly took the opportunity to hide. However, some bales still jumped out at this time to clear it up. As a result, they not only provoked themselves, but also affected the whole family.

This large embroidered pillow straw bag is the queen's beloved son, Charles's brother Prince Andrew.

When Andrew ’s crisis broke out, The high-scoring divine drama "Crown", which tells the story of the British royal family, was released in the third season of NetFly.

While chasing" Crown ", watching the reality version The plot of the British royal family can not help but sigh: one. The queen is too south. 2. Not only does the Queen have no successor, even the Queen's grandson Lou Zi is also inferior to the next generation.

The "Royal Rebellion" of the previous generation is a stunning beauty like Princess Margaret. Compared with today's Prince Andrew, people just want to sigh for her.

She was scolded as "a burden and a stain on the royal family", but compared with today's disgusting younger generation, this big hat is a bit unfair.

-I am getting more and more black dividing line ——

If you have read the story of Loli flight written in August, you should remember that the scandal of scumbags who sexually assaulted teenage girls and provided them with sexual services for celebrities and celebrities is the British newspaper Be the first to scoop out.

In 2005, a woman named Virginia Ross broke the news, claiming to have been violated by the scumbags at the age of 15, and "serving" his VIP, Prince Andrew, at the age of 17.

Virginia described the details of the" service "prince to the media After, as well as many details of sex parties with her and many girls in New York, London and other places.

At that time, Buckingham Palace responded that these were unfounded lies and false allegations.

The scum tycoon was arrested in 2010, but he was magically light. Sentence. He was arrested again in July this year, and then died bizarrely in prison. Prince Andrew temporarily avoided the limelight 14 years ago, but every time the scum rich event recurs, he will be pushed to the forefront.

I do n’t know if I saw the scum rich man shut his mouth forever. Prince Andrew was consciously safe. Without the consent of the queen, he accepted the BBC interview and wanted to wash it in vain.

Every kid's shoes, I ’ve seen them want to be whiter, but the more they are Does the darker god operate? See Prince Andrew's live teaching.

He said that it was revealed that the photo of the woman and himself was P, because his clothes in the photo were not correct. When he was in London, he was wearing a suit and tie when going out, and would not wear a shirt as casually as in the photo.

Also, he is a rare member of the royal family Take photos with people, not to hug your waist in public with others!

Do n’t make Andrew amnesia or forget the Internet There are memories. As soon as the words fell, from the British media to ordinary netizens, they started a face-to-face carnival game.

Prince, you said you would wear a suit and tie when you go out in London? Why don't you wear a lot of photos like this?

You said you would not take a photo with anyone, let alone Will hug? Please explain a lot of such photos, are they all P's?

Andrew also stated in the interview that the woman said that The story of his service is made up. It ’s not right to look at the details. For example, she said that I kept sweating when I danced, but I got sick because of a war injury and would not sweat!

British media and netizens have launched" Let's find the difference " "Game, prince, you said you used to be cool and sweat-free, but this one under your armpit?

The people who eat melon ca n’t stop laughing, you With a single punch, I swelled the prince's face ...

More terribly, Andrew patronized himself to wash himself in vain, not only did not condemn the scum rich, but also said Don't regret being friends with him, "The connections he provides are very useful." For the teenage girls who have been sexually assaulted, they have not expressed any concern or sympathy.

Andrew ’s public relations disaster, some people say It is a nuclear explosion, and some say it is Chernobyl. In short, it was the explosion in situ that affected the entire family.

When the BBC interview was just aired, the media said that the storm caused by Andrew was "the biggest royal crisis since Diana's death."

Negative impacts have not subsided at all, but they are getting worse. Great, this storm escalated into "the biggest royal crisis since Edward VIII abdicated for marrying Simpson" .....

The major institutions have come forward to draw a line with Andrew, and the British royal family can't sit still. He announced that Prince Andrew has resigned from the royal service, and the royal allowance has been cancelled. .

From the media to the masses, it was a mockery. The Guardian tweeted: How bad would it be to get fired to work for your own mother? Ask Prince Andrew.

A few days ago, the Queen also announced that the cancellation was originally scheduled at Prince Andrew's 60th birthday celebration in February next year.

Supported the British royal family for a lifetime, to more than 90 At the age of one year, she still needs to wipe the buttocks of her son, who is nearly a year old. Really, the queen is too south.

Read the comments from netizens, many people said: next season "Crown" shoot Andrew in! In fact, in the third season, there are already dark lines pointing to Andrew and the scum rich.

Although the plot in the play is completely another thing , But "a royal family member was involved in the scandal, and he had suspicious key figures who committed suicide, and found a number of portraits in his apartment after his death." Of course, it would make people feel like a person

Think of a series of things in reality: Andrew was involved in the scandal of the Lori flight, the scum rich was bizarrely "suicide", and the portrait of Clinton wearing women's clothing was found in the residence of the rich after the death ...

It is no wonder that this horse honeycomb by Prince Andrew will set off on the British Internet. There must be a big discussion.

The royal family, which has no real power for a long time, plays the role of facade and cultural symbol. The Queen can support this role and symbol regardless of her character or appearance. But the next generation like Prince Andrew ...

Sigh. Everyone sees the "Crown" with great interest. In addition to the excellent production and excellent performance, but also because the protagonists are beautiful or noble in appearance or inward, when they show human weaknesses and struggles, the audience will be sympathetic and moved.

The Queen's generation is well deserved. The "Crown" tells the story of the Queen's youth in the first two seasons. The actors who play her and Princess Margaret are beautiful women who have chosen a thousand miles (above).

The two younger sisters in reality are more beautiful than the stars (below).

In particular, Princess Margaret of the queen, Vanessa Kirby, who played her in the first two seasons and the third season of The Crown, respectively. And Helena Pocat, both have super high looks, but still can't compare with her peerless style.

And watch the scene of the princess taking a naked shoulder photo < / p>

Playing Princess Margaret here is Vanessa Kirby. She is very beautiful and many viewers describe "I want to take a screenshot every time I appear ".

But she still can't shoot, the breathtaking beauty of the real Princess Margaret.

—— I'm the best KOL dividing line— —

Margaret, who started wearing Dior at the age of eighteen, was the top and fashionable icon of that era.

Dio just launched new look in 1947, Margaret Te immediately put on the body, and the fashion sense did indeed stay at the forefront of the trend.

Because she is the king of goods, Dior is in London Opened the store and it was full immediately.

To Princess Margaret, the muse goddess, Christian Dior wrote: "She is a real fairy princess, delicate, elegant and perfect."

< p class = "img_box" id = "id_imagebox_34" = ''>

Princess Margaret was the best KOL of her time, and her clothes and shoes Hat glasses bags are the objects imitated by fashionable girls.

There is only one thing, which can't be imitated by ordinary girls. What gifts do girls receive each year? Margaret received jewelry.

This Art Deco-style five-layer pearl necklace is a gift from her grandmother Queen Mary on her eighteenth birthday.

This necklace is her favorite and is worn on many photos With.

This photo is her favorite part Jewelry.

The M-shaped diamond brooch in the center of the box was a gift she received on her nineteenth birthday; the diamond necklace RIVERER was also a birthday gift given to her by her grandma, Queen Mary.

Each diamond in the necklace is engraved with her name The first letter M, very delicate and beautiful, is also often worn by her.

With a diamond crown, she even better sets off her beauty.

Look at the moving picture, it is really bright and flashing !!

But the diamond crown above is not Margaret's own. It was a gift that the Queen received on her eighteenth birthday. She often borrowed it from her sister to wear it.

Of the crowns she owns, the most beautiful is this necklace brooch crown.

This crown is very large, almost like Marguerite The head is one-third high. It can be disassembled into a necklace and eleven brooches, and it is very delicate in design.

Ancient Chinese literati describe top beauties:" Dense makeup is good , Light makeup is good, thick clothes and messy heads do not hide national colors. " Margaret is such a beauty, even if she only wears simple military uniforms without any jewelry on her body, she is still stunning.

Yan Gangdang often says: because she Face, I can forgive her for everything!

If Prince Andrew has such a face as Princess Margaret, perhaps the crowd will be unable to hold back their hearts?

However, a nasty royal family like him is not as beautiful as Margaret, and the disaster is too much bigger than her.

At that time, people blamed Margaret for being a stain on the royal family. From the current perspective, she did not commit an unforgivable fault; every time she had a storm, she was full of helplessness sorrow.

-I am the dividing line of the royal family's rebellion-

Margaret's so-called rebellious deeds are described in detail in the first to third seasons of The Crown. Firstly, she fell in love with a divorced civilian male, which caused an uproar.

It is rumored that the princess in "Roman Holiday" is Margaret.

That was a 1953 movie. That year, the romance between Princess Margaret and Colonel Thomson was revealed.

The colonel is 16 years older than the princess. He was a hero who won 11 German fighters during World War II, and later became the guardian of the princess's father, George VI.

Contrast, is the protagonist of "Roman Holiday" looks like the colonel princess? A pair of ardent lovers, who are pretending to be unrelated in front of outsiders, are also particularly similar.

In the first season of The Crown, the queen promised Helping her sister, in the end, was under pressure, saying that she did not agree with her marrying the colonel, causing a rift between the sisters.

This is not true of real history. Later decrypted documents found that the Queen had tried to help Margaret fight for her to marry freely and retain her royal status and allowances. She only had to give up her royal right, but Princess Margaret flinched herself.

In November 1955, the princess issued a broadcast statement, crying silently to ensure that she would not violate Christian teachings and would not forget her responsibility to the country, Go with a divorced man.

At that time, British public opinion was divided into two factions, who opposed the princess, thinking that she had disturbed the country for her own personal feelings and was very selfish; those who supported the princess now felt that she had betrayed her feelings. Margaret was not human at both ends.

She is not as self-disciplined as her sister, and failed to be like her sister Always put the royal responsibility on the highest priority; not as tough as her sister, otherwise she can insist on love and bear the consequences.

But when the relationship was revealed, she was only a 23-year-old girl and had to bear unimaginable pressure: the parliament debated her relationship for three days, and the conclusion was no. The church threatened to expel her membership. . She is just an ordinary person, she is weak and gives up.

A bitter love ended so bitterly. Five years later, a letter from the colonel told Margaret that he would marry a Belgian girl.

The irritated Margaret immediately announced Marry photographer Armstrong.

Armstrong, the sister-in-law, second in The Crown There have been real reproductions during the season.

Instead, other photographers will receive the task of shooting princesses, and they will usually behave in a regular manner. His style is: Isn't the princess also a sister?

How have you seen this since childhood? This routine was quickly caught up.

When she announced her marriage to Armstrong, Even if people think that the man is not a good match, it's hard to oppose it:

This is a man who has not been divorced. What else do you want?

The princess at the wedding is gorgeous. But this marriage, which the two parties do not understand well, is also a tragedy.

The two people who are equally free and unrestrained should be There has been love. The princess in Armstrong's lens has an exceptionally relaxing and natural beauty.

The nude Margaret pictured before The shoulder shot was also taken by Armstrong.

There was another time when the princess was busy going to the banquet. She put on a crown to make her hairstyle, and then took a bath to change clothes. Armstrong captured this interesting moment with her camera.

The third season of" The Crown "is also reproduced This scene.

This season also showcases the beauty of Margaret Outside charm.

The Queen sent Margaret to visit the United States and told her to follow the rules. Margaret, however, had forgotten all about it, and talked to the president of the United States, but she was unexpectedly popular because of her freedom and truth.

Although this trip promoted the friendship between the two countries, it is inevitable that traditional people will frown.

A few years later, the princess attracted not only frowns, but also a scolding: She was derailed by small fresh meat, and her marriage was disrupted to bring shock-you must know that the British royal family has never been No one is divorced!

People blame Margaret for being self-indulgent and giving The royal family caused trouble. But she was forced to give up true love and chose the wrong man. No one has seen the torment and pain these years.

She and Armstrong gave birth to a son and a daughter. A few years before their marriage, they were apparently happy.

But the prodigal is tired of the princess and is more tired of it Many royal rules.

More terribly, Armstrong is a patient with personality addiction. The British media gave him a nickname: Teddy on Earth.

He has been having affair after marriage and is still bisexual , Even playing three-person sex games with friends and couples, so that the woman did not know who the father was when she gave birth to a child. After years of paternity testing, it was confirmed that the child was his.

In other words, he had only married the princess for a few months and had an illegitimate daughter outside.

After getting bored with the princess, he treats her more This kind of derogation and combat self-confidence. At the royal party, he once scolded the princess in front of everyone and shut up. In the letter he wrote to her, he mocked her like a Jewish manicurist and said he hated her.

The princess is becoming more and more decadent, smoking dozens of cigarettes a day to anesthetize herself.












女王为王室牺牲付出良多。 《王冠》剧中即使发现丈夫出轨,仍要以大局为重。但她跟菲利普是有爱情的,两人有许多相濡以沫的时刻,人到中年还有被喊做小卷心菜的甜蜜。









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