Regal identity fraud, attention to N busty sisters? Chen Qiao En's fancy him

Allen ChenQiaoen

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Today ’s hot search for sheep, # 陈乔恩 没 剧本 没 表 词 #, # 陈乔恩 明星 #, # 艾伦 发文 #, # 艾伦 ins #, dominate the screen.

Hey, did n’t Chen Qiaoen's relationship last week be searched hotly, why did he come again today? !!

The strong sense of melon drove the sheep to look around, and the summary is as follows:

Some people questioned that the love between Chen Qiaoen and Allen was the program effect, Weibo officially claimed the relationship, but unexpectedly Chen Qiao'en fans picked out Allen for MLM work, and INS was widely cool and big-breasted. She questioned the poor quality of others and was afraid that Chen Qiao'en would not be trusted by others. And remove powder.

Whether it ’s the fans who are too sensitive or Allen It ’s really not a good thing. Today, the sheep is coming.

Sisters who are 9 years old and late Love

This part of the sheep mainly talks about the background of the relationship between Chen Qiaoen and Allen, and the cubs who have already understood can skip directly to see the black haha ​​behind.

I heard" Chen Qiaoen and Allen are in love ", Does Da Kar think it is Guo Ailun who plays basketball.

Or the humorous Allen of Happy Twist.

In fact, it is not true, and the love with Chen Qiaoen is An Allen from Malancia.

This Allen is 9 years younger than Chen Qiaoen. His main business is the director of a health food company, and he is an amateur by painter.

< / p> Crooking a building, it is said that Allen sits in three estates in Malaysia. His ex-girlfriend is Miss Malay.

Harm! Exactly which three estates do you have, and what is the ex-girlfriend who is Miss Malay? The marketing that the team paid for is clear. Otherwise, how can we make everyone believe?

Back to the topic, the two are first-rate stars Love Reality Show-Meet in "Daughters' Love".

Chen Qiaoen is a noble, independent and wealthy. Her requirements for the other half are absolutely very high, or she will not be married now.

So the program group arranged for Alan She has a successful career, but she is still upright, aloof and pure, yet gentle and considerate. The boy came to fall in love with her.

When the two first met, Chen Qiaoen let Ai When Len guessed her age, Allen said, "I know how old you are, but you are very well maintained." Such an upright boy doesn't look like a master of love.

When it comes to Alan, why there are no friends of the opposite sex, Or will you use social software to expand your circle of friends.

He also said firmly that he would not use social media Expand your circle of friends.

Knock on the blackboard! ! ! The cubs remember this, this is the focus of dog blood ~

There is a saying how to say "If he is in love, you will undress; if he reads countless people, you will be on the stove."

I am in a complex entertainment circle and over 40 years old Of course, Chen Qiaoen has seen all kinds of people. Allen's simple and seductive character is undoubtedly new to her, so not only will it not cause her resentment, but she will be interested.

Daga also remembers this picture, hahahaha, dog blood key warning!

However, as a million-year idol drama The heroine, Chen Qiao'en also has the attributes of a young girl with a "love fortune", so she also needs the gentle care of a man. In order to win the heart, Allen was certainly satisfied.

He will carefully create surprises for Chen Qiao'en, such as "Large Flowers at Sea". (Beep in a low voice: In such a romantic scene, anyone would be tempted to change it?!)

When Chen Qiaoen arrives in Malaysia, Allen will connect Run several flower shops just to buy a bunch of her favorite sunflowers as a pick-up gift, and attach a small hand-written card.

It will also put a "fairy seat" in front of the front passenger seat of the car, expressing her favorite to Chen Qiaoen, these are sweet and warm The details are endless in the show.

In short, from the show, even these two people are The difference is 9 years old, but I think I look good.

So, at the end of the show, Allen said to Chen Qiaoen: "Let's be together." Chen Qiaoen said: "Okay." Most of the netizens expressed their blessings.

However, some people have also raised questions.

What love is a real hammer, but it is the effect of the program

At the same time when the two announced their love, some netizens said: This is not the star love reality show What a bad way! (Different cp, same result)

The cubs who have been in the first season of "Daughter's Love" should still have an impression of Selina and Zhang Xuanrui. When they "confirmed their relationship" on the show, they also cried a lot of people.

Combined with the background of the two people in the show to confirm their love, Selina also issued a long confession on Weibo, making people really think that the sister and brother were in love.

As a result, it did n’t take long for the show to end. The face of the audience who slaps crap is sore. (At that time, sheep had serious doubts about their own understanding.)

In addition to this pair, the audience has also experienced a lot of love variety cp, each pair gives the feeling of "becoming", but each pair fails.

Yu Wenle and Zhou Dongyu's" Uncle Loli Match " Finally, Zhou Dongyu wished Yu Wenle a happy wedding.

Pan Shuai and Wu Xin were also a sweet batch at the time After the show, how many people shouted that they were "together", but the result still failed.

Hey ~ it ’s all foam, only one Fireworks!

However, this time is different. Chen Qiaoen and Allen are really in love. Both of them have so clearly claimed their love on Weibo. Got fake? !!

However, even if it is true love, netizens question again.

The Allen people collapse, and Chen Qiaoen trusts inhumans.

Although Chen Qiaoen and Allen's relationship is true, some fans have picked out Allen's ins. Account, accusing him of not being honest, using Chen Qiaoen's marketing hype.

Allen's collapse was mainly due to INS, so the sheep first took out his ins account for everyone.

ins homepage styles with his people in the show Still quite consistent.

However, netizens point out that he wears a lot on INS The cool, big-breasted sisters pay attention to each other and like it frequently.

For example, a pole dancer girl Dance said that people are not honest, this is a bit extreme, Kazakhstan is also serious dance, do not wear colored glasses) , but I do n’t know if the scale of the picture below is not normal.

Sexy lingerie model (Darga accepts her boyfriend for fun Do underwear model friends like it?)

This should Is it a body art model? Sure enough, it is mixed with the art world, it is open.

In addition to the girl above, there is an Allen with Her interactions are more frequent, and when he and Chen Qiao'en fell in love on the show, it seemed to be connoted by the woman.

The thing is, Allen once played golf with this girl.

And every girl ’s INS Allen will take the initiative Like, but all the interaction ended abruptly on 8.14. What happened that day? (That's the point of Da Jia painting in front of the sheep).

Later, Chen Qiaoen went to Malaysia to record the show and was reported by Malaysian newspapers soon Join the giants (fake news).

The report is on September 20th, the result is the second On the girl's ins, the connotative dynamics of sandy projections such as "truth of truth" and "repairing tires" appeared.

I don't know if it's related to Allen or it's pure coincidence.

Of course, to the doubts of netizens, Chen Qiaoen and Allen also responded this evening.

Yang summarizes the main point of this sentence for Da-ga: You have misunderstood, I and friends who like me are friends!

The aforementioned underwear model is more It was to express his anger to Allen.

As Allen ’s girlfriend, Chen Qiaoen is reposting this At the same time as Weibo, he expressed his belief in Allen.

But the sheep has a little doubt. She believes in Ai What Lun said was true, but Yang did not understand that he had said in the show that he would not expand the circle of friends on social software, but why is his circle of friends on social software quite wide?

Also, why did n’t Allen's rumor tonight to explain his content to the golf girl?

True and fake rich

In addition to the person, netizens also have doubts about his rich status.

In the show, he claimed that he was the director of a health food company, and was caught by netizens that he was actually engaged in MLM. (The picture below is the promotional materials of Allen's company, the word "MLM")

Yang Xin thinks it is a foreign company after all, maybe The translation is wrong, so the sheep went to the official website and found the following problems.

First, in the monthly magazine that introduces the company, I haven't found who the big boss of this company is. Even on the [CEO's] page, I said everything, but didn't tell you what their boss's name was.

It's a bit like the TV health care advertising" "Expert" means that there is an image of an expert, but he doesn't tell you what the expert's name is or which hospital it is.

Second, this company has a clear MLM-like model "Multi-level promotion" system, for example, their managers and presidents each have 7 levels.

Moreover, the manager and the president are not one or a few people, but a large group. For example, the list of manager levels below is only a small part of it.

In this company, the manager And the president plays not the management role in the formal enterprise, but the hierarchical sales role similar to MLM.

However, unlike MLM, this company does have actual products and sell them online. As for whether the price greatly exceeds the value of the product itself, sheep are not good at commenting.

So, do you think Allen is engaged in What about netizens' "illegal MLM" cause? Remember to share your opinion in the comments!

Finally, what Yang wants to say is that Chen Qiaoen is complicated The entertainment circle has been struggling for many years, and how to say it is also someone who has seen strong winds and waves, so it must be thoughtful about your love. If everyone really does not understand it, it is better to stand by instead of blame.

Worries about the fans are actually understandable. After all, some of the actual materials exposed on the Internet are still a bit contradictory. It is also good for fans to worry about the idol being hurt in the relationship.

So, Allen must be good to Chen Qiaoen!

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