Li Daimo, a drug addict, returned after leaving prison, but was rejected by netizens

LiDaimo takingdrugs

ZAKERjilin· 2019-12-03 04:24:15

One of the most popular singers on the stage of" Good Voice of China " However, Li Daimo ruined his acting career because of drug abuse. After being released from prison, Li Daimo was silent for a period of time, and began to prepare for a comeback with a live broadcast platform. Recently, he has released a new album and single. However, the audience is obviously unwilling to accept this kind of drug abuse artist. Li Daimo promoted the new song on Weibo with only a few dozen comments. Many netizens said that they could not accept the drug artist.

In 2014, Li Daimo was suspected of" allowing others to take drugs " "He was criminally detained for 9 months and fined 2,000 yuan. He was released on December 18, 2014, and then retired from the entertainment industry for a long time.

But since last year, Li Daimo restarted Weibo and started to become active. This year, he appeared on the live broadcast platform and turned into a network celebrity. The live broadcast frequency is very high. Moreover, the style of live broadcast is different from that of ordinary celebrities. During the live broadcast, they kept asking for gifts from netizens. However, there were few fans and the popularity of each live broadcast was very low.

In October this year, Li Daimo ’s comeback action is even greater He released his new album "You Come and Me" on the Internet, but the sales are very bad, and in the online promotion of the new album, netizens have questioned why drug addicts can still release the album, and netizens simply said Let him sing "Cool" to himself.

Due to the poor album effect, Li Daimo started to operate on Weibo again, uploading a new song of her own on the Internet every so often, and paying attention to public welfare and private life. However, as an artist with bad drug use, obviously these cannot be accepted by netizens. He uploaded a new single ’s Weibo with less than 100 comments. , And did not want to accept him, I hope he will not come back in the entertainment industry.

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