Is Zheng Shuang's face a straight girl aesthetic?

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After experiencing various negative rumors of being smashed by Naza because of face collapse and breaking up on the variety show repeatedly, Zheng Shuang's face is beautiful again In the past two days, I saw two sets of beautiful photos of Zheng Shuang. The beauty of female star Zheng Shuang reopened. The picture below shows Zheng Shuang wearing a black dress to receive the award the night before.

The head-to-body ratio is very strong, really 10 meters away Shining beauty that can be shined.

The animation does not collapse.

This is a picture of Zheng Shuang who was wearing a twine braid and wearing a light blue dress to participate in the brand event yesterday.

This is beautiful.

It has been said that Zheng Shuang's face powder is female Fan, straight men do n’t like her type. As a very well-known Zheng Shuang, who is also the same as the high school student in Gao Yuanyuan, he did not perform well in the Tiger Goddess election contest, and he was often eliminated after being shortlisted. "One-day tour", such as the following election, Zheng Shuang was short-listed, and was immediately eliminated with the lowest number of votes. Zheng Shuang's votes were only in the early 7000, which was more than 4,000 less than Xu Qing, who was over half a year old.

Thin and tall white young show Occupied, what went wrong?

This is probably the same as the aesthetics [ Value filter] It does matter.

The straight male and female gods elected Gao Yuanyuan repeatedly won awards, not because he looks more beautiful than other female stars, mainly because Gao Yuanyuan grows in the needs of Chinese mainland men for his partner. Mild, tolerant and stable, it seems to have a certain ability, can share a lot of survival pressure, suitable for most mainland Chinese men.

Last time we said when we were writing love faces : Love is essentially an extension of self-will and an optimization strategy for a way of life. The awkward point is: No matter what one admires the other, it is actually self-appreciation , So the projection of desire can summarize a person's view of love and the aesthetic preferences of the opposite sex derived from it. Portal: Wang Baoqiang's new girlfriend is Ma Rong 2.0! Straight man really can't escape the good marriage style that requires money and death?

Zheng Shuang was shortlisted each time but the number of votes was very low for two reasons. One is that her face value is actually liked by straight men, otherwise she won I ca n’t make it around, and the no ranking has been filtered by the straight male value filter.

Zheng Shuang does not have an idol star The burden, not only does not require 360-degree perfection, but also often participates in activities, and often releases a series of news such as plastic surgery and self-flight, which seems very unruly. Men's needs for women are nothing more than physical needs, material needs and emotions. There may be differences in the needs of each human right, but the needs are generally similar. Zheng Shuang's appearance and material value are very high, and his emotional needs may fail in the eyes of straight men.

If Zheng Shuang has always maintained the pure image of campus beauty, The ranking of the straight men and women's gods will also be very high. The straight men will think that this shape plus pure people is the beauty they had secretly loved when they were in middle school.

Straight man's face value, material value and big The degree of masculinity determines the distribution of the three weights of female face value, material value, and emotional value. Aesthetics is value, and aesthetics cannot exist without the value filter.

Recently, when Xiaosan went on a hot search for a long time in Hanzang Forest, he used a "sexual suggestion filter" to use his photos to filter his self-deficiency into straight men and women.

Her face is the level of ordinary net red, She has a normal figure, but she (or her original company) is particularly good at running and successfully becomes a straight male and female god.

A girl with a light-colored chest and a flat chest, not too much It is easy for boys to have associations. Hanzo Forest has two methods. One is to wear less. Although the chest is flat, it does not matter.

After all, it is better to look at the business line than it looks Wear underwear.

Or it looks like no pants.

or wear it, it must look like it is not worn Well, for example, if the zipper is not closed, it is very easy to create erotic feeling.

Or wear a skirt and be sure to wear leggings.

Or the pose is very tempting, such photos are exposed The more men are associated with her sexuality, the more she will respond to conditioned reflexions and eventually become a so-called "straight male and female god". However, due to the hardware conditions, she is not very competitive. .

Goddess and goddess are always different, Hanzo Forest Such goddesses are easily chosen. You can use this technique a few times when you meet the male god, but do n’t do too much. It looks unruly, but it has a bad impression, especially when you want to have a long-term relationship with the male god.

Sex is a universal and low-level Needs, and changing people may only be 70 points and 85 points, so when men make long-term choices, this is not the core consideration. It is enough to pass their own aesthetics, and whether they have common values ​​and whether they can Satisfying their deepest spiritual desire is the most critical place for them to consider. The spiritual value filter is the most terrifying.

Gina and Lang Lang have been searched for because of their love recently. Uncle Oxygen always feels that the Lang Lang family is slightly proud and masculine, only Gina. In order to meet all the needs of Lang Lang and Lang family.

A long time ago, Lang Lang had some scandal when he became famous , Lang Lang himself did not respond very much, his parents responded like this:

Lang Lang's favorite hardware is hot and handsome, and rumored ex-girlfriend Gong Xinliang is this type. He has been in love for several years, but later the Lang family did not agree to break up.

Gina's face is super high, still mixed-race, married When I was on the hot search for beauty, the hardware is the type Lang Lang likes.

There may be many hot girls with strong facial features, But there are not so many types like Gina that not only meet the hardware standards, but also have a good family background and are also pianists.

Meeting the above conditions, and can really come from the bottom of my heart Love Lang Lang, even worship Lang Lang, even less, Gina's worship of Lang Lang's fan girl really grasps Lang Lang's love life gate, and those who have seen their variety show can refresh the love of people in love. There is a threshold of fleshyness.

For example, to exaggerate and say" your The eyes are so beautiful. "

" Your long legs ".

" You smell so good ".

The next time the tiger and the goddess are elected, Gina It is estimated that this kind of interaction will have a special market in mainland China. Gina will hit men who are open-minded, slightly vain, masculine, but also responsible. This type is not a minority in the mainland.

Men can probably follow the resources and patriarchy Look at their spousal preferences in terms of height and emotional intelligence. The above examples are all types with more resources, higher machoism, and lower emotional intelligence. There are other types in the entertainment industry. They have less resources, lower machoism, and high emotional intelligence. Men are more suitable for overbearing female CEOs, such as Qi Wei and Li Chengyi.

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