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Lan Luke (pseudonym) is a post-00 family living in a town on the outskirts of Guiyang. In the summer vacation after the entrance exam, he and his friends stayed in the city bar late at night. The flashing neon lights attracted the two young people and missed the last train home time. Lan Luke's last memory was that he was brought into the hotel by a stranger & hellip; & hellip;

Lan Luke

Lan Luke has been infected with AIDS for two years. He takes medicine every day on time. The virus in his body has not been detected. Level means that he is no longer contagious.

His wish now is very simple, that is, to live, which is also his mother's idea. In her eyes, the son just got a chronic disease.

Lan Luke, an AIDS patient after 00

Wang Minghai, a Guiyang man who works in HIV / AIDS prevention in Beijing, met Lan Luke two years ago .

At the time, Wang Minghai ’s social worker friend Xiaogang in Guiyang said, “Let ’s check it out.” Wang Minghai, who has been working as an anti-AIDS volunteer since college, understands that when friends say this, they represent Some things are confusing.

Winter season, Wang Minghai made a special trip back to Guiyang. Just after it rained in the morning, there was still standing water on the concrete pavement of the airport. The cold wind that rolled up from time to time caused people to shake.

Lan Luke arrived a little earlier than the appointed time. He was still in high school at a middle school in Guiyang. He took a leave of absence and was holding his cell phone and looking around. This is the first time Wang Minghai and Lan Luke have met.

On the way to take Lan Luke to the Guiyang CDC for inspection and registration, Wang Minghai walked very fast. He only heard the crunching sound coming from the puddle behind him, and he apparently made a splash. I can't care so much.

Wang Minghai asked: "Do you understand what you want to do?"

Lan Luke nodded: "Uncle told me all." What Lan Luke said "Uncle" is Xiao Gang.

All the way through the narrow alleys and crowded vegetable markets, everyone arrived at the Guiyang CDC.

The doctor in charge of the blood drawing test expertly picked up the needle, pierced the blood vessel in Lan Luke's elbow, and drained the blood to the glass test tube.

"Hello young!" another doctor sighed. Lan Luke said "Yes" gently. The simple conversation between the doctor and the patient made the onlookers unable to perceive a wave in their heart.

Wang Minghai feels like a crappy group performance, standing a little cramped in the corner of the office. While Lan Luke was talking to the doctor, he glanced at the handwriting on the document with Yu Guang: Lan Luke, born in 2001.

Hospital testing costs are more expensive than tuition fees.

A few days later, Lan Luke's AIDS diagnosis report came out.

Under Wang Minghai's guidance, Lan Luke asked the class teacher for another half day off and went to the Fifth People's Hospital of Guiyang to get medicine.

The white walls, white floor tiles, white ceiling, the smell of disinfection water permeates the air. At first glance, the department in front of me looks the same as other departments in the hospital. A row of metal seats are lined up against the wall, one window is for sitting, and the other window is for blood collection and testing. The line of doctors lined up in front of the window, traversed the ten-meter-long corridor and spread outside the door.

Lan Luke's turn finally comes. The doctor wears a mask and reveals his two eyes. Inquiring about Lan Luke's condition, she squinted at Wang Minghai. A young man in his twenties brought a young man to the doctor for treatment. I am afraid there are not many such combinations, which may cause everyone's suspicion.

Sure enough, the doctor asked: "Who are you from?" "Friend." Wang Minghai answered quickly.

"The guardian must sign for the first time he takes the medicine. He is still young, and will call his family next time." Wang Minghai retreated from the office.

"A total of 2680, look at the invoice." Then the doctor said.

Lan Luke froze, his hands began to fumble his pockets, and finally had to ask Wang Minghai if he had any money. The two of them worked together to get the money.

It cost more than two thousand for the first time. Lan Luke whispered: "This is more expensive than tuition." Wang Minghai shrugged helplessly, although AIDS treatment drugs are free, but Related tests are not cheap.

It will take 3 days for the medical examination results to come out. Lan Luke has to ask the school for another vacation.

"I can't miss class anymore"

The AIDS prevention agency is carrying out publicity activities

Three days later, when Wang Minghai and Lan Luke meet again, he is late. They are exactly: Lan Luke, Lan Luke's mother, and his brother.

Lan Luke's mother appeared unexpectedly calm in the anxious crowd. She was wearing an old-style green coat with pilling on the surface, and her hot hair was scattered on her shoulders. After receiving the medicine, Lan Luke's mother signed the doctor's prescription.

"Do you need to accompany me next time?" she asked. Only then did she show a tense expression.

Wang Minghai said, "You don't need to accompany me at the next visit."

She breathed a sigh of relief and said, "My dad and I both have to work, and my brother is in first grade , Leaving him alone at home to worry that no one would take care of it. "

Wang Minghai asked her:" Is there anything else you don't understand? "" & Hellip; & hellip; "

Wang Minghai blurted out almost A question everyone will care about: "Are you worried that you will die?"

She nodded: "Just."

"You do n’t have to worry about it, since you have medicine, you are sure There is cure. "

She was relieved. Immediately after, she had new doubts about money. Lan Luke's father works at a construction site, and she raises two children while doing odd jobs. If it costs so much for each medical check-up, the family can't afford it.

Wang Minghai couldn't answer this extremely realistic question.

The second time I went to the hospital to get medicine, Lan Luke arrived at the hospital earlier.

"Look, look!" He shook the invoice in his hand, his face full of sense of accomplishment. Lan Luke paid the fee on his own. He was less than 1.6 meters tall and had to stand on his feet to reach the payment window. After the blood collection test, Lan Luke successfully obtained the antiviral drugs, and he raised the issue of the cost of the medical examination again. Lan Luke hoped that Wang Minghai would help him to inquire whether there could be a way to reduce the fees.

He said very hurriedly. This is the third time he asked for leave, and he is about to finish his final exams. He didn't dare to delay, he had to rush back to school. "I have already dropped a lot of courses, and can't be absent anymore." He said. Wang Minghai looked at the back of Lan Luke's hastily leaving, and felt a little distressed.

In the first few days of taking the medicine, because of his physical incompatibility, Lan Luke's temper became a bit irritable, and sometimes he could not help but scold his brother or smash things, but he kept trying to control himself After all, he was taught to be a role model from an early age.

On WeChat, Lan Luke told Wang Minghai that he is learning to cook. "My best thing now is egg fried rice."

My wish: good Surviving

Wang Minghai saw an "Notice on the Distribution of Basic Living Expenses for Children with HIV Infection" issued by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the Ministry of Finance, giving AIDS to primary and secondary education and higher education The basic living allowance is 600 yuan per person per month for the infected.

Wang Minghai relayed the news to Lan Luke, and he asked, "What should I do?" Wang Minghai decided to take him to the social affairs office of the town government without having a closer look.

The Social Affairs Office is on the first floor, and the staff is a woman in her thirties.

"What subsidy?"

Wang Minghai bluntly said: "About the subsidy for AIDS children."

"We have never done this subsidy." Woman He said that he took over the information that Wang Minghai passed on, including documents, ID cards, photocopies of residence registration, student status certificates, and a diagnosis report form-that was the only proof that Lan Luke was infected.

She looked down and said nothing. She picked up the phone on the table and pressed wildly.

"I came here and said that I want to apply for a living allowance for children with AIDS. 诶 诶 & hellip; & hellip; We do n’t have this subsidy & hellip; & hellip; Oh, I know & hellip; & hellip; Thank you & hellip; & hellip; "

Drop the phone, she continues to organize the information they submitted. After a while, she said, "We still have to get a certificate from the school showing how long he enrolled and how long he graduated, and then write an application."

Wang Minghai said: "We can write now to apply, The school proves that he already has a school certificate to prove that he is a student. Why do I need to open a file? "

She raised the volume and said," I need to know how long he enrolled, how long he graduated, and how long the money was made. "<< / p>

Wang Minghai was a little bit angry, and followed her to raise her tone, "Is it necessary for everyone in the school to know that he has AIDS? You are responsible for what happened!"

She sat behind the counter, looking at Wang Minghai and Lan Luke, with big eyes and small eyes, unable to squeeze a word for a long time. She finally received the information from Lan Luke, and there was no unnecessary response. After confirming that they had received it, they told them to go back and wait for the news.

Get out of the town government and return to Lan Luke's home. His mother is back. She wants Wang Minghai to stay for dinner. Afraid of not being able to catch the returning car, Wang Minghai declined her, only to let her remember to remind Lan Luke to take the medicine on time.

Before school started, Lan Luke's subsidy was set up, 600 yuan a month, until he graduated from high school.

For two years after the diagnosis, he took the medicine every day on time. The virus in his body had reached an undetectable level, which meant that he was no longer contagious.

Lan Luke's desire is very simple now, that is to live well, which is also his mother's idea. In her eyes, the son just had a chronic disease.


Many people are afraid of it, fear it

But maybe they never really knew it

December 1st 32

"World AIDS Day"

Let's learn together

Guizhou's HIV testing continues to increase < p>

The reporter learned from the Guizhou Health and Health Commission that in recent years, in Guizhou Province Under the strong leadership of the Provincial Government and the correct guidance of the Provincial Health and Health Committee, various local departments work together to continuously improve the overall level of AIDS prevention and control in the province, and the depth and breadth of multi-sectoral collaboration have been continuously strengthened. Effect.

As of September 2019, there were about 43,000 HIV-infected people and patients living in the province, and about 17,000 deaths were reported. The analysis of the AIDS epidemic in the province shows the following characteristics: First, with the increase in testing intensity, new cases are reported each year. The second is the wide spread of the AIDS epidemic. The third is that three transmission channels coexist, and sexual transmission is the main transmission method. Fourth, more men than women are infected with HIV, and the number of men over 60 years of age has reported a rapid rise.

At present, there are 1 AIDS confirmation center laboratory in the province (Guizhou Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention); 12 AIDS confirmation and screening center laboratory (9 cities / states CDC, Guizhou Province) Clinical test centers, 2 former counties); 323 AIDS screening laboratories (medical, blood collection, public security and judicial, third-party testing companies, etc.); 1,820 AIDS testing sites (medical institutions below the second level, private hospitals) , Individual village clinics). Medical institutions above the level of township health centers / community health service centers in the province can provide testing services.

By conducting voluntary consultation and detection, sentinel detection, and public security Judicial supervision places such as "everyone must enter every inspection", pregnant women "everything must be inspected every pregnancy" and active detection by medical institutions have expanded the coverage of surveillance and testing. The number of people tested in 2018 reached 27.1% of the province's resident population. As of the end of October 2019, 8.89 million people had been tested for HIV antibodies in our province, accounting for about 25% of the resident population.

For targeted transmission, CDCs at all levels in the province and related social organizations have actively intervened in places such as entertainment and bathing. For intravenous drug transmission, 69 drug treatment centers have been established in 54 counties and cities. Medical maintenance clinics and 3 extension points.

At present, our province has initially established a total of 106 designated hospitals for the three-level HIV / AIDS anti-virus diagnosis and treatment system in provinces, cities, and counties. In 2019, in order to strengthen follow-up management and improve the level of treatment, our province will manage AIDS cases. Sinking to township health centers (community health service centers) and conditional village clinics, setting up medicine points in these medical institutions, as of October 2019, the province is receiving 33,000 cases of HIV antiviral treatment, treatment The effective rate is 91.2%.

Source Metro News

Editor Duan / Editor Li Feng

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