"Post-90s getting older"

After90 lookforward

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· It ’s okay to grow old after 90, nostalgia is very serious < p> Actually the "post-90s" and "30-year-old" accustomed to the "post-90s" age, even without feeling it, but they ca n’t let go of things when they were young.

Every time, the Internet will set off A collective childhood nostalgia fever after the 90s ...

· Why do people miss the past as they get older

Some say it is because of the current situation Sadness, after comparison, I found that it was too much good in the past ... Some people said that I felt that there was no hope in the future, so I had to summarize the past ... Some people said that if I have experienced more, I will see a lot of things. For the past I have a different understanding of things ...

Everyone may have different reasons and reasons for reading the old ones. The words of the mother goose especially agree with the view that "some things will be new after a while." . People miss the old because of the misplacement of the way they perceive happiness when they are young and when they grow up. When they were young, they were eager to grow up, and felt that they could n’t wait for a moment. >

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"Post-90s getting older"

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