Do you understand China's reaction against the United States?

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On the afternoon of the 2nd, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying announced: Recently, despite the resolute opposition of China, the United States insisted on signing the so-called "Hong Kong Bill of Rights and Democracy" into law, which seriously violated international law and basic norms of international relations and seriously interfered In China's internal affairs, China has shown a firm attitude in this regard. In response to the U.S.'s unreasonable behavior, the Chinese government has decided to suspend the review and approval of applications for U.S. warships to go to Hong Kong for recuperation. At the same time, the "National Democracy Foundation", "American Association for International Affairs Democracy", "American Institute for International Republic", Observe "," Freedom House "and other NGOs that have performed badly in the storm of Hong Kong law enforcement to impose sanctions. China urges the United States to correct its mistakes and stop any words and deeds that interfere with Hong Kong affairs and interfere in China's internal affairs. China will take further necessary actions in accordance with the development of the situation, firmly defend Hong Kong's stability and prosperity, and firmly safeguard national sovereignty, security, and development interests.

We see that China ’s countermeasures this time There are two main aspects: the suspension of the application of US naval aircraft to Hong Kong for recuperation and the imposition of sanctions on a series of non-governmental organizations in the United States. Let ’s take a look at why Brother China has implemented countermeasures from these two aspects.

Why is the suspension of the application of US navy aircraft to Hong Kong for recuperation?

As a special administrative region of China, Hong Kong is directly responsible for national defense and foreign affairs. Article 126 of the Basic Law of Hong Kong clearly states: "Foreign military vessels entering the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region must be specially licensed by the Central People's Government." Therefore, whether or not to approve U.S. warships to dock in Hong Kong is entirely a matter for China to make a decision directly. Things within China's sovereignty!

After the return of Hong Kong, applications for foreign warships to enter the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region will be handled by the Office of the Special Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Hong Kong. Before examining and approving a foreign application, the Office will notify the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government and the People's Liberation Army Forces in Hong Kong and solicit opinions. After the foreign application is approved, the consulate general of the relevant country in Hong Kong may directly contact the competent authority of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government and make arrangements for matters such as diversion, navigation channels, and radio frequencies.

The refusal of U.S. warship aircraft to rest is actually China's powerful counterattack against U.S. hegemonism.

In the past, every time China rejected an application for U.S. warship aircraft to call Hong Kong, it was related to Sino-US relations Fluctuations are related. Overseas military and diplomatic observers have always regarded the availability of US warships to visit Hong Kong as a summer and winter watch for Sino-US relations.

The reason for the suspension of approval this time has been clear, It is because the United States has ignored China's resolute opposition on issues involving Hong Kong and insisted on signing the so-called "Hong Kong Bill of Rights and Democracy" into law. We must know that the US warships represent the military power of the United States, the symbol of the American superpower, and the fist and confidence of its hegemonism! In today's special situation, China's direct rejection of the docking and restoring of U.S. warships, not only stays on its actual impact, but also is a more targeted and meaningful response to US hegemonic behavior!

The U.S. Navy prefers Hong Kong

For a long time, the United States has often arranged for U.S. warships deployed in the Western Pacific or the Indian Ocean to dock in Hong Kong, for various reasons. access. Hong Kong has always been an important supply station for US warships in the Asia-Pacific region.

In early 1997, China and the United States reached an agreement allowing US warships to continue to Hong Kong for maintenance and resupply after the return of Hong Kong. However, the agreement also clearly stipulates that the visit of US warships to Hong Kong must first be approved by the Chinese government, and all supplies and related details must be arranged by the Chinese side, such as radio communications, vegetable supplies, and transportation boats. On average, at least dozens of US warships visited Hong Kong every year.

Actually, the US Navy has other ports in Asia Relief supplies can be made, such as Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. However, the US military prefers Hong Kong, and sometimes China refuses, and the US military will apply again. Why?

On the one hand, the mission of US warships docking in Hong Kong is to replenish. They need to purchase a large amount of fresh water, fresh vegetables, meat food, fruits, milk drinks and other food in Hong Kong. The most important thing in purchasing food is food safety. If the army has food safety problems at sea, the consequences will be very serious, and even the entire fleet may lose its combat effectiveness. The food safety rate in Hong Kong is extremely high, and the US military does not have to worry about any food safety issues when purchasing. At the same time, Hong Kong has the largest variety of materials, and you can purchase goods from all over the world, so it is very popular with the US military.

On the other hand, American soldiers love Hong Kong very much. As we all know, Hong Kong is a world-famous "free port". American soldiers who like recreation and entertainment often go to Wan Chai as soon as they go ashore, buy Chinese silk and cheap goods, and spend time in bars.

In addition, on the routes calling at Hong Kong, US Navy ships also have an important feature that most of them pass through the Taiwan Strait to show that the Taiwan Strait is an "international channel, and US ships can sail freely." Through defense cooperation agreements between Hong Kong and other ports in Asia, the United States has not only found the "home" for the usual supply and rehabilitation of US warships, but also laid the foundation for "access" during wartime.

So in general, the suspension of the approval of US naval aircraft to Hong Kong for recuperation has a great practical and strategic impact on the US side.

U.S. NGOs are the main players behind the chaos in Hong Kong.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has clearly stated in the statement: "National Foundation for Democracy", "American Association for Democracy in International Affairs" Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) such as the "American Institute for International Studies", "Human Rights Watch", and "Freedom House" have performed poorly in the storm of revisions in Hong Kong. In fact, American NGOs have played the role of trader in the revision of the storm, providing one-stop services for planning, training, funding, material supply, and public opinion building for the "popular people" who rushed to the front. Let ’s take a brief look at the mean behavior of these NGOs.


" US National Democracy Fund The Association, or "NED", is a non-governmental organization funded by the United States Government and established in Washington in 1983.

On the surface, the organization provides so-called "democratic" financial support to the outside world. In fact, it is in accordance with the order of the US government and specializes in subverting other governments and promoting the color revolution. Its founder, Alan & bull; Wen Stan bluntly stated in an interview with The Washington Post in 1991: "Many of the things we do now are what the CIA did 25 years ago", and "NED" is therefore known internationally as the "second CIA ".

Among them, the National Institute for Democracy (NDI) is one of the main branches established after the establishment of the NED and has been very active in Hong Kong in recent years. According to an article published by the American research institute "Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity" in June this year, the National Democracy Foundation reported Most groups involved in the incident provided financial support.

(NED ’s official website has delivered to Hong Kong in recent years Amount of funds)

Among them, NDI's activities in Hong Kong have been active since 1997. In 2018, the NED allocated US $ 200,000 to NDI, and at the same time directly allocated US $ 90,000 to the Hong Kong NGO "Hong Kong Human Rights Watch" to fund their organizational activities. A conservative estimate is that from 1995 to 2013, the Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor has received at least $ 1.9 million in activity funds from the NED. At the same time, NED maintains close ties with organizations such as the "Hong Kong Journalists Association", "Citizen Party", "Labour Party" and "Democratic Party" in the same way through branches such as NDI.

Coincidentally, the "Hong Kong Journalists Association", "Citizens Party", "Labor Party", "Democratic Party" and "Staff Union", which are closely related to NDI branch NDI, are also "FDC". The main member organizations under it, and the funding of the activities of the "FDC" mainly rely on the direct funding of member organizations. This is why the "FDC" was able to spend huge amounts of money during the storm, and launched multiple large-scale demonstrations in succession. the reason.

United States International Republican Institute (IRI)

The American International Republican Institute, also known as the American International Republican Society, referred to as IRI, is also the main branch established after the establishment of NED. It is an abbreviation of a non-partisan non-profit private organization. Its stated purpose is to promote democracy, freedom, autonomy, and the rule of law throughout the world. Projects are consistent with the fundamental principles of the United States.

As one of the core institutions with a special relationship with the National Democratic Foundation (NED), the American Institute of International Republic is the "core transferee" of its funds. The main purpose of the IRI is to support Hong Kong's so-called "democratic reform" and to work for so-called "free and fair" elections. IRI's management is no shortage of U.S. political, military and commercial figures. For example, the agency's leadership includes former U.S. Senator John McCain, who was previously a pro-Western supporter of the Ukrainian crisis. In addition, former U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Brent Schocroft is also one of the leaders of the agency.

The organization always upholds the so-called "democracy", "liberty" and "human rights" and other signs. Its name is "Support Global Democracy Movement", but it actually hopes to change Hong Kong and even Chinese society. Political and economic situation for the benefit of Native American entrepreneurs.

Ironically, some national institutions around the world have invited US non-governmental organizations such as IRI to send election observers to help confirm the freedom and fairness of their election process. However, when the United States conducts elections, who evaluates whether the American election process meets international standards?

Human Rights Watch (HRW)

Human Rights Watch, or HRW for short, is a non-governmental international organization headquartered in New York, USA, with the main purpose of investigating and promoting human rights issues. The organization was established in 1978 as Helsinki Watch to monitor the implementation of the 1975 Helsinki Agreement by the former Soviet Union. As it grew stronger, the organization was involved in other regions of the world under the name of the "observation committee." In 1998, all commissions were unified under the banner of Human Rights Watch.

In fact, the organization has a US government background, and its members are mainly composed of former US government officials and CIA agents.

Human Rights Watch has always carried a very deep "political prejudice" when it comes to China's affairs. It often criticizes China and is repeatedly angered by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs! In the early days of the Hong Kong legislative upheaval, Sophie Richardson, director of Human Rights Watch China, had arrogantly stated that "Hong Kong authorities should not use illegal force to suppress peaceful demonstrations. The authorities should recognize that Hong Kong has a legal obligation to allow people to pass peaceful demonstrations. Express your opinion. "

On August 15, Human Rights Watch urged Hong Kong police to exercise self-restraint and stop the excessive use of force against democrats of the democratic movement, as the violence of black mob escalated. After the Special Administrative Region Government issued the "Prohibition of Masking Regulations" on May 5th, Maya Wang, a senior researcher at Human Rights Watch China, issued a statement: "The Hong Kong government ’s order to ban protesters from masking is a disproportionate right to peaceful assembly. A series of unwarranted accusations, such as "restrictions," "broad masked bans, appear to be aimed at deterring opposition, not to perform necessary law enforcement functions", "the Hong Kong government should uphold rather than violate human rights."

Freedom House

Free House is a U.S. officially funded NGO founded in 1941, calling itself "The Voice of Global Democracy and Freedom" and headquartered in Washington. The organization ’s 66% of its budget comes from the government budget of the United States government. Funds are circulated through the National Democracy Foundation, the United States Agency for International Development, and the US State Department under the guise of “committed to research and support for democracy, political freedom, and human rights.” The so-called annual assessment of democracy and freedom in various countries actually interferes with the politics of other countries and plans to implement the color revolution. The Ukrainian color revolution is the main behind-the-scenes man!

This time in Hong Kong, the Freedom House, in addition to financing the chaos behind the scenes, has repeatedly publicly supported the United States in intervening in Hong Kong affairs and inciting violent Hong Kong! On October 2, Freedom House posted on its Facebook page defiantly that "the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China marks a gloomy moment"; on November 19, Freedom House once again praised the U.S. Senate on Facebook with no objection Pass the Hong Kong Bill of Rights and Democracy, spare no effort to fight against China and Hong Kong!

A lot of facts and evidence show that During the storm, the United States supported the anti-China chaos Hong Kong elements in various ways, not only vigorously instigating them to engage in extreme violence, but also inciting "Hong Kong independence" separatist activities. America must pay its dues! China's countermeasures were not only rational, well-founded, and restrained, but also expressed the aspirations and wishes of 1.4 billion Chinese!

The United States, don't touch the bottom line of China anymore, let alone underestimate China's ability to counteract! China is not China 100 years ago! Sober up!

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