Shaking the world? Foreign celebrities start tearing up Swedish environmental girls standing

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Greta Thunberg, known as the "Swedish environmental protection girl", I believe everyone is no stranger.

This girl, only 16 years old this year, spontaneously environmental protection through "strike for climate" Protested as one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2019.

Greta has been nominated for Nobel Peace at this age when someone else ’s child is still worried about reading exams. The candidate for the award even became a ruthless role on Twitter to openly challenge US President Trump!

Just two months ago, Greta declared himself Environmental protection proposition,

I refused to take the plane, but chose to take a non-greenhouse gas sailing boat from Europe to New York to participate in this year's UN Climate Action Summit!

At the summit, she was also in front of the leaders of the countries Face to face, issued a "How dare you" speech that accused governments of all countries of inaction in environmental protection!

This courage to dare to ask the head of state on the stage and point to the nose is not everyone's!

However, since this speech has spread, Greta While sucking countless powders, it has also caused a great controversy globally.

Some people think that she is a model of the new generation, but others think that it is small At a young age, she should study hard at home and should not be involved in this business.

Some people think she is only a flag show, anyway, now the environmental protection industry , The political circle and even the entertainment circle have launched a huge swirl of public opinion centered on Greta!

No, in recent months, many celebrities have stood in line because of her, forming two queues of mixed reviews ...

For Greta ’s supporters, the biggest one is estimated to be the former US President Barack Obama.

After learning about her various measures to promote environmental protection, Obama ’s She was personally hosted in Washington ’s personal office during the month.

The two had a great time after meeting. Obama even called Greta one of the greatest protectors of the planet!

Except Obama, currently in Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti also encouraged Greta on Twitter:

"Greta, welcome to Los Angeles!

You are here today The City Hall's parade of young climate activists is inspiring young people around the world to take environmental action to save the planet with faith, courage and vision!

For Members of our Youth Climate Action Committee are proud to move forward with you! "

Of course, Greta support is not limited to celebrities and entertainment. There are also a lot of celebrities cheering for her —

Hollywood film star "Little Plum" Leonardo DiCaprio, as a well-known environmentalist, met Greta and took a photo with her very early ...


Hollywood action star Schwarzenegger also invited Greta to establish himself R20, a non-profit environmental organization, is a guest at the summit held in Vienna this year.

After the summit, the two also left a warm photo ...

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Mark Ruffalo, the player of Marvel hero" Hulk ", also played last month. Greta in Twitter for a climate event!

Marvel hero character" Captain America " Chris Evans also praised Greta on Twitter!

The famous American actress Anne Hathaway suffers in Greta After questioning, she comforted her on ins!

Not long ago Greta was also invited to the famous American The talk show "Allen Show" met with host Ellen DeGeneres.

After the show was recorded, Ellen also expressed great pleasure to meet such an incredible child of Greta ~ < p>

After Greta's speech at the climate summit, many famous actors and Singers have reposted her speech videos on social software-

Including American actress Kerry Washington, "Thunder" Chris Hemsworth, American singer Billie Eilish, and actress Jemeela Jamil, etc. , This is still just a small part of it ...

The celebrities in the political and entertainment circles support Greta quite well, but even the Emirates airline owner Tim Clark, who is known as the "local tycoon", also praises Greta,

Know that airlines are one of the biggest contributors to annual carbon emissions!

More importantly, Greta ’s environmental claim makes “Flight Shame”, an environmentally-friendly campaign that calls for refusal to fly, to accelerate its expansion, which will obviously bring greater benefits to airlines. pressure!

But Tim has stated that he has become Greta's "environmental believer" and he is working to improve Emirates ’carbon emissions:

" We are discussing the use of less polluting pigments to help combat climate change, and we hope to reduce the amount of fuel used by aviation by reducing transit routes! "

What to say is that

Although so many people support Greta, there are actually some Few people stood on their opposite sides.

The most famous "villain" is nothing more than the current US President Trump.

I do n’t believe in climate change He did not listen to Greta's environmental statements and opinions.

At the time of the United Nations Climate Summit, the two were also "hostile." On Twitter, no one let anyone else!

Take a look at Greta's resentful look when Trump speaks, you know how much she hates Trump ...

Except Trang Beyond this, Jeremy Clarkson, the 59-year-old British car show host, also said that he couldn't get used to Greta's hypocritical behavior.

He said to Greta before the media:

< strong> "Do n’t just shout slogans to blame other governments, but you give some practical actions for the big guys to see! "

And even continue to say : "She is a grumpy Swede. She only sits on the so-called sailboat and does not give any solution!

Just Will only accuse the government of not paying attention to environmental protection will ruin the future and childhood of the next generation Then she talks about what to do, how easy it is! "

Some time ago, Fox News invited a guest on the show, Michael Knowles, and even directly said that Greta was a "mentally ill child",

Although Fox News Publicly apologized to Greta, but Michael never seems to change his point of view ...

Also, not long ago, Rich Lowry, editor and politician of the American conservative news and opinion magazine National Review, also posted a post " Relegation "A wave of Greta:

" She should study hard at this age, not engage in such a mysterious thing!

It will only play the seductive political slogan of ‘being good for children’, but it ’s going to make the world ’s parents mad because their children are following a strike and parade! "

A little girl sparked such a big debate and attracted celebrities from all walks of life.

The moral behind it is very deep ...

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