What do you want to do about these gangster global activities?

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Today, Hua Chunying of China's diplomatic "Nursing Sky Group" announced that it would impose sanctions on several US non-governmental organizations.

Why sanction non-governmental organizations such as "National Democracy Foundation", "American Democratic Association for International Affairs", "American Institute for International Republic", "Human Rights Watch", "Freedom House" and so on? Presumably they did what they knew best.

Bao Dao feels that "translating" Hua Chunying's words straight out is, "This group of NGOs is the black man behind the chaos in Hong Kong." However, there is a more important problem: if the intervention of Western forces is to ferment in Hong Kong society, the cooperation and assistance of a group of traitors are indispensable.

So-called" National Democracy Foundation "Sign

In addition to the traitor Huang Zhifeng, who had previously tried to persuade the United States to pass the" Hong Kong Bill of Rights and Democracy ", there have been some pan-violent attempts in recent days to" sell Hong Kong globally. " Selling or damaging Hong Kong's interests as a "vote" for their loyalty to the West.

They are also representative of traitors who sell Hong Kong for glory.

A lot of facts and evidence show that the relevant non-governmental organizations support the anti-China chaos Hong Kong elements in various ways, strongly instigate them to engage in extreme violent crimes, incite "Hong Kong independence" separatist activities, and deal with the current chaos in Hong Kong Have significant responsibilities.

After seeing Huang Zhifeng and other little demon evils receiving strong support from the United States and showing off proudly, a group of dormant old demon evils in Hong Kong are also squinting, trying to show that they can also attract Western politicians. attention.

Li Zhuoren is the one who has jumped higher these days.

Li Zhuoren (data map)

Li Zhuoren, Secretary-General of the "Selling Hong Kong" Workers' Union, Tan Wenhao, a member of the Legislative Council of the Citizens Party, and Li Enzheng, deputy convener of "FDC", went to Canberra, Australia, and announced they would meet. Meet with local lawmakers and lobby them for an Australian version of the Hong Kong Bill of Rights and Democracy.

But the funny thing is, they had trouble just the first day.

Originally, this man was going to give a lecture in the campus lecture hall of the Australian National University this afternoon, but the news that Brother Dao just saw shows that the school said "for security reasons" that the previous approval was denied. Temporary revocation.

The final event can only be transferred to a campus bar.

Li Zhuoren? Probably most of the knife powder may not have heard of this person and is very strange to the name.

However, this person who holds the title of "Vice Chairman of the Hong Kong Labour Party and Secretary-General of the Workers' Union" is a true "Hong Kong thief".

Before the start of this year's Hong Kong revisions, in May, Li Zhuoren followed Li Zhuming and Luo Guancong to the United States for so-called "lobbying." The goal at that time was for Americans to "reverse regulations." One look is the old and hot character hiding behind the scenes.

Last month, Li Zhuoren went to Europe with a group of people and made a lot of "complaints" about the situation in Hong Kong, but it did not make any noise.

Li Zhuoren (fourth from left) waits to go to Europe Sell ​​port.

Put aside from this storm of amendments, Li Zhuoren has actually made a mess of selling Hong Kong into a business.

In 1959, two-year-old Li Zhuoren followed his parents from Shanghai to Hong Kong. In the late 1970s, the surge of labor protests in Hong Kong increased. Li Zhuoren found business opportunities and immediately turned to the church's industrial committee to try to profit from planning large-scale workers' protests.

This kind of unscrupulous livelihood has been flourished by Li Zhuo people. He can often force his boss away, occupy and sell the factory. As for the money made, most of it goes into his personal pocket. A small portion is allocated to workers.

In the early 1990s, Li Zhuoren, who was just in his 30s, bought a house in Hong Kong. Alas.

Institute workers to" move "in their youth Li Zhuoren.

Li Zhuoren did not accept the good, but received more and more.

It is reported that the Union of Workers under his control has been receiving funding from the United States Center for International Labor Solidarity under the National Democracy Foundation since 1994. It has about 50,000 to 100,000 US dollars per year. As of this year, Closed $ 2 million.

How can this money feed Li Zhuoren's appetite?

Later, he started to work in politics and became a member of the Hong Kong Legislative Council. Compared with before, his identity is much better. According to the Hong Kong media, in October 2013 and April 2014, Li Zhuoren received two "donations" of 500,000 Hong Kong dollars and 1 million Hong Kong dollars by Li Zhiying in his personal name.

And these are just the numbers exposed. How deep is the black water behind the pool, Dao Brother doesn't know.

What role does this money play? If you look at Li Zhuoren's hard work in the current storm of revisions, you may know a few things.

But looking at the unfavorable opening of his trip to Australia this time, I probably know that these "Hong Kong thieves" can't make any waves.

Li Zhuoren and others may just be part of a plan. Huang Zhifeng, a new generation of traitors like "Hong Kong thieves", hopes to strike the iron while they are hot, and visits some other Western countries in order to make themselves "successful" to the United States. "Experience" Copy it.

I do n’t know if Huang Zhifeng lacks experience or has ulterior motives. He made this plan public a few days ago. He smugly showed off to the media that the "Hong Kong Bill of Rights and Democracy" just passed by the United States may have a domino effect in the West.


Huang Zhifeng started a domino business.

He first released a signal to the United Kingdom in the media, saying that for Hong Kong, "the biggest deterrent comes from the United Kingdom. If the British act, Hong Kong officials and civil servants will be under pressure."

Huang Zhifeng wanted to be a constituency member, but was disqualified. Now he is about to smash the job of Hong Kong civil servants? Really live up to the three words "Selling a Thief."

Huang Zhifeng (data map)

But this is too anxious.

This is not enough. On the 28th of last month, Huang Zhifeng also talked to the members of the Italian parliament through a video connection. Some yellow media have reported that members of the Italian parliament will soon move to discuss Hong Kong.

The Chinese ambassador to Italy quickly expressed strong dissatisfaction and opposition, but the Italian Prime Minister did not seem to take it seriously and felt that it should be respected.

Well, Italy was once a big country, but now the whole country is turned around by a little child. Brother Dao doesn't know if it should be sad or unhappy.

There are always one or two countries, and they have always been unconvinced. They always follow the ass of the United States every time, and support the United States.

Huang Zhifeng (left (B) The group met with US Consul Julie Eadeh (second from right) in Hong Kong.

From Huang Zhifeng's point of view, perhaps he thought the country was responding to itself.

Another example is Canada.

After the so-called "Hong Kong Bill of Rights and Democracy" came into effect in the United States, 60 Canadian cross-party MPs and staff members conducted a seminar called "Critical Moments in Hong Kong".

But this meeting is neither Hong Kong nor critical. Its ultimate core conclusion was to recommend the use of Canadian domestic law to sanction Hong Kong officials and police officers.

We do n’t even worry about the United States, but are you afraid of Canada?

Back to what Hua Chunying said today:

For "National Democracy Foundation", "American Association for International Affairs Democracy", "American Institute of International Republic" , "Human Rights Watch", "Freedom House", etc. These sanctions were imposed by non-governmental organizations that have performed badly in the storm of Hong Kong legislation.

Why do they behave badly? Because there are a lot of facts and evidence that relevant NGOs support the anti-China chaos Hong Kong elements in various ways, strongly instigate them to engage in extreme violent crimes, incite "Hong Kong independence" separatist activities, and bear great responsibility for the current chaos in Hong Kong. . These organizations deserve sanctions and must pay their dues.

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po disclosed, anti-China MP September Go to a "secret meeting" in Hong Kong to insurgent leaders (including Li Zhuoren).

These NGOs can only play their role by contacting, supporting, and directing the traitors "Hong Kong thieves."

Looking at the past history, traitors are at a special juncture in Chinese and foreign games and even confrontations. Their role is not only to directly invade and suppress external forces in China, but also to destroy the internal unity of the Chinese To help external forces brainwash Chinese people. Li Zhiying, Li Zhuming, Huang Zhifeng, including Li Zhuoren and others are typical modern traitors.

From last year to this year, the old traitors such as Li Zhiying and Li Zhuming have reached unprecedented levels of contact with the United States and Western governments and parliaments. The new generation of traitors such as Huang Zhifeng and the gangsters have contacted the United States. Increasingly unbridled collusion has formed, and these collusions have provided a sinister fuel for the expansion of street politics in Hong Kong.

The evolution of the situation is more than that. This group of extremists saw the strategic game between China and the United States gradually tightening. Washington spared no effort to activate various levers that can exert pressure on Beijing. They actively moved up, not only held their own pride, but also tried to show the United States that it was helping to curb China. Instrumental meaning.

These people have an ambition: to turn Hong Kong into a special wrestling field for the strategic game between China and the United States to maximize the influence of Washington and the West in Hong Kong. However, they have betrayed the interests of Hong Kong and the future and hope of Hong Kong.

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