Indonesian female gymnast fired by national team

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kankanxinwen· 2019-12-03 05:44:19

17-year-old Indonesian female gymnast Sanya was originally scheduled to participate in the Southeast Asian Games on November 26, but was suddenly disqualified from training in mid-November and kicked out of the national team. The reason may be that the coach thinks she is no longer a virgin. The Indonesian Ministry of Sports denied this on November 29, saying it was because of performance and discipline issues.

Comprehensive local media reports, Sarnia's mom library Nyawati said on November 29, "The coach said that my daughter always went out with a male friend and came back very late. Upon inquiry, she found that she was no longer a virgin."

Kunavati said that her daughter has been practicing gymnastics since she was 8 years old, and has been Winning more than 50 medals, it is impossible to be removed because of poor performance and lack of ability. Lawyer Mukras said his family had written to the Indonesian Ministry of Sports to protest and attached a medical test report saying that Sarnia was still a virgin.

The Ministry of Sports of Indonesia responded on November 29 that because In consideration of player performance and discipline issues, they will choose to be disqualified. But if the athlete is really sent back because of virginity, he will take firm action, because it is an important issue about privacy and dignity, and it has nothing to do with performance.

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