The murderer's background was revealed after the terrorist attack in London, and the British people were angry: why let him out! !!


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Everyone should know about the knife-terrorist attack in London. The situation was extremely thrilling.

A gangster appeared on the London Bridge with a knife and killed two passersby. In the case, three passersby were injured.

Witnesses took a thrilling scene on the London Bridge at that time-

Three passers-by, struggling to confront the gangsters regardless of their own security, p>

Some people use whale as a weapon, some people use a fire extinguisher to spray dry powder to infect the gangster's sight, and some people seize the knife decisively when the gangster is suppressed. With the "weapon" running all the way away from the gangster.

After the gangster was subdued to the ground, he shouted "I am wearing a bomb vest! " Trying to scare these brave people and break through the siege,

Fortunately, the City of London police arrived in time. Really charged and trained, they came to the gangster lying on the ground and ordered the brave people who subdued him to withdraw.

In Unable to determine whether the "bomb vest" claimed by the gangster really existed, the police had to shoot at close range due to an emergency situation, and two shots killed the gangster on the spot.

The "terrorist attack" ended in 2 deaths and 3 injuries.

It is not hard to imagine, if it was not for the heroism of passers-by, More innocent people may be killed. And the heroes for their righteousness also received praise from people around the world.

" These guys are amazing . Terrorists have killed 2 people and injured others, and they also chased him with whale teeth and a fire extinguisher. He wore a suicide vest that these people did not know was true or false. < /strong>

Stunning.The real hero. "

Although the appearance of the hero changed the direction of the storyline and lit the dawn, the impact on the hearts of the people around the London Bridge who witnessed the whole process was also obvious-

The scene was chaotic,

Witnesses who witnessed everything on the high-rise office buildings are deeply worried,

Passers who run for life on the street,

Rescue and police arrangements such as in a disaster scene —— p>

The London Bridge is also blocked,

< p class = "content_img_p perview_img_p">

A gangster carries a knife to kill the people around him without discrimination. "At first glance, it looks a lot like the popular street knife incident in London in the past two years, but London has defined the incident as a" terrorist attack "and they have good reasons- < p> The gangster named Usman Khan, 28 years old, is a "jihadist" warrior. As early as 2010, he planned to open a school to train "jihadist" in a foreign country and blow up London landmarks. And the clang is in jail!

In fact, the first scene of the terrorist attack was not the London Bridge, which was widely circulated afterwards, but a secondary protection building "fishing building" at the bridge's head. The "ex-criminal" is taking a course in this building, and the "whale" weapon that the "hero" chef took is also taken from the interior wall of the fishing building.

This course is called" Learning Together ( Learning Together) "", launched by the University of Cambridge in conjunction with the British Prison System, aims to "educate" these various criminals from their roots, so that they will not commit crimes in the future.

Usman Khan used to be used as a case study by Cambridge scholars in the course. After he was released from prison last year, he also gave a speech and testimonials at the project fund-raising evening & hellip; < / strong>

< strong> Before the incident, neither the prison police nor the "ex-criminals" and teachers who had attended classes with Usman Khan for many years, no one noticed any abnormalities in Usman Khan.

No one understands why the "good" "trainee" Usman Khan madly took out his dagger, jumped out of his seat and waved at everyone, then "killed a blood path" from the building. , Madly came to the "Second Scene" on the London Bridge & hellip; & hellip;

< / p>

To express my condolences to the victims and Attention to the terrorist attack, the three major British parties have stopped related political activities on Friday afternoon and evening, including the "Stop Brexit Rally" staged in London.

As people dig deeper into the context of Usman Khan, who was killed on the spot, British people have begun to question whether they ordered his release last year and the entire judicial system behind him. The scourge of today & hellip; & hellip;

Usman Khan, the "ex-terrorist plot criminal", only sentenced the judge's sentence-half of the 16 years, or 8 years At the end of last year, he walked out of the prison with a big swing.

However, less than a year after his release, Friday ’s tragedy happened.

After the case, the media exposed the terrorist attack planned by Usman Khan 9 years ago, which made the British people even more angry.

At the end of 2010, a secret six-week "meeting" caught the attention of the police and the British Security Agency here in Cardiff, England.

In November, nine suspicious young people gathered in a local park to discuss their future ambitions passionately.

And what they are talking about is" jihad " Their enthusiastic content ——

"It ’s not too bad to give their lives for jihad. The bombing of landmarks has forced the world to acknowledge the existence of 'Islamic State' & hellip; & hellip;" << / strong>

By the end of November, they gathered around London to start discussing some specific audiences and methodologies.

But the British police and MI5 did not have enough evidence at this time, and were not in a hurry to arrest this group of "jihadists".

In the following month, they gathered in the parks of the city as usual, and the plans they talked about became more and more elaborate. They talked about blowing up the London Stock Exchange, And two bars on the English street!

At the time, they talked about the "visionary" assassination of today's British political leader, Prime Minister Boris & hellip; & hellip;

In the end, they were captured by the police at the last meeting.

In these" jihad "disciples, One of the main "planners" was the protagonist of the terrorist attack on Friday, when Usman Khan was only 20 years old.

Usman Khan is a British-Pakistan, born and raised in the United Kingdom, but He was recruited by Al Qaeda at the age of 18 in 2008. The road to life that never returns.

Ironically, in the same year, he also accepted an interview with the BBC, resolutely stating that he was never a "terrorist" & hellip;

In these "meetings", he will enthusiastically mention establishing an IS organization school in Pakistan and recruiting British radicals to receive there including "weapons training camps" Including a series of training and other matters.

It is also proposed to use the guise of establishing a legal "Islamic school" to cover these IS-based brainwashing, recruitment, and training bases. God does not know it.

Usman Khan also has a detailed plan for the source of funding for the establishment of the school. Born in the UK, they can earn a high income in the UK, and then take it to Pakistan as a base "school" use.

"We earn as much as a Kashmir a month in the UK in one day. "

He even has the highest awareness of organization spirit like an ultimate "jihad" fighter- "We have only three ways to go, victory is, of course, the best, martyrdom, and prison. "

It turned out that they ended up as he expected--in prison.

Usman Khan pleaded not guilty to the allegations of planning a terrorist activity after his arrest, pleaded guilty, and was subsequently locked up with his companions.

Since 2012, Usman Khan has been trying to whiten his identity as a terrorist.

In October, he wrote a letter to his lawyer, in which he expressed his "truth," and vowed to be a "good British citizen."

In the same year, Usman Khan was convicted. But in this regard, he and his associates began to take advantage of the Bill of Rights in the British judicial system to find various opportunities to reduce their sentences.

During the trial of the case, prosecutor Andrew Edis has expressed concerns about these criminals who did not successfully implement the "jihad" terrorist attack-

"<< strong> They all understand and decide that they will ultimately be responsible for these very serious terrorists.

Their plan is based on the present, excluding suicide attacks, so they can With a long-term future, future terrorist attacks can be planned and implemented. "

After hearing the case, the judge also agreed that these terrorists are very likely to commit terrorist attacks in the future. .

" We have to face a serious and long-term adventure.

They have already looked forward, and eventually they and others recruit People will become trained and experienced terrorists, and then return to the United Kingdom, and may launch a terrorist attack in this country at any time, just like British soldiers returning from the battlefield in Afghanistan. "

The judge gave Usman Khan, then 22, a sentence of indefinite sentences until the Parole Board ruled that "there is no harm to society".

This means they may be "cold-handed" in jail and serve longer than their original minimum sentence.

So, Usman Khan immediately refused to accept the judge's sentence and asked for an appeal.

In April 2013, the judge of the Court of Appeals Leveson changed his predecessor's judgment and successfully helped Usman Khan realize his dream —

He requires Usman Khan to serve at least half of his 16-year sentence and to accept additional regulatory requirements within 5 years after the end of his sentence. This time is in line with the minimum sentence Usman Khan wants.

" I am not trying to give guidance to other terrorist attacks. The levels of various types of terrorist attacks are different. This time, their" preparation for terrorist attacks "is actually very common. , It was not successfully implemented at all, it just crossed the border of the law. "

Usman Khan, a criminal who planned a terrorist attack, also defined it as " The young man who realized his intention. "

So, under the judgement of Judge Leveson, last year Usman Khan released his prison sentence & hellip; & hellip;

It was said that he was removed from prison last year When released, Usman Khan was forced to comply with 20 "special rules", such as wearing a monitoring foot ring, must attend a special "recovery course" and cannot enter the city of London.

Usman Khan, who was originally permanently banned from entering London, was exceptionally approved by the Parole Board for a day in London on Friday for this course & hellip; & hellip; < p>

The effect of a terrorist attack is negligible.

Knowing all this, Prime Minister Boris hastily spilled the dirty waters of the opponents in the election-

"Terror attacks are more likely to occur under the Labor Party! "

At the same time, he was also very angry and threatened to cancel the UK ’s human rights bill-

"Once the Brexit agreement is finalized, I will radically reform the human rights bill. Now Of the Bill of Rights cannot protect the public at all! "


Corrupt government agencies may really be forced to think about their own judicial system and policies this time & hellip; p>

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