Obviously have a lot of income but want to live in a fierce house, but the style of the next story of the story is super warm

Tokyo rent

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TV TOKYO ’s variety show "Follow Your House" is very interesting.

By paying taxi fare for those who missed the last night train, various stories can often be seen from the passersby .

The show crew recently came to Shimokitazawa Station in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo.

However, the shooting on that day was not smooth. Since 10pm, 14 groups of passersby have declined the shooting request continuously.

After 12 o'clock in the evening, it arrives at 1:20 am.

The program group that found nothing intends to take a taxi and leave Get off at Kitazawa Station and try your luck at other stations.

The program group just took a taxi and is going to close Drop the camera,

I didn't expect the uncle driver to take the initiative to talk at first glance: "Are you the staff of" Follow Your House "?"

The original uncle had driven twice before The show crew and passers-by interviewed,

This time he recommended himself, "Can you shoot the taxi driver's story this time?"

After receiving the promise from the program group, the driver uncle actively introduced his situation-

Uncle named Takano Yide, 53 years old, born in Arakawa, Tokyo.

He lives alone and lives in Moto, Kawaguchi, Saitama Prefecture, close to Tokyo. nearby.

As a taxi driver, my uncle usually drives a night bus with higher income,

Work The time is from 17pm to 5am the next day, and Sundays and holidays are closed.

Uncle's income is based on the "coupling system", that is, how much salary depends on individual performance.

In general, 60% of turnover is the driver's salary, and the rest To be handed over to the company.

The business of the uncle was not very good on the shooting day, so I decided Get off work early,

Pull the show crew as the last trip of the day. By the way, some people will chat.

According to working practices, before the end of work, the uncle drives the car to the company's designated gas station and fills it with LPG. Today's turnover.

Drive back to the company from Shimokitazawa Station, this trip 17.8 The fare for a kilometer is 10920 yen (about 701 yuan),

About 60% of the income is 420 yuan, which will fall into the pocket of the uncle.

Then walk back to your home near the company. It's not far, and I'll be there soon.

2:28 in the morning, the uncle returned to the home with the crew of the show,

As soon as you enter the door, you can see the shoes full of collections on the stairs.

In fact, these shoes are not expensive. Buy some more like this, >

Uncle feels like someone welcomes him home after work.

On the second floor is the uncle ’s living space, < / p>

In this one-bedroom, five-year-old apartment, the uncle lived for two and a half years.

The monthly rent is 55,000 yen (about RMB 3531), < p> For a house of this size, new age, and close to Tokyo, it is quite cheap.

There is no free lunch in the world, there must be a reason for the cheapness.

Uncle pointed at the staircase just came up and said:

"It is here & hellip; & hellip;"

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" Hang yourself here & hellip; & hellip; "

This house turned out to be a so-called haunted house (in Japan (Referred to as the accident object),

The crew of the program was also shocked, but the uncle did not seem to care at all:

"Near the company, the age of the room is new , Good. "

Regarding the haunted house, the intermediary had the obligation to inform. At the time, it also explained that the house had "defects." strong> "In January 2017, the former tenant committed suicide by hanging himself. "

" After the incident, the walls, wallpapers and floors around the living room on the second floor have all been renovated. "

Uncle is very accustomed to life here now, he thinks "there was nothing to be afraid of" .

Uncle will rent it here, after all, I think the rent is cheap and the housing conditions are good,

This way He can pay a large fixed expenditure every month.

Although the uncle now lives alone, he also had a marriage experience in 2006.

Before working in the taxi industry, my uncle was a Electrical salesmen have to travel around to promote sales.

At that time, I accidentally became associated with a female client in Miyazaki , The two entered the hall of marriage,

But after the marriage, the uncle is still busy with work and ca n’t run home.

After one and a half years of marriage, , Uncle spent only 3 weeks at home!

< / p> When the son was born, the uncle did not accompany his wife.

After the child was born two or three weeks, the uncle returned to work and returned to Miyazaki.

The wife was intolerable. On the day the husband and son first met, they filed for a divorce.

Finally the two parties agreed to divorce, the child ’s The right of custody naturally belongs to his wife, and a man who is not at home must not take care of it.

After the divorce, the income from the sales of electrical appliances gradually fell sharply, and the uncle switched to Tokyo to drive a taxi.

Uncle sometimes calls and chats with children. The last time I saw the child was four years ago.

Now the 12-year-old child has reached a rebellious period and often calls. There is an excuse to hang up early when doing homework.

Children have been around since the age of 5 The tendency of autism,

Uncle is sad that he has a lot of responsibilities, and does not give the child a complete and happy home.

If you drive a taxi in Tokyo, your uncle ’s monthly income will be about 500,000 yen (about RMB 32,101).

The monthly salary is indeed a lot, but after all, there are old and small, and fixed expenses are also amazing.

Except for the rent of 55,000 yen Outside,

Uncle has to pay a child support fee of 150,000 yen (about RMB 9630 yuan) per month.

Unconsciously ashamed of his ex-wife and children, the uncle volunteered Pay "More support than usual" ,

Also the parents are old, each month To provide alimony of 50,000 yen (about RMB 3,210),

and a car wash fee of 20,000 yen per month ( (Approximately RMB 1284), but also the driver himself.

These large fixed expenditures are added up, and then the total expenses such as utilities, food, and other expenses are calculated.

Uncle ca n’t save much money every month, so I ’m also lamented that “the rent is cheap thanks to the fierce house”,

Nice living near the company is not too close Expensive, otherwise these fixed expenses will really become a problem.

Finally, wait until the child is an adult After you can get a driver ’s license,

I hope to buy a car as a gift for my child, but it ’s a wish of my own.

A well-paid taxi driver does not mind living in a haunted house,

This haunted house has a good house Conditions and cheap rent have helped him a lot.

The night is long, and everyone who comes home always has his own story & hellip; & hellip;

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