Terrorist attack in London 2 dead and 3 injured, but Britain is busy commuting murderers?

London terrorists

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On November 4, the Home Office announced that the UK is in the safest period since 2014 .

As a result, after their assessment, they decided to reduce the level of British terrorism threat from "very high" to "high".

However, in the same month, a terrorist attack on the London Bridge saw a 28-year-old man wearing a fake suicide bomber vest, killing two with a knife, and three others were injured & hellip; & hellip;

Some students may not have paid attention to this terrorist attack before Let me sort out the process first.

On the 29th, which is 1:58 pm on Friday, The Fishmonger's Hall on the north side of London Bridge, which is a second-class protected building, Fishmonger's Hall, is celebrating a fifth anniversary .

This event was attended by dozens of people, and 28-year-old Usman Khan is one of them.

However, no one thought Yes, just during the event, Usman suddenly broke into trouble and drew a stab at the others.

The screams and riots immediately broke his happy atmosphere. He waved a sharp knife, and the blood of the victim stabbed out, splashing around.

In the small space of the lobby, the staff began to scuffle with Usman. Usman claimed that he would use the "bomb vest to blow up all the people" and then run away from others. The room reached the London Bridge.

As a landmark building in London, London People have been on the bridge.

Usman's blood spattered and the knife in his hands made everyone dangerous. But there were also several heroes who began to meet with narwhal teeth on chairs, fire extinguishers and walls He thumped and held off until the police arrived.

2:03 pm Minutes, the police rushed and immediately shot at the gangsters and killed them on the spot.

The terrorist attack, which only lasted for five minutes, caused the entire UK to panic again & hellip; & hellip;

The two victims this time were Cambridge students, 23-year-old Jones and 25-year-old Merritt .

Both were one of the participants in the fishmonger ’s event at the time, but unlike Uthman, both were organisers, Merritt was the coordinator, and Jones was Is a volunteer.

They are from law school , Committed to providing learning opportunities for prisoners and reducing the chance of recidivism, therefore participated in this event organized by academia and the criminal justice system "Learning Together".

This activity allows college students to study with prisoners.

They hope that they can learn more to help more people in need and let them reintegrate into society & hellip; & hellip;

However, neither of them knew how dangerous their students, Uthman, were. & hellip; & hellip;

He wasn't jailed for a thief, but was arrested in 2012 for planning a terrorist attack!

Usman is a downright terrorist and highly dangerous.

However, when Jones and Merritt "learned" with him, he did not have any experience and knowledge of facing terrorists & hellip; & hellip;

Among the" joint learning "organizations, Usman is a" terrorist ", There are no special arrangements.

Even, they once provided a computer for Usman to study online, and gave a speech at their charity evening to express their "gratitude" and high praise.

In this case, almost none of the participants participated in the event.

This has also led to tragedies, and they have been brutally killed by people trying to help.

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But this is just an opportunity, but not the root cause.

As the British media continued to investigate, they found that- Usman was sentenced in 2012. Why was it released just now 7 years later?

Usman was searched by police in 2008 for suspected terrorism.

At that time, the police returned without success.

But the police have followed him since then, Until nine years ago, when Usman was first arrested for a terrorist attack.

Usman Khan Khan) stated in the BBC in 2008:

"I am not a terrorist"

On November 7, 2010, 20-year-old Usman called another 9 companions and began Planning a terrorist attack.

They plan to create an explosion on the London Stock Exchange at Christmas.

Subsequently, they held three meetings to make the terrorist attack more specific and detailed, but at the same time, they also caught the attention of the police.

In the early hours of December 20, the police arrested everyone.

In the police search, they The group was found to be "ambitious" and planned to launch attacks in NNNNN. They even planned to assassinate the then Mayor of London and the current British Prime Minister Boris & hellip; & hellip;

In short, the police at the time were frustrated A terrorist attack, all 9 were arrested and rejoiced.

However, it was also because the terrorist attack had not been successful and it was directly resolved, leaving them with a lot of uncertainty in sentencing.

If we look at it, this It is not a pity that such terrorists endangering society, and it is not unreasonable for one person to be killed on the spot.

But the real law is not like this. Usman was sentenced to "special imprisonment" in the first trial.

Here, this special imprisonment is worth mentioning.

This is called Imprisonment for Public Protection. Being sentenced to IPP means that no matter how good you are, at least eight years in prison for me.

After eight years of squatting, you have to persuade the parole committee that you have changed your mind and no longer poses a threat to society, otherwise you will continue to squat.

So, this is a prison term of at least eight years and at most life.

However, during Uhman's appeal, the British A change in the law: This uncertain IPP was abolished & hellip; & hellip;

In 2013, the U.S. Court of Appeal overturned Uthman's first-instance judgment, To 16 years in prison.

It seems that IPP may come out in eight years, but it will take 16 years to come out the second time. It seems more severe, right?

The problem lies in the fact that 16 years in the UK is not true.

2013 BBC: Three Horrors The elements are resentenced

16 years in the UK, as long as you are half full, can be automatically released on parole and released from prison!

In other words, the arrest of Usman began in 2010, and by December 20, 2018, Usman had served 8 years.

No one knows whether he has really changed his face in prison, but it doesn't matter.

Because, according to British law, he does not need to be evaluated by anyone. As long as he declares himself "I am doing well in prison, I am not dangerous to the society", he can be automatically released on parole. .

This seems to be a legal loophole , And it seems that the law should be the case.

Usman attended a mandatory course "Severance of Disengagement" organized by the government for terrorist-related personnel. Provide him with career counseling, psychological counseling and religious form advice.

This course is designed to get a person to give up a certain belief they once held firm, but no one knows exactly how effective it is.

Even this course did not remind the participants of the "learning together" organization, be careful of those involved in terrorism.

He put on an electronic monitoring foot ring, however, Until he launched a terrorist attack, the electronic monitoring foot ring did not play any role.

A series of loopholes finally came together, which led to the emergence of this tragedy & hellip; & hellip;

After this tragedy, everyone will do it Sigh, sorry for the two kind young men who should have a bright future.

But in British politics, this matter has become a bargaining chip.

Everyone knows that on December 12, the UK will launch an election.

And what happened at this critical juncture naturally became the best way to blame the other party for failing in the judicial system.

The British Prime Minister, Conservative Party leader Boris said-

"Uthman was released ahead of time? It ’s all the pot you left behind. If it were n’t for your Labour party ’s constant request for an“ auto release plan ”, how could he have such an opportunity? Let me tell you, there are 74 people who have committed serious crimes because of your plan to walk on the street in advance. "

And Labor Leader Corbin responded when asked if he thinks terrorists should also be released from prison early-

"This does not Sure, it depends. "

But at the same time, Corbin also said-

" It ’s all your Conservatives cutting back on public safety spending and even laying off police!

Yes, no government can stop every terrorist attack, but at least you do n’t increase that possibility!

If you continue to reduce public service funding, you will continue to make unforgivable mistakes! "

Deputy leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, David said —

"Shocked! What are you doing? ? Elections are elections. It ’s too much of a human capital to be a political capital? This will mislead people into the actual meaning of the law! "

In the UK, The focus of this matter has completely changed from the matter itself to the political game.

Even if the victim's father said that he did not want such things to be politicized. But he Is overwhelmed.

The political circles blamed each other, raised each other, and declared what measures they would take if they came to power. & Hellip; & hellip;

This tragedy finally evolved into this moment. A ridiculous satire.


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