A group of people embarrassed in the United States have been "educated" by netizens

High-speedrail infrastructure

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In recent years, with the completion of a number of "super projects", China has been amazed by many domestic and foreign netizens as "infrastructure madness."

Among them, High-speed rail construction is regarded as one of the important achievements of China's infrastructure construction, and it can be called "National Business Card".

▲ China High Speed ​​Rail

In contrast, the world's largest economy, the United States, has been slow in the construction of high-speed rail, and has been repeatedly criticized by domestic media and netizens.

But this past weekend, a strange argument was made on domestic social media, claiming that "the development of China's high-speed rail just shows backwardness." Others followed suit and took the opportunity to "embarrass" the United States.

However, these people were subsequently "educated" by enthusiastic netizens & hellip; & hellip;

Someone embarrassed the United States as "the high-speed rail in the air", and netizens "showed up"

"There is no high-speed rail in the United States, and the high-speed rail in the United States is in the sky."

This sentence appeared on Weibo on November 29, which triggered the People are discussing a new round of infrastructure construction in China and the United States.

This Weibo posted a picture showing the dense crowd of planes over the United States on Thanksgiving Day, and from there began to show the benefits of the so-called "high-speed rail".

For example, it is claimed that "high-speed rail in the air" can be superimposed on dozens of layers, does not occupy land, has less air resistance than railroad tracks, and is more energy efficient.

"There are more than 20,000 airports in the United States, and only over 250 airports in China, and the price of air tickets in the United States is twice as low as the price of sleeper tickets in the United States." the publisher said.

▲ Screenshot of the publisher ’s Weibo < p> After various "shocking" comparisons, the publisher came to the conclusion that the development of China's high-speed rail is exactly an indication of backwardness.

This ridiculous conclusion has puzzled many netizens and started to correct a lot of errors in the above paragraph.

The first is the error about the number of U.S. airports. Some netizens cited data from the professional aviation website that pointed out that as of 2016, the total number of U.S. airports was 19,700, but only 503 airports provided commercial flight services; and some netizens said that aircraft using aviation kerosene is not necessarily better than electricity High-speed rail is environmentally friendly; and "dozens of layers superimposed" seems unrealistic & hellip; & hellip;

There are also netizens in the United States who "showed up", saying that if there is any choice, they still want to take the high-speed rail.

" It is exactly the high-speed rail shortening The gap between China and the United States in the field of infrastructure "

As netizens said, the choice of transportation methods between the Chinese and American people is related to their respective national conditions. If they are forced to compare, it is easy to appear "Awkward chat" situation.

Zhang Yiwu, a professor at the Chinese Department of Peking University, said that High-speed rail is a very efficient mode of transport in China, and the United States has a large number of short-haul domestic routes, which are caused by different national population levels and traffic characteristics. It is meaningless to try to explain who is advanced and who is behind.

A noteworthy phenomenon is that US media often use China as an example when they "tumble" in their domestic airports.

In April 2015, an article on the New York Times website pointed out that many U.S. airports are not as good as they used to be, and passengers are "very opinion" about U.S. civil aviation services.

"Biden (then U.S. Vice President) once referred to New York's LaGuardia Airport as a" third world airport ", but this analogy is an insult to developing countries such as China and India Luxury terminals in many airports. "The article said.

U.S. President Donald Trump also criticized U.S. airports as a "third world" during the 2016 election, and railroads are inferior to China's high-speed rail. Is this really the case?

▲ New York LaGuardia Airport

Xinhua News Agency correspondent Xu Jianmei told Xiao Rui Although China's infrastructure construction has made rapid progress in recent years, overall, the "foundation" of US infrastructure is still better than China.

She said that the American infrastructure, especially the public transportation system, is much older than China, but the state of the infrastructure cannot only be evaluated from the old to the new, but also not to compare its own "Gao Shuai Mei" with each other. "Dwarf file ugly."

For example, the subway systems in New York and Chicago are open 24 hours a year. At present, there is no city subway in China that can do this. The American rail freight system is still known as the world's first. China accounted for nearly 40%, more than any other country; among the top 50 busiest airports in the world in 2016, there were 9 in China and 16 in the United States.

These figures undoubtedly illustrate the strength of U.S. infrastructure. The 2017-2018 Global Competitiveness Index report released by Davos World Economic Forum in early 2018 shows that the United States ranks in the evaluation of infrastructure competitiveness Ninth in the world, and mainland China ranked 46. In the report released in 2019, the United States ranked 13th, and mainland China ranked 46th.

"In terms of comprehensive indicators for measuring the infrastructure level of various countries internationally, China's infrastructure is still lagging behind the United States as a whole, but it is precisely the progress in high-speed rail and other areas that has narrowed the gap." Xu Jianmei said.

Experts: keep calm in the face of competition

On the netizens arguing for Chinese high-speed rail and American aircraft These days, there is another news that is touching.

On November 29th local time, Wang Mianmian, a female college teacher from China, "lost contact" in the United States, and many people began to search for people. After a few days of searching, I finally got the news of the female teacher in the early morning of December 2: It turned out that she just went to the forest for a trip.

"The mobile phone signal in the United States is too bad!" Facing the concerns of everyone, she wrote her emotions in "Friends".

▲ Screenshot of Wang Mianmian's Circle of Friends < p> Xu Jianmei explained to Xiao Rui that many signal base stations in the United States are built by private companies. If a place is widely located and people are scarce, operators will probably not set up local base stations. It is very different from China's construction situation and mechanism.

Today, China's "latecomer advantages" in high-speed rail and communications fields have put pressure on the United States. Xu Jianmei said that the United States is good at creating "anxiety." The United States renders its national infrastructure backward and frequently compares China and the United States. It is also a reflection of its sense of competition.

Facing the contrast between Chinese and American infrastructures on the Internet, Zhang Yiwu believes that we still have to "maintain normality."

"On the one hand, we must see our achievements, and at the same time acknowledge the gap, and look at the gap; on the other hand, we must also work hard and do our best." He said.

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