awkward! Want to pay tribute to the leader, but wrongly called a Bollywood actress

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huanqiuwang· 2019-12-03 05:44:37

To salute the leader but call the wrong name? Recently, this embarrassing scene appeared at a rally held by the Indian National Congress Party in the Indian capital New Delhi. According to Russia Today (RT) reports, on December 1, local time, former member of the Legislative Assembly of India ’s Legislative Council, Sulundel & Kumar, shouted a slogan at the rally, accidentally knocking the young leader of the Congress Party Priyanka & bull; Gandhi called Bollywood actress Priyanka & bull; Chopra.

(Left: Priyanka & bull; Qiaopu Pull; right: Pryanka & bull; Gandhi. Source: Reuters)

During the rally, Kumar took the microphone and started chanting slogans. He first shouted the names of Sonia & bull; Gandhi and Rahul & bull; Gandhi, a senior official of the Congress Party. At this point, everything went smoothly until Kumar called Pryanka & bull; Gandhi's name. In the infection of the scene atmosphere, Kumar seems to be a bit forgotten, he should have shouted the slogan "Pulyanka & long live Gandhi". However, people at the scene did hear "Priyanka & bull; Chopra."

(RT report screenshot)

At that time, Subhash's head of the party in New Delhi, Subra, Chopra stood beside Kumar. When he heard the Bollywood star's name, he immediately turned his head in confusion and laughed. A few seconds later, Kumar realized his mistake and corrected it, but the mistake was made. Video clips of his wrong name quickly became popular on social media, attracting outside attention.

RT described the incident as an "embarrassing mistake." According to RT, Kumar invited people to sing praises for a Bollywood actress rather than an experienced politician at a public event.

It was mentioned in the report that some netizens joked about the "prospect" of the actress joining the party. Some even scrambled to "congratulate" her on becoming a member of parliament. Some netizens teased and said, "Priyanka & bull; Chopra still has some fans." & Darr;

There are also many netizens saying that this embarrassing scene is really funny. & darr;

Other netizens said, "It's even more ironic that he said it twice." & darr;

However, some netizens have said, "This is just a mistake, we shouldn't make fun of others." & Darr;

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