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Tweeting previously that "the company does not accept Chinese", the "Associate Professor" of the University of Tokyo, clarified the relationship in Dongdaewen and the sponsor withdrew the capital After a few days of silence.

Facing pressure from public opinion and the University of Tohoku, Osawa Osawa posted an apology yesterday (December 1). He tweeted several times, saying he was willing to apologize for the consequences of his inappropriate comments.

But he said that the previous series of suspected discrimination tweets was based on the result of artificial intelligence "over-learning", and he would avoid publishing "discriminatory speech" in the future.

For the "reluctant" apology statement of Osawa, many Japanese netizens still "don't buy it", bluntly, this is nothing more than artificial intelligence.

Self-proclaimed" Dongda's youngest prospective Professor "

Sawaira Osawa apologizes: Based on the results of" over-learning "on AI

Shohei Ohsawa, Japan artificial intelligence (AI ) CEO of the development company Daisy, who tweeted himself as "the youngest associate professor at the University of Tokyo".

On the 20th, he tweeted that the company "does not use Chinese", and he did not shy away from racial discrimination during his argument with netizens, and even tried to rationalize himself with the so-called AI theory. "Behavior.

On the 24th, the University of Tokyo announced that "temporary workers' speeches have nothing to do with the school", and that it had nothing to do with Osawa; its course sponsors announced that they would stop donating to Dongda University.

After the announcement of Dongdahe's sponsors, in addition to issuing a statement urging supporters to send a letter to Dongda, Osawa was rarely on Twitter for days.

On December 1, Osawa Osawa finally apologized on Twitter, but once again "blame" his mistake on AI ...

" I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and unpleasantness. As mentioned in a series of previous tweets, the judgment of the ability of a particular nationality to work is based on the result of 'over-learning' based on limited data from artificial intelligence (AI). "

Osawa apologizes for Twitter < / p>

"In order not to make certain people sad, I plan to relearn human rights, history, and society with the help of seniors. He also said that he would delete misleading tweets and avoid publishing with the company. Unrelated to the main business.

The tweet also wrote, "In the future, we will strictly urge ourselves," instead of making discriminatory comments on Twitter, "please supervise."

East University: Investigation Commission established

Just a few days before Osawa issued an apology statement, the University of Tokyo also had a new move.

On November 28th and 29th, the University of Tokyo ’s affiliated University of Tokyo ’s School of Informatics and Interdisciplinary Intelligence issued three statements in a row, but did not mention the subsequent punishment measures for Osawa.

3 statements from the University of Tokyo, official website screenshot

First of all, regarding the controversy over Ozawa's racial discrimination, the school's Mayor Takayoshi Takashi sent a letter to all the students on the 28th and apologized again. He stated in an open letter that he would urge Osawa to delete inappropriate tweets;

On the same day, the university issued a statement saying that a special investigation committee had been established to carry out improper words and deeds by the university's associate professor Osawa Investigation ;

On the 29th, the president of the school again wrote to all international students, reiterating the school's anti-discrimination stance, and committed to maintaining a good learning environment for the school.

On the 24th, the school issued a statement on the official website under the name of the school's Mayor Takatsuka, stating that Osawa Osawa was only a short-term hired faculty member (special associate professor) of the school, and his personal statement was "irrelevant to the school" ", But did not specify the name of the man involved and the content of the comment, nor did he mention the follow-up method.

Asia Times has evaluated that the University's "implicit rejection" of Osawa will have a negative impact on the school's image. The university "actually allows" its employees to make racist statements, which sets a dangerous precedent.

For the "reluctant" apology statement of Osawa, many Japanese netizens still "don't buy it." Some netizens bluntly said that Dazao had dumped all his mistakes on artificial intelligence.

Although I do n’t know if "over-learning" will become like this (Osawa), this associate professor is obviously not learning enough;

Blame your distortions on AI's behavior, not Apology at all;

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AI does not tweet on its own, please face up to your mistakes.

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