Trump refuses to attend impeachment hearing: lack of basic fairness

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guanchazhewang· 2019-12-03 05:44:43

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The "drama" about US President Trump's impeachment is still underway, and a key House Judiciary Committee hearing will be held this week. It also marks the next stage of impeachment.

But on December 1, local time, the White House announced that Trump and his lawyers would not attend the hearing because of the lack of "basic fairness."

According to Reuters, the House ’s Judiciary Committee, led by the Democratic Party, previously announced that it will hold its first presidential impeachment hearing on Wednesday (4th) to discuss "the constitutional basis for impeaching the president" and demand Trump responded to whether to send a lawyer to the hearing before 6 pm on the 1st.

The hearing will invite legal experts as witnesses to advise on whether to file a formal charge against Trump. At present, the Judiciary Committee has not yet decided how many hearings will be held in total, and whether factual witnesses will be called.

The BBC introduced that the hearing marks the next stage of the impeachment investigation, and testimony provided by legal experts may lead to an impeachment vote.

However, the White House rejected the request. White House Counsellor Pat Siborone wrote to the Judiciary Committee Chairman Nadler on the evening of the 1st, stating that he did not intend to participate in the hearing: "We cannot fairly participate in a hearing in which witnesses have not been identified, and we cannot determine justice. The Commission will provide Trump with basic fairness in subsequent hearings. "

< / p> Nadler and Trump look to see China

In his letter, he also accused the Democrats of impeachment investigation, saying "this is baseless and clearly partisan. The investigation of the dispute is contrary to all historical precedents and violates fundamental due process rights and basic justice. The Wednesday hearing was nothing more than an "academic discussion of the concept of impeachment" by law professors, so they would not participate.

In response, Reuters explained that Siborone did not rule out the possibility of Trump participating in future hearings, but only if the Democrats must first make "major procedural concessions."

However, the timing of this hearing may show that the Democratic Party is "difficult" with Trump-Trump will participate in "NATO" in London on Wednesday. "Summit, it would have been difficult to attend the hearing. He tweeted: "I will be representing our country, and Democrats are going to hold the most ridiculous impeachment hearing in history."

In response, Siboro Inside complained that Democrats had scheduled the hearings during Trump's "NATO" summit, "with no doubt intentional."

As of now, Democrats on the Judiciary Committee have not responded to the White House's announcement of a refusal to attend the hearing.

However, Democrat Don Bayer responded to a White House letter on Twitter saying: "To date, none of Trump and his Republican allies in Congress have filed any prosecutions against the process. . "

In addition to the request for response on the 1st, the Judiciary Committee also set another response deadline on the 6th-asking Trump and his lawyers to respond and whether to participate in the hearing next week. These hearings will continue to review "unfavorable Trump" evidence.

However, Siborone said: "If the committee can do more meaningful, we may consider participating in future hearings." For example, allow Republicans to call more witnesses. He also said that he would respond before 6 days.

In September this year, the Judiciary Committee voted to pass a resolution setting guidelines for impeachment-related investigations by the president. This is also the first resolution passed by the committee on impeachment of current US President Trump.

After more than two months of tense closed doors and public hearings, the US House Democrats' impeachment investigation of Trump's "Tong Umen" has entered a new stage. The House Intelligence Committee will release the impeachment investigation report on December 2. Subsequently, the House Judiciary Committee will review the evidence and draft an "impeachment matter". However, Trump has called the impeachment "political persecution."

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