Tiger Woods: Ten years of scandal, ten years of turmoil, ten years of redemption

Woods wife

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Tiger-Woods drove from the driveway of a luxury mansion in Orlando, across the road divider and loos, and rushed towards the fire hydrant and the neighbor's tree.

The accident that happened to the world's best-known athletes on November 27, 2009, secretly opened the ugly, turbulent and redeeming decade of the greatest golfer in history.

Woods got his 15th in April 2019 Grand Slam titles

In the twelve years before that, Woods has ruled sports like golf like never before, and he has won 14 Grand Slam titles. After the car accident, his image fell to the bottom of the night before, his life was completely overturned and he broke up with everyone around him. In the past ten years, he is a father who spoils his children, a master of sports, and still maintains a high level and competitiveness, but he has only won one Grand Slam-2019, 11 years later, in When Augusta once again won the championship and put on the green jacket, the woods ushered in the highlight moment again.

Shocking scandal

A week before the accident, Woods won the Australian Masters in Melbourne, but reporters are focusing on him. On the gossip, American Celebrity Magazine suspected that he was hiding in the luxurious Crown Casino Golden House, a man named Rachel Uchtel was considered his lover.

Woods' lover even has several porn stars

After returning to the United States, he told his wife, Irene, that the gossip magazine "The National Inquirer" would publish a peach-colored story about him and strongly denied it. Many reports also broke the news that he even let Rachel Uchtel talk to Irene to appease his suspicious wife.

On Thanksgiving Day, November 26, Woods went to a nearby club to play cards with friends. After returning home, he swallowed pills that helped sleep and went to bed.

His wife, Irene, got Woods' mobile phone and texted Uchitel with Woods's tone and identity. This is a real relationship between the two. Facing his furious wife, the stunned Woods drove his Cadillac to flee, and a fateful car accident followed.

The car that Woods drove on the night of the accident

He was surrounded by the broken car glass broken by his wife Irene. He was dizzy and weak due to cocktails and sleeping pills. When he lost consciousness, he was taken to an ambulance and taken to the hospital.

In 2009, no one was closer to Woods than journalist Robert Rusetic. His book studies the character of this discreet golfer.

Rusetic got the news the next day, when he was playing Gore with a friend. The Australian journalist recalled: "A golf friend said while brushing his mobile phone that Woods was injured in a car accident. , No one knows how serious that is. "

Woods Florida-based mansion was completely revealed

Rusetic hastily texted Woods' New Zealand caddie Steve Williams. Williams called Mark Steinberger, Woods's agent and IMG, and replied to Rusetic: "Everything will be better," Rusetic recalls: "They said," Don't believe everything you hear This is really strange, and then when we saw the report of "The National Inquirer", everything was clear, and Woods encountered an explosive scandal. "

Things are getting more Bad, various women stood up and said that they had improper men and women relationships with Woods before, from social ladies, models to porn stars, strippers, more than 20 days, 16 "mistresses" surfaced, they walked towards the camera In the past, he described Woods' chaotic private life in explicit language. Italian supermodel Ferrero even wrote autobiography to describe the details of his interaction with Woods. He also revealed that Woods was male and female, had gay partners, and had group sex.

Italian supermodel Ferrero even wrote an autobiography to tell himself Details of interaction with Woods.

Woods has become a hooligan. His life collapsed like a domino, leaving dazzling fans, players, relatives and friends. He has worked hard to protect his privacy, but this time the world knows his exact home address.

His peach-colored news has dominated news headlines around the world, becoming hard news for celebrity gossip magazines and websites. His scandal dominated the front page of the New York Post for 20 consecutive days, which even broke the media's historical record of consecutive September 11 events.

Woods continues to appear on the cover

Woods retired from golf, he has already won 14 Grand Slams, and is struggling to catch up with the first man in history, Jack Nicklaus, who has 18 Grand Slams. This seems to be a matter of time and Woods' strength has grown. Not limited to golf itself.

A black man dominates white games, and his smile is worth millions. Teams from top brands such as Nike, Accenture, Gillette, Gatorade and TAG Heuer asked him to sponsor. He is the world's number one golfer, and Forbes defines him as the first billionaire in sports.

His beautiful wife, two lovely children. But on the surface, the idyllic life is surging. The infamous car accident tore a huge hole in this idyllic pastoral, and the undercurrent gushed out, and it instantly broke the embankment.

Woods and his beautiful wife Irene

Fall to the bottom

The next day, Woods was discharged and went to Arizona to perform plastic surgery on his injured lips in a car accident. Except for a few close friends, no one knows his exact whereabouts.

"I didn't expect Woods to be so disregarded," said Rusetic. "Based on the previous bad things, he has convinced himself that he is invulnerable and everything will pass."

On December 11, Woods issued a statement that he would leave the golf course indefinitely. "I understand that my disloyal behavior is disappointing and hurts too many people, especially my wife and children. "

After Christmas, Woods went to a rehabilitation center in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, where he reportedly participated in the" Thanksgiving "program to treat sexual addiction. The "Thanksgiving" program was designed by Dr. Patrick Karnes, who first introduced the term "sex addiction" to the medical community in 1983.

To be sure, in this treatment, Woods needs to isolate himself from the outside world. He is facing treatment and self-analysis similar to "tyranny". He missed his son Charlie's first birthday. "I can't go back," Woods said later, "I long to continue to be part of the life of my son and daughter."

Woods has bottomed out

Not everyone considers Woods' treatment wise. Trump, who later became President of the United States, spoke on Fox News: "I suggest Tiger admit it was a bad experience. Ignore these and simply go out and be a playboy, then win the game and enjoy a good life. In short, the most important The thing is, he quickly returned to the field to win the game. I don't believe this can be done through sexual addiction rehabilitation treatment. "

Woods returned home on February 15, 2010, he should give the whole The world explained it. Four days later, surrounded by a close friend and his mother, Curtida, he stood in front of a television camera in the Florida PGA Tour headquarters room, and 22 media in the United States interrupted their original plan to broadcast Woods' 14-minute speech.

The greatest golf champion of all time has never been more vulnerable. He apologized for his "irresponsible and selfish behavior", but his beloved mother boldly said: "As his mother, I am proud and have always been like this. He did not commit crimes, and No killing. "

Woods' mother expressed her son Support

The night before the apology, Woods went to the golf course and hit his first golf ball since the scandal broke. He told the then coach Hank Hayney: "I played very well."

In April, he returned to the field in the first Grand Slam Masters of the Year, despite being here four times. King, but he was severely criticized by Billy Payne, chairman of Augusta National Golf Club, who publicly said at the chairman's press conference: "He has let us all down. Especially for our descendants. , We wanted to set an example for our children, but our hero did not meet expectations. "

He ended up fourth here, a result that stunned others because he has left golf more than It's been four months.


A few days later, Woods broke up with Heine, who quickly wrote an easy-to-understand book, "Major Mistakes," Revealed Woods' obsession with soldiers, he even received the harsh training of the SEALs, which put great pressure on his body. He has undergone multiple surgeries throughout his career to correct knee, neck and back problems. "I believe some injuries were not caused by golf," Rusetic said. "He has gone through a crazy period of wanting to be a SEAL and has done some dangerous things."

2013 Woods Woods returned to the top of the world rankings. He can still perform very well on the PGA Tour, but just can't win more important championships. He no longer has to worry about becoming the protagonist of the scandal, because he appears weak on important weekends.

The recovery process is accompanied by pain < p> McRoy said: "I think there is always an invincible halo on the tiger. What happened ten years ago made him show his somewhat fragile side. This made this god 'humanized', but From a psychological point of view, it is obviously difficult to regain courage from such things. "

But as a peer and competitor, how Woods responded to injuries that threatened his career also gave McIlroy. Impressed, "He went through a war just like he had to go through."

"We had lunch in 2017 when he said, 'Maybe I can never go again The game ', but 15 months later he reached Augusta again. "

This is no accident, a few weeks after that pessimistic lunch, on April 20, 2017, Woods Once proved Rescue professional back surgery. This was his last move, he just wanted to be a healthy father and family. If you can play again, it's like receiving a bonus. Woods wrote a month after the operation that this was his fourth and most important back operation, "It's hard to tell how good I feel."

Woods struggles forward

Although his body is repaired, he doesn't know he will still face More shame moments. To cope with the pain in his gradual recovery, he increasingly relied on cocktails and sedatives. After tasting some sweetness, he took a potentially lethal medicine.

On his list, Vicodine is used to relieve pain, Dirati is a controlled drug used to combat severe pain, and Alprazolam can relieve anxiety, tetrahydro Cannabinol is an active ingredient in cannabis and sleeping pills that helps sleep.

The reason we know this is because at two in the morning on May 29, 2017, Woods was found to be awake in a car parked on the roadside, and his Mercedes-Benz tire had already Punctured.

The unconscious and vulgar Woods was questioned by police, handcuffed and put in a cell overnight. These were also recorded in a video that spread like a virus. The headline covers of major media are printed with pictures of Woods' bloatedness.

The photos of Woods' arrests spread quickly

He was arrested for DUI (driving behavior). Fortunately, there is no alcohol in his body, but this disgraceful experience makes it more difficult for people to forget the catastrophic personal crisis of 2009.

The once great Woods in the video couldn't speak clearly and couldn't even walk. Everyone who saw this scene was very sad, because it was true for him who was once brilliant and now fallen to this point. It is tragedy.

Woods needs to turn this page over again, he has no heart, and he finds that he can swing freely in the club, which seems to give him an inspiration. Now he can do what he does best Thing-competition.

He is very close to the champion. On July 21st, the British Open Sunday afternoon, he once led and eventually tied for sixth, and the PGA Championship was ranked second by two shots. two. The breakthrough finally came. After the Tour Championship that year, he won his first victory since the World Invitational in August 2013 and broke the 80-mile milestone of his PGA Tour career.

McRoy said, "I think it reflects his character, thinking ability, courage, and enabled him to recover again after all these unfortunate events, whether it is his personal life or the body he must endure. Harm. "

Woods has been working to rebuild his life since 2009. After his various peach-colored incidents were picked up, Irene divorced him. Between 2013 and 2015, he dated the American ski queen Lindsay-Wayne, and she knew that people in the sports spotlight had a life-span. Unique needs. Woods now has a stable relationship with Erika Herman, general manager of his restaurant in Jupiter, Florida. After Woods won this year's Masters, she and his children appeared in Augusta to celebrate this long-lost champion.

Woods and Erica Herman established Stable relationships

More important than everyone

For this champion, his children have witnessed his 15th Grand Slam The crown is the most exhilarating aspect of the extraordinary victory of the past April.

McRoy said, "I think he has made more progress in the past ten years. As the father of Sam and Charlie, he has done a great job, taking care of his children takes up most of his time. He didn't travel too much because he didn't want to pick them up and go to school, watch a football match, or any other detail of life. This side of his life is like flowers blooming. "

Early this month, Woods again Winning, Japan's Zozo Championship made his 82nd PGA Tour a success, the same record set by the legendary Sam Schleider.

Woods won the Zozo Championship in Japan

Due to weather, the game was postponed to the fifth day. On the last morning, English golfer Ian Poulter and Woods warmed up.

"He's amazing," said Pault, a 43-year-old who has played throughout the Woods era. As if this was the best I've ever seen him play. Listen to his batting, see how the ball is going, and see the game he completed, he's still holding the field, he doesn't even need to take it out A performance of A, A- is enough to do a great job. "

In the past ten years, Woods has fallen to a trough and climbed to the top again. He is still more important to golf than any other player.

Next month, he will return to Australia as the national captain in the Presidents Cup. At the end of this year, he will turn 44 years old, and he is a leader and player who is physically stronger and more combative than people who have hidden many secrets early in his career.

Woods has 15th career title in 2019 Grand Slam

As McIlroy said: "He is a great ambassador for golf. Everyone involved in golf, the media, players, equipment manufacturers, everyone will benefit from him. >

"I think we should all be lucky because Woods is still there. "

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