Van Dyke teased: Ronaldo had fewer opponents before he came? Is he an opponent?

cLuo VanDyke

xinlangtiyu· 2019-12-03 07:48:13

Fan Dike teases C Luo

在 金Before the award ceremony was held, information about who could win the prize had been leaked, and Messi had no doubt about the trophy. Van Dijk and Ronaldo are Messi's competitors. The Dutch attended the awards ceremony, but Ronaldo was absent from attending the Serie A best player awards ceremony. It is worth mentioning that Van Dijk ridiculed the matter. . Although with a joke tone, it is also an excitement for Cristiano Ronaldo.

As the players walked the red carpet, a Dutch reporter asked Van Dyke: "C Ronaldo is not here tonight, are you one less competitor?" According to reports, Ronaldo participated in the city that night Ling held the Serie A awards ceremony.

On this issue, Van Dyke smiled and said in a ridiculous tone: "Well, opponent? But do you think Cristiano Ronaldo has a chance (to win the Golden Globe)?" > In the final ranking of the Golden Globes, Messi won first, Van Dijk came second, and Cristiano Ronaldo came third.

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