Kardashian's 35th birthday gives her engagement ring, but she refuses

Kohler Kardashian

xinlangtiyu· 2019-12-03 07:48:17


Beijing Time December 3 According to US media reports, Kohler Kardashian revealed on the show that on her 35th birthday, Tristan Thompson gave her an engagement ring as a birthday gift, but Kohler rejected it.

In the latest issue of "Walking with Kardashian," Kohler revealed details of the special birthday gift she received from Thompson on her 35th birthday.

"Last night, when I got home, he (Thompson) said to me: 'I want to give you a birthday gift.' I said: 'I don't want your gift.' He said: ' Please. 'Then give me a card and say:' I hope you accept this ring. '"

Kohler responded at the time:" I really thank you, but I won't I think I can accept this gift. "Although TT insisted on giving it to Kohler, Kohler finally said:" Not everything can be bought with money. "

Early this year, as TT derailed again, Kohler -Kardashian decided to break up with him, but recently they have reunited, one of the important reasons is their daughter.

"Tristan is very regretful every day, whether it be a gift or a text message." Kohler added, "I really appreciate it because he is working hard. ... I think we are slowly returning to being friends and becoming great parents. "

When asked about her current relationship with Thompson, Kohler said:" Still the same. But We are raising our children well. This is difficult, so pay tribute to all parents. "

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