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Messi GoldenGlobe

xinlangtiyu· 2019-12-03 07:48:24

Messi won the Golden Globe for the sixth time < p> With "African Andy Lau" playing tricks and reading Messi's name, the 2019 Golden Globe winner is also officially released: Messi has won his 6th Golden Globe trophy.

The fact that Messi won before is no longer a suspense, because too much information points to Messi winning, and the final award is just a step by step.

Messi's award is well-deserved, and he deserves it. Even rival Mbappe was optimistic about Messi before: "Personally, Messi is the best of the year and he deserves the Golden Globe Award."

This year's Golden Globe Awards are mainly between Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Van Dijk. There are many arguments in the media about who can win the award, and some reasons can be cited.

And for Messi, he is fully worthy of this year's Golden Globes. First of all, in terms of team and personal performance, he is the Liga champion, La Liga best scorer, best assister, European Golden Boot winner, Champions League best scorer . The "Daily Sports News" pointed out that although Barcelona did not win the Triple Crown honors, Messi was not the culprit in the collapse of the Champions League, in fact he has done his best. Against Liverpool's first round, Barcelona was completely suppressed, and the scene was very ugly. It was Messi's excellent performance, including a free kick from 28 meters away that directly broke the goal and scored extremely inconsistent with the scene. In the second round, Barcelona lost the ball, but Messi, who was focused on, was still the player with the best number of shots in the game, successfully sent straight shots, breakthroughs and the key passes in the game.

The voting for the Golden Globes is mainly considered from three angles. One is the performance of the individual players and the team. Messi's personal performance is not problematic. The team's collective performance is not very satisfactory, but at least With a La Liga champion, the team also reached the top 4 of the Champions League; second, the player's personal characteristics, such as talent, fair play spirit, Messi should get full marks in this regard; third, considering the player's performance throughout the career And Messi has shown great stability throughout his career.

Fan Dyke failed to win or allow. Liverpool players won the Champions League and their personal performance was very good. However, it is difficult for defensive players to win and attract votes. It is already huge that he can get second Victory, and future Van Dyck still has a chance to win a prize. However, Messi won this year's Golden Globes, and he deserves this award, which is the best affirmation of Messi's performance last season and his career.

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